2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pelicans

Well, the Knicks beat the Pelicans on the road and the Knicks are terrible on the road (and they have Hardaway back), so you have to like their chances this afternoon.

Trey Burke is officially a Knick (contract details unclear – let’s hope they got an option for next year). I don’t know if he’ll play today.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Lance is on track to shatter the over under from the main thread (6.5). He’s got 5 in the first quarter (2 pts, and 3 rebounds).

Excellent 1st quarter for the Knicks but again why have KP play the entire quarter.

A great question. Given his fatigue issues, why does H do that? Even you’re an “iron man” that’s got to be taxing.

At any rate, surely the woeful shooting by NO won’t continue. They look awful so far.

Happy THJ is back (even if rusty),
for now good Jack, good Zinger…
No comment on Thomas startin’ again aaaand…. Ron Baker is inactive!

The Knicks might’ve missed TH’s passing just as much as his scoring. He has made a few really nice passes today.

@6 Agreed. Before the injury THJ showed better all-around skills that’s credited for.

The KOQ – McD backdoor is a beauty to watch every single time…
Please Hornacek, teach Frank how to shoot…
Super Beas seems pissed…

Yeah, Frank’s lack of confidence on O is really evident. He’s still playing good D, though. He’s forced like 2 NO turnovers.

Seems like if Beasley isn’t the focal point on offense he’s disinterested and shows some pretty bad body language.

Burke’s 25? He looks like a teenager!

Beas showed some pretty bad play, too: 0 points and 2 turnovers in 5 minutes.

5 years from now when Doncic is leading the Celtics to their 3rd straight title, at least I’ll be able look back and appreciate the year Jarrett Jack set our chances of contending back 5 years.

It really is pretty remarkable how much better a player TH is now compared to his first stint with the Knicks. Also great job by KP keeping the Pelicans in the game with his brutal final couple minutes of the half.

At least we’ll always have Jack…

Well, gotta family party to go to, so enjoy the second half…

Jack with his best game of the year.
Weak lower body, anemia, whatever, KP continues is trend, starts good then quickly wears down…
But I like that he took 4 3PTs in a half.
Beasley with very bad body language.

Long-term piece Jarrett Jack providing us with much needed wins

Jack is earning in this game the player option + NTC he’ll receive from the Knicks in the off-season.

For those of you who called Lance’s boxscore over/under at 6.5, he just hit a 3, got a block and a rebound, all before I finished one brownie. he’s at 14 already (17 if we are counting turnovers).

Plus, the idea of….lets sign a young PG to light a fire under Jarrett Jack’s ass and get him shooting at the Bird-like levels we all know he is capable of seems to be working.

Up 14 in a game where we have 18 turnovers… it’s say something about the Pelicans!

Anthony Davis is a beast, the clock’s ticking on him leaving NO
Cousins is the most overrated player in the NBA, great talent, alas he doesn’t give a damn…

nice take on the charge kp…

was wondering how much difference timmy would have on end game situations…been calling for more kanter in the 4th…

let’s see how it turns out…

It’s incredible how bad the Knicks offense is in the final few minutes of close games. They have no idea whatsoever of what to do.

Even the refs want to screw up the tank!

Jokes aside, that was an egregious mistake by the refs, holy hell.

Well, at least this dumpster fire is entertaining to watch once you get rid of any expectations!

Like I said, I have literally zero expectations about this team right now. I can’t be bothered to get pissed anymore about this sort of bullshit.

maybe these kind of consistent losses are good for the development of our “young” team…

Tanking is one thing,
lose in OT a game that you lead by 14 at the start of the 4th is another,
especially when you already have lost a game in OT that you lead by 11 just days ago.
I’m gonna puke.

Tank tank tank! At least we should have an idea what we should be doing during the trade deadline now. We’ll see how dumb Mills and Perry are for sure.

At least we have what the anti-tank crowd loves the most, continuity… you can count on these clowns to blow any lead against any team.

nobody over the age of 25 should be getting any minutes for this team – especially not starting…

The Unicorn is 1-14 in his last 4 fourth quarters

But he did have a November for the ages.

Clyde is right, the Knicks are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. That ending was so painful to watch.

I thought Cousins and Davis started defending really well, and that turned the game in their favor. If their team learns from it, maybe the Knicks did them a big favor.

Conditioning. Grade 6 of 10
Clock management. 6 of 10
Player rotations. 5 of 10
In game adjustments. 6 of 10
Player development. 4 of 10
Leadership. 5 of 10
Game planning. 6 of 10
Communication. 6 of 10

Mediocre coach. Bad loss. The plot thickens, as the clock be tickin

If Jeff Hornacek loses his job we’re giving Mark Jackson the Jon Gruden deal.

Oh man, this team WOULD hire Mark Jackson, wouldn’t they? I’d be all for Blatt once Horny gets his ticket punched.


Mills’ ambivalence toward the triangle was well known. The Post reported during Jackson’s initial coaching search — after Steve Kerr reneged on a verbal commitment — Mills tried to get the Zen Master to interview non-triangle coaches, specifically Mark Jackson.

Steve Mills is going to hire Mark Jackson if Hornacek is given the boot, and that’s factorial. The good thing is that Mark Jackson built the Warriors’ defense. As unimaginative an offensive mind he’s known as, he knows defense.

@42, GHenman. I like Blatt. Tremendous strategist and in-game tactician. NYKs could do a lot worse.

The Knicks did nothing to deserve the win, so I’m glad they lost. We can still bag a top 6 pick.

KP has a lot of learning to do, or else he’s essentially a 3&D big, with not so much on the 3.

Frank has learning to do, but turnovers and rookie point guards are literally lamb and tuna fish.

Hornacek is not lasting to next season. I hope it’s Blatt, who seems much more likely than Mark Jackson, but Messina would be awesome.


Well, if anything there’s a precedent for teams firing him and becoming one of the best ever to compete in the NBA, we just need every other piece of the puzzle.

I’m not convinced about him being a defensive guru simply because the Warriors he coached had amazing defenders all over the board, starting with Curry and Klay to Iguodala, young Draymond and Bogut who was a beastly defender at the time. They also had a lot of pretty damn good rebounders in Bogut, Lee and even Jermaine O’Neal and Mo Speights in limited roles.

Meanwhile, Miami is 25-17 with a lot of injuries and a roster that has little talent in the first place. Turns out Spoelstra really is a damn good coach.

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who are basically the Warriors’ defensive backbone, were drafted when Mark Jackson was the head coach and developed into two of the game’s best defenders under his coaching. You kinda have to give him credit for that. Steve Kerr himself gives Mark Jackson credit for the job he did defensively with the Warriors, too. But you’re right; until he does it twice there’s no proof he’s a defensive wizard.


That’s true, they did develop very well under him.

I just feel that playing with Iggy and Bogut also played a big part, as Iguodala was routinely assigned to the toughest guy to guard and I think Bogut is given way too little credit for how good of a player he was on those 3 years with the Warriors, he even led the league in DBPM two straight seasons from 2013-15.

When they’re losing to New Orleans at home it’s pretty clear the tank is on whether the Knicks are trying to or not. In the end it will be the right move if they end up drafting 6 or 7 instead of in the teens.

Top 6 will be Doncic, Ayton, Bagley, Bamba, Young, Porter in some order probably, right? Top 6 would be a good place to be in this draft.

“With the #7 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select…”

Don’t forget Mikal Bridges and Collin Sexton, who would also be pretty good fits for the Knicks, so naturally we’ll be drafting 9th until only Jaren Jackson Jr. is left on the board, the one good prospect who is 100% redundant with KP because he can only shoot 3s and block shots!

Jokes and clairvoyance aside, the presence of Bridges, Porter and Sexton in this 6-10 range is why the Knicks should tank no matter if they can reach the top 5 or not. I believe the drop in potential from theses guys to dudes like Jackson, Miles Bridges, Shake Milton or Kevin Knox is quite big.

…Mikal Bridges, SF, Villanova. I’ll take that!

Just got in. Yikes, another fold job. Good for the tank, though.

I can see it now: 2018 NBA Comeback Player of the Year Jarrett Jack.

You definitely want to be picking in the top 6, but that would require such a colossal dip in production I don’t see it as likely. The goal should be to draft one of Mikal Bridges or Troy Brown Jr. and then steal Jalen Brunson in the second round.


Knicks currently at 12 and dropping with a long way to go. We need to root like crazy for the Lakers to keep winning so that neither Boston nor Philly draft ahead of us. Getting to 6 would be a minor miracle, though.

Bad news is our 2nd rounder from Chicago keeps getting worse.

Hopefully whoever they draft midway thru their rookie season isn’t producing negative win shares with a TS% below 43%.

It occurred to me in retrospect Hornacek maybe should have substituted Noah for Kanter in the fourth quarter. Kanter clearly couldn’t score with Boogie defending him, so why not have Noah in instead who could defend Boogie much better. (this assuming we wanted to win)

So, we need to lose at least 3 out of 4
It would be nice if Chicago would start losing again too

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