2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks

Well, beating one of the worst teams in the NBA on the road was apparently too much for the Knicks to handle. So now let us at least hope that they can defeat one of the worst teams in the NBA at home. The Knicks have at least played pretty well at home so far.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Sucks that McBuckets is a RFA at end of the season, would be nice to keep him at a decent price. I’ve liked watching him play so far, more than just a spot-up shooter.

The Ntilikina Baker backcourt is really good defensively, at least in comparison to what we’re used to

Ntilikina and Baker lineup! Early returns are pretty much what we thought–ugly on offense, scrappy on defense.

if we didn’t have KOQ McBuckets’ excellent off ball movement would essentially be background music

I could honestly enjoy watching the Baker Frank defense even if I knew we would get shut out

If the Hawks were making the numerous wide open 3 pointers we’re giving them, we’d be down 10 points.

we should attempt a Vivek type strategy of playing a baker frank Noah koq kp max D lineup and just have KP should threes over the defense on every offensive possession

I’ve been saying this alot lately but that was an embarrassing half for the Knicks. To be trailing at halftime, at home no less, against this team is pathetic.

If this team had any serious expectations I would be calling for Hornacek to get fired if they lose tonight after losing last night.

Between last night’s loss and this game even being competitive, it sure looks like some regression is coming. It’s possible that THJ’s absence hurts us more than his slightly above average metrics say it should due to his volatility, but regardless these past few games really should push us in the direction of selling. As JK47 pointed out earlier, one low lottery pick per year is just not enough in the age of The Process.

not a whole lot of consistency with either the team or individual player performance…

considering the roster, coaches, front office – pretty understandable…

they seem to be giving effort…

baker making a strong case for minutes. and no surprise he looks best when he’s not the sole pg.

Frank’s 0-4 from the field, but there’s a reason that he’s +14. Keep him in there.

If Frank can just finish around the bucket he is going to be alright. That fast break was beautiful except for the finish.

Yeah, ditto with Frank so maybe having them both on the court together where they can share ball-handling responsibilities is better for the both of them. They certainly create some havoc defensively at least.

my impression of mcbuckets when we first got him was that he was to slow to be able to stay on the court…

he figured out that korver trick, wherein: if you never come to a complete stop while you’re playing, you can maintain a decent competitive velocity…

Yeah, no reason not to have Willy or even Noah in there at the 5 right now instead of Beasley.

The McDermott game! Frank looking aggressive and effective in the 4th! Beasley should not be on a NBA roster.

I think they told Beasley “listen, you better bust your ass on D… I don’t care if you foul out… just look like you care for once. ….otherwise, your dead.”

I also think there’s something about wily we don’t know … either he’s a complete doosh or has zero work ethic or a poor attitude or all three… somethings fishy, or it just is what it is

really enjoyed watching frank and ron work together tonight…

they both make it tough on the other teams ball handlers to get their offense started…

I would rather not see that as a flagrant on Bellinelli, but if you call the KOQ one then you have to be consistent.

Baker appears to be the guy that’ll run around guarding ass hole shooters like bellinelli. Or a korver. Just any dickhead that could sink us by getting hot, given our horse shit close outs and 3 point defense.

At what AAV should we keep McBuckets? $7-$9m is around what I’m comfortable with.

The Ron Baker game!

I would be fine with signing him to a Lance Thomas contract, 7 per year for multiple years, maybe a bit more.

I think mcbuckets could fetch 12 a year. I would do it. I think he has a lot more upside too

It’s unfathomable how the Knicks when they have a lead constantly give up 3pters when that’s the only shot that can beat them.

What the fuck is Jack doing for fuck’s sake.

So lucky Bazemore stepped on the line.

That last 2 minutes (which took about 30 minutes) was excruciating to watch, NBA “action” at its worst.

Kanter was hurt last night and limped after the game.

I got the Knicks 108, but the Hawks scored +3 in my prediction.

Frank, Ron, and McD had some good minutes together.

But MVP might be Beas for fouling out in 9 minutes!

Happy for Ron and Doug, but let’s remember that this is literally the worst team in the league with significant injuries. KP looked like the only legit starter tonight, although I think a healthy Kanter is also one.

Our swingmen are all borderline starters at best: Frank could become a legit starting point guard, but Tim looks more like a 6th man. Lee is solid, but he looks lost without Tim’s driving ability on the floor, and Ron should be a decent backup, at best. McD has been better than advertised, but that’s still not enough as your starting small forward.

In short, our best bet – as of now – is still the draft.

Tim is a starting SG in this league. He may not be All-Star caliber but he’s good enough to start for several teams. Knicks are now tied with the 76ers in the standings, the Process has stalled a bit.

You don’t want your starting SG shooting .316 from three in the modern NBA (looking at you, Timmy.)

You don’t want your starting SG shooting .316 from three

What if I told you Ron Baker was shooting .667 from three?

What if I told you Ron Baker was shooting .667 from three?

I’d say saddle up because we’re about to ride The Butterscotch Stallion to a Championship!

Clyde also referred to Miles Plumlee “rising majestically”. I guarantee no Plumlee has ever been described that way before.

Dismissing this bc it’s the Hawks is dumb. Kanter is hurtand our starting SH is not playing. It was also the second game of a back to back. Plus Frank, Ron and Frank all played well!

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