2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

The Knicks host the surprisingly decent so far Brooklyn Nets, who have a winning record while the Knicks are still trying to get their first win.

Jarrett Jack is somehow starting tonight. D’Angelo Russell returns for the Nets.

This should be at least a fun game to watch!

Let’s go, Knicks’ tank!

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I guess win or lose, coach is safe!!!!

because if I was fighting for my job, no way I start Jarrett Jack at PG

It’s nice to have Clyde back.
Why can’t the team hire him to mentor Frank?
I don’t even care that he can’t pronounce his name.

Baker is inactive and no injury is being listed. That contract is looking better and better!!

Would the Nyets consider trading Acy for KP? We could throw in a protected first.

Are the Knicks ever going to hire a coach who teaches the team the importance of guarding the 3pt line??

That was a good example of what Frank can do. Dinwiddie got inside but was met by Frank’s length and willingness to challenge the shooter, leading to a poor shot attempt.

How soon can we unsuccessfully try to trade Timmy?

Next rebuild is scheduled for 2021.

Nitti may be the 2nd best player on the team by the all star break.

O’Quinn trying to go 1 on 4 under the hoop. Not looking to pass it out and reset.

I would like to see McDermott start at the 3. Hardaway should come off the bench.

Frank is a defender, truly. Pretty much the best defender at the guard position on this team already. Some nice passes and bad shots sprinkled here and there.

What a nice pass! Effort on defense. I’ve already seen enough to like Ntilikina’s potential.

This lineup has been a LOT better in terms of defensive intensity, Clyde made a very good point. Ntilikina and O’Quinn are making the difference on that end.

Wonder if Frank would be better off for now playing alongside another PG. He certainly seems like a very good passer but the penetration and playmaking off the dribble seems to be lacking right now which is understandable. Also his shooting is pretty atrocious at the moment so getting him off the ball would probably help with his shot selection.

Frank’s talent is obvious. The last thing to worry about right now is his shooting. Hopefully, that will come.

Boyz, we have ourselves a PG!

Frank has already passed to three wideopen guys for easy shots. I think that’s more than any of our other point guards have done in a half.

I wonder if Kanter will see the court again tonight? H seemed pretty pissed at him.

@42 – Just pair Frank with a shooter. His shooting doesn’t look good yet but this is his pre-season.

Frank can shoot. I’m not worried about it all. He’s just nervous. As soon as he drops a few and loosens up he’ll be fine.

Somehow I don’t think RHJ should be defending people six inches taller than him

Relatedly: KP is actually shooting over smaller defenders and feasting

Isn’t it great when we have a rookie to feel good about? Frank really seemed to turn things around without making a shot. A few observant passes and some long armed defensive plays go far.

They should be using only Acy and Booker to guard KP. RHJ isn’t strong enough to make him uncomfortable and his length and ups are irrelevant.

as long as frank get minutes and is encouraging and KP plays well this season can be fun

So we know that Frank has long arms that he uses on defense and he sees the floor like a point guard should. Am I correct that he hasn’t been on the floor with KP yet?

I’d like to officially apologize to Jarrett Jack. He’s got 8 and 5 in 21 minutes and is +11.

I agree that ThJr is affected by the ankle. He normally tries to throw that last layup down

Frankie’s shot selection definitely isn’t what you want, but everything else seems to check out. Nice to finally see him play basketball.

It’s not just that TH Jr is missing, he’s not even coming close to making his jumpers.

KP with a magnificent game but he’s winded and needs to sit. Frank should come in for his lock-down defense. I can’t believe I’m saying that already.

Nice encouraging win! Definitely looking better, good contributions by Frank, McDermott and O’Quinn speciallly. KP couldn’t be guarded by the Nets smaller players and he exploited them hard.

O’Quinn and Frank showed some nice chemistry out there. Oak seems to be an integral part of the team.

I dunno, but I’m feeling the Frenchise as a nickname, just the right amount of hyperbole necessary.

I just want to point out that I predicted the Knicks to score 108, and they scored 107.

We won’t talk about what I predicted the Nets to score.

My only regret is that a Doncic and Ntilikina backcourt may just be too awesome to become a reality.


I guess Frank wasn’t really good because he had 3 TOs and missed a bunch of shots, but he looked much, much better. Some very nice passes, active defense, didn’t look totally clueless. Not bad for his first real chunk of NBA play.

Nice game- made the decision to pony up for league pass easier. Frank looked good- two of his three turnovers were on soft entry passes which should be easy to correct and he showed nice court vision. I’d like to see him turn the corner and attack occasionally but hopefully that will come with time. I still expect them to lose the next three but at least they were enjoyable to watch tonight.

Ntilikina is a defensive stopper. You didn’t see it recorded in the box score but he just clogs up lanes. He even presents a vertical challenge at the rim. Check it out.

Some rim protection from Ntilikina to end the quarter pic.twitter.com/XfQGx23HXo— The Knicks Wall (@TheKnicksWall) October 28, 2017

It goes to show what having players that actually care on defense does. Of course it’s just the Nets, but they were scoring well before the Ntilikina / O’Quinn lineup started giving them fits.

Frank made opposing PGs uncomfortable, making the D much easier for the other 4 Knicks on the floor. Handled the PnR on D fairly well, even against moving screens. In addition, he sees the floor really well, leading to his assists (and hockey assists too). Understands positioning, timing and leverage which helped him in the PnR on O to create openings without needing over-the-top athleticism. Not worried about the shooting; the form is there.

Nice to see Kristaps get some blocks, and it’s the 3rd relatively efficient 30+ point game he’s had this year, which is nice.

FrAnK nTiLiKinA iS gOnnA Be tErrIbLe.

Don’t doubt my boy! The most encouraging thing from the box score is KP went 1-6 and still dropped 30. That’s awesome.

Funny but a 19 year old rookie was a calming factor for his team tonight.

Kid’s a winner. He was a winner in the EU18, he was a winner in the French League, and he was a winner for us tonight. His basketball IQ is so advanced for someone his age and he plays the game to actually put his team ahead instead of looking to fill up his box score.

I’m pretty sure that Melo ball would have gone in if there wasn’t such an overwhelming gravity field on the floor.

Loved what I saw from Ntilikina tonight. He’ll have some bad nights but he is legit.

Most impressive play of the night was KP’s up-fake, drive left, lefty dunk over two dudes. That’s a Giannis-like move. Give KP a couple more years of strength training…. could be nice.

Nice win, I thought the Nets were better than the Knicks by a lot. Not tonight. Another great performance by KP. Hats off to Frank, playing 23 minutes and playing well, a good sign. The tank took a hit, but it was worth it to see more than 8 minutes of Frank and watching KP dominate.

NBA TV halftime crew talking about how they’d trade for OQuinn if they were a contender

The best nickname for Frank Ntilikina is the French Prints. It’s a double entendre and it fits with the whole Euro Squad thing the Knicks have going on.


I really don’t get why contending teams or at least fringe playoff teams aren’t going for him. It must be the Knicks asking price or something. I don’t know if I’m a homer or anything but he looks to be precisely the sort of veteran, solid big man every playoff team needs.

He’s better than dudes like Mahinmi?
Jason Smith or Baynes for example and they’re getting relevant minutes for playoff teams.

A few nice flashes from Frank in this game. Obviously he’s still very raw and adjusting to the speed of the NBA but you can sort of squint your eyes and see how he COULD become a unique and effective NBA point guard. He has a certain kind of liquid, sinewy athleticism to him.

I can’t say he’s an A+ prospect or a can’t-miss prospect, but his length and agility are quite tantalizing. And he does seem to have a naturally high B-ball IQ.

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