Knicks Morning News (2017.10.13)

  • [NYTimes] On Pro Basketball: Joel Embiid Is Raring to Go, Which Is Both Good and Bad for the 76ers
    (Friday, October 13, 2017 2:40:11 AM)

    Embiid, a 23-year-old 7-footer, is an immense talent who seems ready to make a major impact in the N.B.A. But he also has to stay healthy for a full season.

  • [NYDN] Even if Knicks are terrible, there’s still value in losing
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 4:00:52 PM)

    The bookmakers have set the over/under at 25 ½ which, contrary to logic and reason, isn’t the Knicks win total for the 2017-18 season.

  • [NYPost] Why Knicks rookie couldn’t help but be a Yankees fan
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:56:02 PM)

    Knicks rookie center Luke Kornet couldn’t help but being a diehard Yankees fan his entire life — despite growing up in Arizona and Texas. His father, Frank Kornet, was best friends with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman at Lexington Catholic High School in Kentucky. Cashman and Kornet played junior varsity basketball together. The elder Kornet…

  • [NYPost] Another way Knicks have moved on from old-school Phil Jackson
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 3:21:09 PM)

    With Phil Jackson out, the Knicks are relying more on analytics, according to Jeff Hornacek, but he doesn’t want to get too crazy with it in making playing-time decisions. Knicks president Steve Mills, when first hired to run the show in place of Glen Grunwald in 2013, was hailed by owner James Dolan for being…

  • [NYPost] Knicks’ opening-night starting 5 becoming clear without Ntilikina
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:08:09 AM)

    Knicks president Steve Mills, GM Scott Perry, coach Jeff Hornacek and trainer Anthony Goenaga huddled for 20 minutes at practice for a meeting regarding Frank Ntilikina. The French point guard went through solo drills on the court after practice as the regime looked on, chatting. Ntilikina had a contact-less practice Thursday. It appears the 6-5…

  • [SNY Knicks] Ntilikina, Porzingis likely to miss Friday’s game; Noah out
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:06:46 PM)

    Jets coach Jeff Hornacek is not optimistic about the chances of Frank Ntilikina and Kristaps Porzingis playing in Friday night’s preseason game against the Wizards at Madison Square Garden, according to Barbara Barker of Newsday.

  • [NY Newsday] Kristaps Porzingis, Frank Ntilikina likely out for Knicks’ final preseason game
    (Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:45:00 PM)

    It seems likely that Kristaps Porzingis and Frank Ntilikina will be sidelined for the Knicks’ final preseason game against Washington on Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

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    That may have been the worst WOJ podcast of all time. It was so laughable inaccurate and delusional in one area I don’t even know where to begin. But beyond that, pretty much everything they discussed early has been discussed to death and is irrelevant now.

    Lol. This DSJ talk is hilarious
    Mean while Frank has played what 1 game?

    The point


    er’s head.

    The point is that no matter who we’d have chosen the narrative would have been the same this preseason, namely that we’d be criticized for drafting damaged goods, not that one player is more injury prone than the other. It would be stupid to deduce either based on less than one preseason’s worth of play.

    Adrian Wojnarowski:

    Was Hornacek compromised in the locker room last year because players thought he was just a puppet of Phil? He was running an offense that they knew he didn’t want to run, that Phil was guiding a lot of his decision-making and that they thought maybe, “Our coach isn’t strong enough to stand up for what he believes in because” – that’s part of Phil hired him and puts him in a difficult position because of what he wants him to do and how he wants him to run things. He doesn’t have to run the triangle anymore. He can run what he wants. Does that give him something in the locker room he didn’t have a year ago?


    I’ll say this, Woj: I can’t speak for every player in there last year, but there were guys who shared those opinions the way you just laid it out. Just, because there was so much vacillation throughout the course of the season about, how much are we going to run the triangle? Is Jeff going to be able to open up, which he did early in the season? But then you look at around the All-Star break. They started running more triangle, and it was clearly Phil’s influence. So, players looked at that, and they saw Jeff as not having enough authority to kind of stand up and say, “Hey, Phil, I’m coaching the team. This is how I want to run the offense. This is what I want to do.” I think if Jeff took that approach, he would have won this locker room over. But he didn’t, and I think that hurt him. So, that doesn’t go away – right? – just because Phil is not here. I think that impression, just from the few guys who shared it with me, I think is still there. I think Jeff has to show himself to be his own man this year, and I think every opportunity is there for him to do that. But he’s certainly under a microscope.

    Do people not realize that a boss often tells you your job?

    Look, Phil clearly did push him to start introducing more Triangle heavy action last year, but that wasn’t until the ASB. It’s not as if whatever the fuck Hornacek was doing was going well and the team was buying in. By that point in the season Melo had already been checked out for a few months and him and Rose too turns hijacking the offense and doing whatever they wanted on top of actively (inactively?) doing nothing on defense at all.

    Hornacek entered into a situation last year where few coaches would have been able to survive, but he didn’t command the locker room before Phil started exerting more influence from the FO. He’s on the hot seat and he deserves to be. When your team sucks as much as we did last year amidst internal discord the blame goes beyond just Phil or just Melo. Everybody has to share in it and Hornacek fucked up plenty to get his fair share.

    Now it’s on him to get back the respect of the locker room. He has no Phil or Melo or Rose excuses anymore. If he can’t control the current locker room and get the guys to execute whatever he wants them to on both ends of the floor he should deservedly be fired.

    I think they expected him to say “Phil shut up and let me coach, or I quit.” It sounds cool, but is he ever going to get another coaching job doing that? Is he financially set for life?

    I’m certainly willing to give Horns another chance this year because last year must have been a weird situation to be in as a head coach. And I don’t think wins should be how we measure his success this year. But I am also skeptical. He’s had one winning season as a coach and even that wasn’t some huge 55 plus win team. He overachieved one year with The Suns and that’s it. He hasn’t shown himself to be a defensive minded coach yet either. I think he should be given the entire year to figure it out. PLEASE NO MORE MID SEASON FIRINGS OF COACHES!

    But if the young guys don’t improve and there isn’t a clear strategy and if the defensive game plan and effort isn’t there, then we need to fire him this off season and Perry needs a defensive minded coach who is also willing to run a modern NBA offense.

    I’m in Hornacek’s corner simply because Steve Kerr designed his offense partly around the triangle and another part around what Malone, Stockton, and Hornacek used to run when they were playing for Jerry Sloan. That, and the team he had in Phoenix dramatically overachieved until (in a common theme) the front office mucked the situation up. I’m more worried about how many buckets Doug can McBucket and if Kristaps Porzingis is the real deal.

    Hornacek isn’t a total dummy. Kerr wanted to add him to his staff before the Knicks offered him the head coaching position, so clearly the team that’s light years ahead feel he has some interesting offensive concepts. There’s a definite difference between being a bright lead assistant with great ideas versus being a head coach and deciding how to implement those as well as having a clear idea of what you want from players defensively that goes beyond “it starts with defending your guy”. Hopefully Hornacek improves in those areas.

    Am I wrong to be annoyed at KP for playing in Euroleague and now being hurt again

    Am I wrong to be annoyed at KP for playing in Euroleague and now being hurt again

    He was hurt during Euroleague for awhile also.

    We are either being cautious to the point of overkill, he’s fragile, or that word Hornacek used to describe him that starts with a “p” and ends with a “y” was appropriate. Let’s see what happens once the season starts.

    One thing is certain, with all the new players, this was not an ideal pre season. We are going to be way behind.

    I’m not sure why everyone is so concerned about players that were drafted after Nitti. In every single draft there are loads of players that under/over perform their draft slot. No team is going to draft the optimal player all the time. As long as you don’t screw up badly you are fine.

    We have no reason to be upset about drafting Nitti even if a few players that were drafted behind him turn out better. We just have to hope he’s not a bust. We have no reason to think he’s a bust so far despite injuries. Everything out of camp has been favorable. Plus, we almost certainly did well with Dotson. We may have a solid rotation player from an area of the draft where many players don’t even make the team.

    We had a very good draft.

    With all the hemming and hawing about DSJ and Monk, I’m going to root so hard for Ntilikina. Kid has been completely under the radar in spite of his obviously gifts. Seems to have a great head on his shoulders, wants to play the right way, and to boot, has a compelling personal story as well.

    We’re really gonna regret passing on Monk, the guy made 11 3 pointers in preseason!

    (Oh, and he attempted 35)

    I think Frank is the second best pure point guard in the draft. From what I’ve seen of him in France and the brief stint in pre season, Frank is a team first guy who wants to make the right play instead of the glorious play. He was the most physically gifted guard in the draft, the best defender in the draft, the highest rated French prospect ever and the most decorated guard in the draft (2 French league rising star awards and a FIBA Europe U18 MVP). That counts for something to me, and I think he’ll be a better basketball player than everyone in this draft not named Fultz, Isaac, or Ball. Donovan Mitchell looks very impressive and I would have drafted him ahead of Ntilikina because I believed in his ability to play point guard in the triangle, but he looks more like a two way Eric Gordon and not a true point guard. Fox will likely never post a TS% higher than .540, and Smith Jr will get lit up on the defensive end. The injury issue to me seems like the Knicks are just being supremely cautious, but I don’t trust this training staff to keep anybody healthy. Expect Ntilikina to be really good about not turning the ball over, but he’ll frustrate us with low efficiency, foul woes, and even not shooting enough in his first year. If he stays healthy this season he’ll be starting by December, though.

    If KP and Ntilikina are who I think they are (a devastating roll-man/paint defender and a pass first two way guard) we still need a dominant scorer-rebounder on the wing. That’s Michael Porter Jr. to me. If we can land him in this draft, we will be more than set for the future.

    Malik Monk has been an absolute chucker in preseason lol

    I think I saw a game box score where he shot 25 times and made like ten of them while having like two rebounds and nothing else

    MSG Go is pretty good but I believe you need a Cable subscription to access it.

    It’s weird that Hornacek kept Rambis around. Rambis is widely disliked, he was an obvious toady to the GM who just got fired and he appears to be completely incompetent. Hornacek should have canned Rambis and hired somebody good.

    Yeah, I just tacked on 10 bucks to my monthly internet bill for the ability to stream some channels. They said MSG GO is one of them, so we shall see.

    This NYK chat with Jared Dubin is much more, umm, pertinent:

    I enjoyed that one a lot. I thought it was very balanced.

    I’m guessing Rambis is the price the Knicks had to pay to keep Phil from dishing out some Dolan dirt. If anyone has a better explanation as to why he’s still here, I’d like to hear it.

    Hornacek was interested in hiring Rambis in Phoenix before MDA hired him to his staff (which may have been a Jeannie Buss thing since she’s good friends with Rambis’ wife). He’s here because Hornacek values him, I guess.

    Best outcomes for this season would be:

    KP looking like a viable 1st option
    Frank showing some promise even if productivity not there yet (he’s only 19)
    Dotson showing he belongs in the rotation
    Kanter showing enough that perhaps he’s tradeable at the deadline
    Noah showing enough that he’s at least useful, if not a trade candidate.
    And most important –> We lose 60 games and pick one of Bagley, Porter, or Doncic.

    Off of a really dispiriting preseason, which concludes tonight, again without KP and Frank in the lineup, I’m with this…I guess. I’d like to see 3 or 4 good rotation pieces emerge to give me a reason to tune in. I don’t really care about wins except that it’s hard to find silver linings in losses. Like, if we’re that bad, will one player really help that much?

    I guess the only one definitive plus right now is that we have all of our first rounders and some extra second rounders going forward, plus, maybe some assets that other teams might want which maybe turn into more picks.

    If KP and Frank are fragile and underachieve, we’re headed for more years of purgatory…ugh, but that will be what it will be.

    The one thing that will really piss me off will be consistently being behind by 15 at the end of one quarter coupled with wild experimentation with rotations. Trey Burke starting, etc. If the roster looks headless than I won’t be sad to see coach H go. He’s shown me nothing.

    Lmaooooo wolves out today. Mad at me for pointing to a podcast that I haven’t even listened to. I just saw it was all about the Knicks with a beat writer.

    Also regarding frank my 1 game point was about the folks crowing that DSJ had an ankle sprain when Frank has played 1 out of 10 possible games

    But yea I guess the pod probably didn’t talk bad about melo so it wasn’t good? K

    Also regarding frank my 1 game point was about the folks crowing that DSJ had an ankle sprain when Frank has played 1 out of 10 possible games

    You still miss the point. Its okay, we’ve come to expect it from you.

    What point? I wasn’t making any point. I was just saying it’s funny that people continuously criticize and nitpick smith and look out for injuries when Frank has only played 1 game. Smith is probably mentioned here more than any other non Dallas blog.

    Worry about Frank and stop talking about smith.

    I’m just impressed that er is drunk this early. He must have a sweet gig.

    Z-Man is going to be so pissed today that Kay Felder was dumped and the Knicks weren’t in on the action (I wish they were, too, Z-Man!).

    I think the Hawks are actually waiving Felder, so we still have a chance to get in on that sweet Nate Robinson nostalgia.

    …he’d probably be the best point guard on our roster.

    Edit: if we hypothetically waived Baker to sign Felder can you imagine how conflicted Z-Man would be?

    Ooooh…I was just coming here to mention that Felder’s getting waived! The Knicks so have to get in on that! I’m totally with Z-Man on the Felder love.

    I think that DSJr gets mentions here because the difference could be the same as Steph Curry #7 and Jordan Hill #8 in 2009. Hopeefully we didn’t pass on the next Steph Curry. But I’ll stay off of that. I do need to see Frank & KP on the floor together at the same time, on the flip side, it’s good for them to ride the pines for the tank.

    It would only take a few weeks without Kawhi before the spurs making the playoffs stopped being a forgone conclusion

    Everyone thinks phil was terrible except you sage knickerbloggers lol fucking hilarious

    I’m the only one here that has defended him a lot. So you must be talking to me. I started defending him about a year ago.

    Here’s why I changed my tune.

    Reasonable people can have different opinions on players, trades, the direction of the team etc.. But when you consciously or subconsciously always find the best or worst possible spin on everything about a subject, you are basically off the rails.

    The reason I started defending him was because everyone in the media had become so horribly biased in their analysis, it had gotten ridiculous. It was so ridiculous, it seemed like there was an agenda to it. That kind of thing spills over into the thinking of fans too that expect perfection. Quite honestly, I no longer respect a lot of supposed “top” basketball analysts and journalists. They are either unable to remain objective or not very good.

    There is perception and there is reality.

    In the case of Phil, despite all the bad, IMHO, those two are not very close. He did a lot of things right too. If the new management doesn’t screw it up any more than they already have, we are in good shape going forward and will see the fruits of it down the line.

    I agree good came out of Phil like Frank and KP and no trades of 1s. But he was awful as a whole. The free agent meetings are just the latest in the line of bad things. Talking thru the press wrc

    But if the young guys don’t improve and there isn’t a clear strategy and if the defensive game plan and effort isn’t there, then we need to fire him this off season and Perry needs a defensive minded coach who is also willing to run a modern NBA offense.

    I think he shouldn’t get fired unless the locker room is in open revolt. One of the many, many things the Knicks have lacked this past decade is stability. Horny is mostly well regarded by other coaches, the Knicks are not. Even if he sucks we’re probably better off keeping him in the short term. We’ll be bad either way but it could help convince the league that the front office has turned a corner.

    “Not a smart play there from Beasley” is hereby barred from being a trigger in any Knicks drinking games this season because too many people will end up with alcohol poisoning.

    Somebody pointed out that Dolan had an outside firm tell him that he was being exploited by other teams with the consistent trading of 1st round picks. We can’t praise PJax for that. But yeah; his drafting was a good thing, and even then I tend to give that pause because I’m of the opinion that the Knicks have always been good at drafting.

    I enjoyed that game. I think this is going to be a mostly rootable team. Looking forward to the season.

    Worry about Frank and stop talking about smith.

    LOL. Still missing the point by making it an issue about Ntilikina vs. Smith when the point is actually about the media and the Knicks. But please continue to not get it. It is very interesting to see how little you actually pay attention.

    What media. I haven’t heard anyone talk about smith but people here.

    You sound like the Fox news crowd complaining about the main stream media….who cares??? The Knicks are in a rebuild and got the guy you wanted and changed your name to and you are still bitching. Jesus

    Well, Dennis Smith Jr. hobbled off the court in tonight’s preseason game between the Mavs and the Hawks. If he were playing for us all we’d be hearing right now is how cursed/doomed/incompetent our organization is for picking an injury prone PG. Hmmmm…..

    —-that’s what you posted about smith last night. And I said and Frank has played 1 game out of alot, and I haven’t heard anyone mention him being injury prone or anything. Cut the damn pity party and focus on the development of Frank. That’s my point if you looking for one so fucking bad.

    And Smith still played tonight.

    Was at the game with my 15yo daughter. Nice atmosphere, pretty competitive game. Observations:

    Michael Beasley is very hard to root for. I would just cut him and work with whatever I could replace him with off the waiver wire.
    Not a big fan of Enes Kanter thus far. Yeah, he scores efficiently, but man is he lost on defense. Also looks totally disinterested in passing.
    Willy did not put up the stats but I can watch him play all day. He’s getting it on defense, already much better than Kanter.
    Please cut Jarrett Jack and sign Kay Felder! Please!!
    McBuckets looks like a keeper, although it is still too early to tell, especially on D.
    TH2 started off slow and picked it up. Makes tons of fundamental mistakes on D and rebounding. Looks like he may still have another gear, we’ll see.
    Baker picked up where he left off last year, scrappy but missing most of his shots. I still like watching him play, though. He made some very nifty passes.
    Good to see Kuz out there, with his live legs and erratic game. Would rather watch him play than Lance.
    Dotson made a couple of rookie mistakes and then settled in. He’s definitely an NBA rotation player. Not sure whether he’ll be just a 3 and D guy or something more, but I like what I see.
    Sessions is just so boring. Please sign Felder! Please!!
    O’Quinn is just a big galoot out there. He’s hard on the eyes even when he’s playing well.
    Dolan was sitting baseline about 12 rows below me. If only I could spit that far.
    WTF is a Kornet?
    My daughter sat for the first stanza of the national anthem just to irk me. Kids!

    if we hypothetically waived Baker to sign Felder can you imagine how conflicted Z-Man would be?

    I had an arrythmia just reading that…

    Jordan Bell in starting lineup for GS. 8 points 9 boards 4 assists 1 steak and 2 blocks in 18 minutes. I wanted him bad. Would have been perfect for us. There must be some higher level of basketball knowledge with which I am unfamiliar.

    What media. I haven’t heard anyone talk about smith but people here.

    LOL. Jesus Christ, the whole point of my argument is exactly that no one focuses on Smith’s injury issues (dating back to his major knee injury) the way our injury issues are criticized. So, yes, no one talks about the injury issues surrounding Smith, even when he gets injured, as they do with Frank. Why? Because one is on the Knicks – a franchise which has become fashionable to hate – and the other is in Dallas. So the comparison isn’t about DSJ v. FN its about the media v. NYK. Get it? What am I saying? You still probably don’t.

    And Smith still played tonight.

    Which was monumentally stupid on the part of the Mavs. If Horny made that decision he’d have been ripped.

    Tim Hardaway Jr seems poised to give the Knicks surplus value on that contract he signed. I love what I’ve been seeing from him. He can score in the flow of an offense and he’s a better passer now.

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