Knicks Morning News (2017.05.14)

  • [NYPost] NBA insiders open up on how much LaVar Ball hurts Lonzo
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 12:47:59 PM)

    CHICAGO — LaVar Ball, the former Jets practice-squad tight end in the mid-1990s, didn’t make it to the combine. That is, this week’s NBA scouting combine that concluded Saturday. That was a relief to NBA talent evaluators. Some find sports’ most infamous father a nuisance and possible reason UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball is no…

  • [NYTimes] Keeping Score: Game 7 in Boston: Whose Funeral?
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 4:15:53 PM)

    The Wizards have forced a tiebreaking matchup in their playoff series against the Celtics, who have won 21 such contests while the Wizards have appeared in only nine.

  • [NYTimes] Liberty 73, Stars 64: Liberty Win Home Opener, Topping the Stars and a Former Teammate
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 11:11:23 PM)

    Vickie Johnson, San Antonio’s new coach, played for the Liberty and is their career leader in scoring, rebounds and games played.

  • [NYTimes] Phil Jackson Says It Again: Carmelo Anthony Would Be Better Off Elsewhere
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 10:59:05 PM)

    Speaking on Friday at the N.B.A. Draft Combine, the Knicks’ president said he hoped Anthony could find success, which is something the team cannot guarantee.

  • [NYTimes] As the Cavaliers Shine, Kevin Love’s Role Is Dimmed
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 3:09:46 PM)

    Cleveland is 8-0 in the postseason, but its matchups have prevented Love from scoring as frequently as he did during the regular season.

  • [NYDN] Phil Jackson silent during Knicks’ interviews with prospects
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 6:03:40 PM)

    Phil Jackson’s strategy during New York’s combine interviews was to silently observe

  • [NYDN] Why Knicks president Phil Jackson recently texted Carmelo Anthony
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 9:09:47 AM)

    Phil Jackson cares enough about Melo’s well-being to send a supportive text about personal issues and still push him toward another team.

  • [NY Newsday] Phil Jackson wants Knicks fans to give draft pick time to grow
    (Saturday, May 13, 2017 7:20:00 PM)

    Phil Jackson bumped into Magic Johnson in Chicago on Thursday and told the legendary Lakers point guard that few players come into the league as polished and NBA-ready as he was nearly 40 years ago.

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    If the Knicks end up picking 3rd in this draft I think they would pass on Josh Jackson and grab De’Aaron Fox. Their big board is very likely Ball, Fultz, and Fox from 1-3.

    Josh Jackson is going to suck. Trust me on this one.

    I’m not sold on Fox despite him being a great guy. How is he that different from Brandon Jennings?
    I believe that with the abundance of guards in this draft it will push the fewer good bigs up higher and they will be selected sooner than expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox, Ntilikina and Smith are all available at pick #7. Philly, Minny and Orlando might not even want to select a PG at this time because of their other needs.

    How is he that different from Brandon Jennings?

    Well, for one, he actually plays defense. So that’s a pretty big difference.

    A Brandon Jennings that plays D is still not worth #7. Unless you’re talking Avery Bradley-level D, which I don’t see in Fox.

    Their games are p different: Fox turns the ball over less, isn’t a chucker, has higher IQ/knows how to play to pace, plays defense, has a superior body/athleticism, and isn’t a head case.

    The comparison is silly imo.

    The comparison is silly imo.

    Pretty much. I am not even a firm believer in Fox and can say this comparison is dumb.

    Brandon Jennings is also much older than Fox. I feel like Fox could manage to turn himself into a career 39 FG% and 34.5 3P% guy in time. Also pretty sure he can play significantly better defense than Jennings ever did or could or will.

    For those who like Fox, what kind of player do you see him becoming. Will he ever pass for over 8 ast? Will he be able to improve his shot?

    I thinking Fox’s AST numbers were artificially lowered by the truly awful system he had to run under Cal and the fact that he was sharing the ball with Briscoe a lot. He doesn’t have Wall level passing ability but he has the vision and feel to consistently make the right pass. His assists were also comparatively low at UK because the offense literally would not function without him going to the hole regularly.

    I’m pretty optimistic on his shot improving–the form is there and he shoots pretty well from the line and not so badly from the long 2 iirc. Also his 3 pt% is miserable but he pretty much never took 3s so ascertaining just how much his 3 needs to improve is muddled by sample size issues.

    Also I think his defense can be elite at the PG position (don’t think he can guard 2s unless he bulks up, though.)

    I see Fox as a 20 and 7 guy that can chip in with 4-5 boards and a couple of steals. Not similar in body type, but stylistically I could see something like Bledsoe. More of a drive and kick PG that creates open perimeter looks with his speed and penetration.

    The jumper’s a concern though he did post solid numbers from mid-range. Might never be a great 3 point shooter, but if he can get up to 32-33% to the point you have to respect him out there it shouldn’t be a major hindrance. Question is really whether you think he can do that or not and if you believe in time he can add 20 lbs of muscle to his frame.

    “According to the tracking numbers at Synergy Sports, Fox is in the 4th percentile of spot-up shooters around the country and in the 12th percentile of guys who shoot off the dribble.”

    Fox has a good floater, and he can shoot free throws, but he absolutely sucked at shooting in college. He might just be another Elfrid Payton, but if we’re drafting 7th or 8th and he’s there he’s definitely a solid pick, because if he does develop that shot he’s likely to be very good.

    Comparing Fox to Jennings is truly lazy and dumb work.

    First of all, Fox is an elite athlete for the position. He is fast, he is strong, and he finishes above the rim with ease. Brandon Jennings is an average athlete and needs a clear runway to dunk. De’Aaron Fox is 6’2″ without shoes while Jennings might not even be 6 feet out of shoes. De’Aaron Fox is a leader and a motivator. Jennings is too busy complaining about his teammates to lead them anywhere.

    While Fox wasn’t a good shooter in college, he was a good shooter in high school and has been knocking them down in his workouts before the draft. The form on his jumper is much more predictable than Jennings’ snowflake jumper and mechanically he’s excellent.

    Fox is also an elite defender with his length and lateral quickness. Jennings is an effort defender but he ain’t stopping anybody from getting anywhere. And mentally? Fox isn’t about getting his or even being the star attraction. He’s a winner and a gamer who destroyed the Holy Lonzo Ball both times they played.

    Fox is a lot closer to an Iman Shumpert who can actually convert at the rim than Jennings + defense. There is a reason people are comparing Fox to John Wall. And even then, Wall, Jennings, and Shumpert could never be the leader that Fox already is. You want a player that’s going to help build a high character organization, you take De’Aaron Fox. He’s going to come into your program from Day 1 and work his tail off on both ends. He is nothing like Jennings except that he is left handed, skinny, and black.

    I think De’Aaron Fox develops into one of the better rebounding point guards in the league with his end to end speed being a real asset. Considering his work ethic and where he is mentally along with his supremely disciplined shooting form, he becomes a guy you can’t leave open and if you chase him off the perimeter you’ll be asking for trouble. I think he’ll get into the teeth of a defense no problem and then (and this is very important) he will make the right decision to either, dump, kick, or attack. Statistically he’ll be a mid 50s TS% guy and depending on how often he has the ball he’ll get double digit assists. Defensively he’s a communicator and he’ll lead your team by example. With KP on the back end it will be very easy to fill in the rest of your defense.

    De’Aaron Fox’s best case scenario is John Wall with better leadership qualities. Worst case he’s Iman Shumpert with leadership qualities.

    There are lots of similarities between Fox and Jennings, and also lots of differences. I agree that it’s not a great comparison, but the concerns about Fox are very real. We’ve been doing this stuff for over a decade now, and I wish I had a nickel for every guy who was an improved jumper away from being an all-star, and who was likely to improve because he was a good FT shooter. Fox is a bad shooter right now, period, and like most bad shooters, he is unlikely to improve much, and if he does, it might take years. In an era where 3’s are all the rage, he shot less than 25% from 3. John Wall shot 32% in college on almost double the attempts and still took six years to crack a TS% of .540. Wall also had a much higher assist% in college.

    I like Fox and would be ok with drafting him, but I doubt that he will ever be anything near a John Wall-level stud.

    Fox is a lot closer to an Iman Shumpert who can actually convert at the rim than Jennings + defense.

    You must not have been watching much of Shump over the years, he has an uncanny ability to NOT finish at the rim.

    I would pass on Fox, and take Smith, Jr. or Ntiktilina ahead of him.

    Have there been other PGs with similar usg% and ast% that turned into great PGs? Fox had a usg% of 27.6 and an ast% of 28.6.

    Statistically he’ll be a mid 50s TS% guy and depending on how often he has the ball he’ll get double digit assists.

    That’s a perennial All Star you’re describing. If Fox can manage a TS% like that and double digit assists he’d probably be a top 5 point guard in the NBA. I honestly don’t see it.

    Spurs are 10 point underdogs today. When was the last time they were 10 point dogs in any game, regular or postseason?

    That’s how good the Warriors are.

    “Comparing Fox to Jennings is truly lazy and dumb work.”

    No reason to be a condescending asshole. Especially right before making outrageous and intellectually lazy predictions like you do in @16. There is no statistical basis for predicting that Fox will either have a TS% in the mid 50’s or that he will average double-digit assists. His college TS% is below average and his assist% is middling. The player you are describing in @16 is Russell Westbrook, except better on D. If that’s not lazy and dumb, I don’t know what is.

    Danny Green is an amazing transition defender

    The Spurs are going to have to play this well for another 41 minutes, and then 3-6 games of it thereafter. A Klay Thompson midrange jumper is probably the best thing you could reasonably hope for against this lineup, if you’re the Spurs.

    Matter of time before McGee throws down five or six dunks and blows this game open, though.

    Some serious interior D by the Spurs so far. Holding the Dubs under 20 in the 1st would be a coup.

    Rooting for the Spurs so hard this series tbqh

    GSW plays a beautiful brand of basketball but the personalities annoy me

    Either way, the West should be major favorites against the ’09 Cavs in this year’s Finals. These teams are really good.

    30-16 at the end of the first my lord San Antonio

    Golden State averaged 30.9 points per game in the 1st quarter this year.

    •?((¯°·._.• ?€??€$$??? ?? ?€?? •._.·°¯))?•

    don’t think anyone was saying that the cavs suck, just that they’re old and this is probably the worst team lebrons taken to the ECF in a long time, or maybe ever.

    Klay Thompson should be really happy he’s on a team where he’s the 4th best player, so no one notices how mediocre he is.

    yeah he definitely still should’ve been traded for K-Love way back

    Z-man, check out all of the stats for the regular season team. Obviously Kyrie, Love and Thompson are going to give you a solid series, but they were putrid outside of LeBron this year.

    Sort by BPM and look at that list.

    That Cavs team Lebron hauled to the finals on his back in 2007 was a joke.

    Klay Thompson should be really happy he’s on a team where he’s the 4th best player, so no one notices how mediocre he is.

    Definitely not even top 5 on the team. Overrated as hell. But the 20 point quarters!!!!!!!

    Spurs looking like the old Spurs team that beat Miami in 5

    Ok, so… you’re telling me I should go read a book or watch a movie or something?

    If you bet on the Spurs getting 10 points, I think you’d be feeling pretty good right now with a 35 point cushion.

    Well, I think the fact that they’ve gone a very easy 8-0 means much more than anything from the regular season. If ever there was a team for which regular season stats should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s this one. They lost Delly and picked up Korver. They might actually be better than last year.

    Curry is money at the rim. Guy has serious touch.

    yeah idk how you manage to rotate the ball in such a fashion

    if i ever tried that move it’d clank off the side at a 45 degree angle

    Spurs are killing the Warriors on the offensive boards.

    I’ve been a big critic of LMA, but for the past 1 1/2 games he’s been awesome.

    To be fair, the Cavs have gotten some nice play off of their bench (Williams, Korver and Frye) thus far. If they keep it up and Love and Kyrie (who’s got a sub .500 TS% in the playoffs) get back to their regular production they’ll at least have a shot- probably still slim but a shot.

    And on Fox: He’s not the natural playmaker Wall is- he’s more like Rose where his blow-by ability is going to generate a lot of chances for assists. Like Rose, he’s going to need to develop at least an 18-footer so people can’t completely slump off of him but I think he can still be effective without a three-pointer. If he’s there at 7, I’m not complaining.

    Better shooter. Better playmaker. Bigger and stronger. More NBA ready.

    there is war being waged on Kawhi’s ankle… how do you not take him out up 21

    Smith and Fox seem like comparable prospects. Smith is better on the offensive end, Fox is better on the defensive end but I think upside-wise they’re the same level of prospect. Fox has had a cleaner injury history and maybe gets a slight edge on intangibles/leadership, but Fox’s weakness– his terrible outside shot– is a more glaring weakness. Either guy is a reasonably decent get at the Knicks’ likely draft position.

    Man that sucks with Kawhi’s ankle. The Warriors may win this one going away.

    Fox is a completely different player from Jennings – they’re pretty much exact opposites other than appearance, which does make it a lazy comparison.

    this is why I am not a coach

    ya zaza shouldve gotten a flagrant for that

    Zaza is a dirty player, but if you watch the replay, he wasn’t even looking in Leonard’s direction when he stuck his foot in there.

    With Kawhi’s injury this might be a must win for the Spurs.

    @56 Both are ball dominant, erratic shooting, slight of build lefty PGs. There are similarities.

    I’ve been a big critic of LMA, but for the past 1 1/2 games he’s been awesome.

    And in the 4th quarter of this game he’s been god awful.

    Can’t shoot
    Can get to the rim
    So-so right hand
    Pretty good at passing
    Weigh about 170 lbs

    Fox is two inches taller
    Fox is a much better defender

    As to charecter and IQ, no one knows how that will play out in the NBA.

    From Jennings’ draft profile:
    He’s a super athletic point guard and is an extremely quick and explosive player, especially off the dribble. Has exceptional wingspan and leaping ability for a point guard. Has great open court speed and likes to attack in transition. He is very good at changing direction mid-stride without losing speed or control of the ball. Gets to the rim and finishes well with a nice mix of moves.

    All of this is true for Fox. To say that they are opposites is more lazy than to say they are similar.

    The Spurs really must win this game with Kawhi injured.

    game ball goes to Pachulia’s foot


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