2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hornets

It is very difficult for teams to win both ends of a back-to-back/home and home series (provided their opponent isn’t actively tanking – and even there, you’d be surprised at how difficult it is to even beat a tanking team twice in two days), so if the Knicks lose tonight, that won’t really tell us much either way about this team.

But if they win, then hoo boy, that would be amazing and that would say a lot about this team.

So, well, let’s hope that they win. 🙂

Let’s go, Knicks!

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batum and williams out…

Golden opportunity boys. But we need someone else to step up tonight, how about a Courtney Lee sighting?

I think the Knicks are going to lose. And I’m saying that here b/c the last time I did that, they won.

Gonna be a couple of tired teams.

Knicks v Hornets II: Electric Bogaloo

Here’s hoping the sequel is as good as the original.

I usually hate the sleeved jersey’s, but those Charlotte ones actually look pretty slick.

Zeller hasn’t missed a shot in 2 nights against Noah.

If we take him out we might have a chance.

Derek Rose just allowed Lamb to blow right past him and he ends up yelling at someone else. Lame.

Christ I go to the kitchen for 1 minute to make a coffee and we are already down double figures.

Courtney Lee always gets in foul trouble with these tic tac fouls

the Hornets are better than they played yesterday, let’s hope for a big night from KP!

but Rose has already taken 8 shots, and KP 2… how is that ok, I don’t know.

I actually love the way Jennings is playing, he really seems to understand his role on this team and how to make the most of the opportunity he has.

Welp. Might consider putting on the Australian league game that’s on today. Westy alumni Travis Trice is playing today and he has been killing it as of late. I’ll check back here later.

Jennings with two great steals, he understands that Sessions has a loose handle and is really exploiting that.

So is Noah already glued to the bench for the remainder of the game?

He’s played six minutes already, he must be exhausted.

Tell you what, there aren’t too many vets making $5 million or less that are better value than Jennings.

I wonder if Charlotte’s shot. Seriously, they came out on fire and hustling like crazy, but maybe they’ve burned out. Maybe this will turn into a tortoise vs. hare game??

Sessions providing some good energy. It’s great he is looking top be of a facilitator this year, but he really should look to attack more,

I don’t see a reason for Jennings to play less minutes than Rose, but I’m gonna be called a negativist, so…

If we can make some free throws and keep you know who on the bench then we still have a chance.

Bad last 2 minutes. Could’ve cut it to 5, but down 11.

Need to come out strong in the 3rd. The starting 5, Noah included, tends to get off to sluggish starts.

dtrickey, who is Trice playing for this season?

He’s playing for Cairns (town in North Queensland). He got off to slow start to the season, but he’s starting to come into some good form. Shooting about 45% from 3 and is really giving teams a headache with his speed. Probably could have a higher assist rate, but he’s the team’s main scoring option at the moment.

Melo back to being dumb Melo, hope he snaps out of it in the 2nd half.

First 5 minutes of the 3rd will determine the outcome, if we come out flat, game over.

The Spurs just keeping on keeping on is one of the most remarkable achievements in sports. Right up there with the Belichick Patriots.

@76 it’s been what, 26 seasons?

and with Kawhi it seems like it will be at least 5 or 6 more…

Yuck, horrible first half. Really disappointed at the effort from our boys so far.

On a brighter note, Brandon Jennings.

Rose could have made that pass like 5 dribbles earlier but at least he finally realized Porzingis was wide open

Every time Melo or Rose miss a wide open Porzingis to take a contested midrange jumper I die a little bit inside

Rose and Melo are a combined 7-28, and the Knicks are still in this game, that’s astonishing… thank god Charlotte is without 2 of their 3 best players.

Rose saves his greatness for when it counts.

Captain Obvious alert:
Much how games in November are worth the same as games in April, points in the first quarter are worth the same as in the 4th quarter.

I will say this about Rose, he does a much better job on D getting through and around screens than Jennings or pretty much all of last year’s Knicks guards. Just wish he wouldn’t force so many shots.


shhhh, don’t make so much sense, somebody might call you out for being negative!

this is the kind of game where the rose apologists will forget how much he is killing us….

Rose has 5 more fga than KP
10 points less

this game is still so winnable, Charlotte is playing like crap, the knicks can take the lead in the 3rd

hornets basically have kemba walker and they are shooting 10 more ft’s than us tonight after 15 more ft’s last night… what is wrong with that picture..

DRed, if the Knicks somehow win this game you can definitely say this was not a good win lol.

The last two years of Melo’s contract are gonna suck

I would just post “BJ!!!” but people might wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Then again this being the internet I’m sure they do.

The Hornets are missing a lot of free throws again, keeping the Knicks in the game!

hope to see Carmelo passing the ball more

If Charlotte could shoot free throws we’d be lamenting getting swept in the home and home.

if we’re going to go small kp’s gotta be stronger on the boards… it’s killed us the last 3 possessions…

losing to Charlotte without 2 of their best players really should never happen… but then again, Rose and Carmelo are 11/40 combined, which also should never happen.

if they keep taking stupid shots they need to sit on the goddamn bench.

Our starting five sucks

And I can’t for the life of me understand why Jennings isn’t out there

I was wondering why noah wasn’t out there at the end of the game last night…

seems like on these end game scenarios he’d be useful…

Kaminsky is getting his revenge from last night and Jeremy Lamb looks to be this seasons first random dude to have a career game and kill us.

If you predicted Kaminsky would get hot at any stage this game, I would suggest you get yourself a lottery ticket.

God I wish the Knicks would run a pick and roll w/ Rose and Porzingis. This offense with no picks on the ball is killing me!

Look, Willy getting crunch time minutes!

Oh look, Willy immediately getting roasted by Kemba.

How do they just leave Willy on an island against Kemba like that

We’re in kind of a bind here. We’re playing KP at a lot of minutes – the most on the team right now. We can’t sit him down and win. But he’s clearly wearing down.

This was not a pretty game, but the Knicks at least played with a pretty good effort level. They could have just mailed it in after getting crushed in the first quarter but they competed until the end. They did way too much dumb shit but almost pulled it out anyway.

I expected a loss, but still, considering how the game went, that’s a painful one.

pretty much all my nightmares about this team became true, terrible shooting from Melo and Rose, Noah being absent.

at least Jennings made this game entertaining, and honestly he needs to be getting more minutes if he’s playing like he is.

lol @226 I was trying to think of that guy who used to play about five minutes at the start of each half for some good teams back in the 80s.

Unfortunately a token Noah is no laughing matter with that contract and the rebounding issues it looks like the team may have.

Rose and Melo combined went 13-45 my fucking lord

Can we trade Rose yet

Fun game, splitting with the Hornets is perfectly fine, and Rose & Melo combining to shoot 13-45 is tremendously Knicksy

Meh. Not the worst result considering they were down 21 early. Good to see a bit off fight to get back in it but ran out of steam. Didn’t have the legs against a desperate team. We saw the best and worst of Melo the last two games and probably why he is so polarising among fans. Should have probably gone closer to getting up with no Williams and Batum though. In short: home and homes are tough man.

Should be fun watching Westbrook vs this defense on Monday.

Yeah, the shoddy defense was masked by Charlotte missing a ton of free throws. The Hornets had 42 free throw attempts in this game.

Ha. Only caught Melo’s last drive but was just going to say the same re 13-45. No bueno.

But a split is fine.

splitting with the Hornets is ok, they are probably the 5th or 6th best team in the conference… however, they had no Marvin Williams for both games and no Batum for this one, which honestly makes the split pretty terrible imo.

if they can’t best the Hornets in this conditions, the team is better off tanking and picking a star PG in the draft.

It’s a bad loss because the Hornets were w/o Batum and Williams. I also thought Hronacek mismanaged the 4th. Where was Jennings and Kuz? We needed fresh legs out there.

So, what’s the deal with Noah? Does he still have the flu, or is he banged up in some other way, or is he just not getting on the floor because he’s ineffective?

we really should have lost both games…. the free throws are going to sink this offense…. esp when the mid range shots aren’t falling… and esp when the defense is this bad….

An totally pathetic game all around (other than Jennings and maybe Holiday). The effort to begin the game SUCKED. I don’t understand why they come out flat as they do.

As bad as this game was, I believe the Knicks are the better team.

I guess Noah wasn’t ready to play more minutes yet because of his illness. I hope that’s the case. I think we could have used his rebounding and defense at the end of this one.


On a neutral court Charlotte with Batum is almost certainly the better team, but without him I think we’d be favored. Road back to backs are tough though.

The earlier model of Noah featured a Lamborghini motor; this latest refurbished Noah is more Kia than Lambo. Phil needs to hit speed dial on the phone to Thibs right after GSW puts up 150 on Twolves tonight and trade Noah for one of Jones or Dunn and Pekovic.

I think it is very clear we are a better team with Jennings over Rose. We need passing not hero ball from the PG position. We have two perfectly capable scorers to create offense. Let Rose dominate the ball on the second unit.

Why does the NBA schedule these home and home games anyway? I’m sure the players hate it, and it’s not like Charlotte and NY are some kind of natural rivals. Just seems like no one likes it, so why schedule them?

Rose is meat and potatoes. Jennings is dessert that makes your blood sugar rise. You need both.

Tough to say this ’cause it feels stupid…but I’m ok with the team right now and I think they’re trending the right way. 8-8’s not really bad when you consider the sloppy preseason with no Noah, no Rose, bad shooting Melo, no defensive gameplan, and rookies getting a lot of burn. The only thing I’m really down on from the game is we gave up 17 rebounds to a 6’5″ 93 lb Jeremy Lamb(!!), and Melo and Rose could not find their shot. Rose attacked and tried to make up for his poor shooting , but Melo definitely looked like he didn’t have the legs to be as aggressive as he was the night before.

Other than that..Monday’s game should be fun. Nobody’s really talking about it, but Westbrook is on another otherworldly tear. He’s already caught LBJ in career triple doubles. I’ve seen a lot of folks rightfully fawn over Harden’s season, but he turns the ball over an awful lot. Harden is 6’5″ 220 and plays like he’s that size. Westbrook is, what- 6’3″ and barely 200 lbs? This guy is playing like he’s Magic’s size at the 1..frickin ridiculous!

Why does the NBA schedule these home and home games anyway? I’m sure the players hate it, and it’s not like Charlotte and NY are some kind of natural rivals. Just seems like no one likes it, so why schedule them?

I agree with Brian..they are terminally stupid. Especially when it’s a situation like the Knicks just had. You would think that the league would schedule home & homes with teams with a closer proximity to each other. If it’s a huge rival and the teams have more than ONE DAMN DAY OFF afterward, I can dig the occasional “travel issue”. But to have teams travel between NY and Charlotte for a home & home when neither team really gives a damn about the other is plain idiotic.

I swear to god if I read one more time that the preseason is the reason that the Knicks aren’t good in the regular season I swear to god, guys

I’ve seen a lot of folks rightfully fawn over Harden’s season, but he turns the ball over an awful lot. Harden is 6’5? 220 and plays like he’s that size. Westbrook is, what- 6’3? and barely 200 lbs? This guy is playing like he’s Magic’s size at the 1..frickin ridiculous!

Harden turnovers per 48 minutes: 7.3
Westbrook turnovers per 48 minutes: 7.4


Harden turnovers per 48 minutes: 7.3
Westbrook turnovers per 48 minutes: 7.4

True..point taken. I guess Westbrook’s play is better to me because his team hasn’t loaded up on shooters or any scorers for him to pass to.

I swear to god if I read one more time that the preseason is the reason that the Knicks aren’t good in the regular season I swear to god, guys

Speaking for myself, I’m not implying that the team isn’t “good” because of the preseason. Oh no. My point is simply that the preseason was out of whack enough for me not to expect a .500 record this early given the schedule so far. Cleveland-Boston-Toronto-Washington-Charlotte twice-Detroit twice-Houston-Chicago-Memphis-Utah-Portland-Atlanta-Dallas-Brooklyn? Yea..no…with the preseason that this team had? Nah nah nah..nobody saw .500 ball this soon..or shouldn’t have at least. Therefore, I’m fine with where the team is at right now. But they damn sure need to get consistently better in a hurry..the Atlantic Division is not gonna always be this tight.

I agree splitting with Charlotte on a back to back is not that terrible.
What is terrible is the Knicks defense, they cannot get a stop when they need one. Just too easy for opponents to score. Their offense has generally been good, especially when KP is on and Rose plays at least average ( and doesn’t have 7 turnovers or so). The defense on the other hand needs to improve dramatically if they want to be a good team.

No, agreed, a split isn’t bad, but getting down by 21 to a team you just beat who also is playing a back-to-back and is without 2 starters is not great.

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