2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pistons

The Knicks take on the Detroit Pistons tonight at the Garden.

The Pistons are awful on the road and they have awful guards, so the Knicks really need to win this one at home.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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first and foremost – a big F U to phil, lebum and whatever posse’s they may be riding with…


i hate to be that kind of fan, but, kinda hoping drummond doesn’t make it out on the court tonight…well, so much for that hope – looks like he’s playing, of course – it’s the knicks…

looks like we’re 2 point favorites and the over/under on the game is 201 pts…i’m thinking we definitely win on the over, if it’s the under – things could get a little tricky (detroit avg’s around 95 pts on the road)…

Who’s starting?

If I follow the game on ESPN.com, is there anyway to tell from their box score who’s on the floor at a given moment?

Stan VG looks like I feel when I drink too much and eat Arbys.

I’ll be here all night.

It’s amazing what KP can do on the fast break. And a great ball fake by Melo after a terrific pass by Rose.

Will this finally be the game Porzingis breaks 30 points?

We’ve got an idiot owner and a GM who can’t keep his arrogant mouth shut, but having Zinger almost negates all that.

There aren’t many guys over 6’8″ who can do what he just did. That was pretty, even if I thought he was going to get stripped by the time he reached the paint.

Was that Anthony rolling on the floor like Charles Oakley?

Oakley is rolling over in his grave at the comparison.

@18 – Oak is alive. You must be thinking of Anthony Mason.

No, I know he’s alive. I was channeling my inner Barkley; it’s a phrase he uses often when referencing still living players.

I gotta sort of kind of give Rose credit for trying the 69-footer.

But yeah, it hasn’t been since D’Antoni that the Knicks actually did stuff during games that seemed smart like two for ones. Even then, they fucked it up (like Al Harrington losing the ball out of bounds at the end of the game like a moron), but at least they did do smart stuff. I wasn’t a big D’Antoni fan because he was such a dick at times, but I liked that the Knicks at least rarely were outcoached.

I gotta sort of kind of give Rose credit for trying the 69-footer.

I agree. I’m always annoyed when a player doesn’t even bother trying so as not to adversely impact their FG%.

These lineups on both sides are like jokes.

But yes, very nice game from Noah so far.

What is Hornacek thinking about when he puts 5 backups in the game, 2 of which are rookies? I don’t get it. Can’t he stagger them in somehow?

Just so weird to have a “bench mob” when the bench mob is not particularly good together. Gotta have a starter in there. Thankfully KP is back. And he scores right away. Hmmmm.

I think since the bench players were playing better individually he was hoping he could put forward an all bench lineup

Obviously he can’t tho

Beno Udrih was cut by the Knicks two years. Are there really no other okay D-League point guards out there?

I get giddy like a schoolgirl whenever I see KP hooping

I’d say KP has some swag, but don’t want to start another argument about appropriate language.

please don’t fall on your back ever again, KP.

regards, a fascinated knicks fan.

One day KP will have a 50+ scoring game and do it on less than 20 shots. I just hope I’m watching when it happens.

Porzingis has waaaaaaaay too many FGA for Carmelo’s liking. Expect the 2nd half to be a Carmelathon.

This is how bad the Pistons’ guards are – “Shit, Beno is sucking out there, bring in…Ish Smith?!??”

Yeah, Jowles, that’s why he’s up and smiling and cheering after every shot. Good read on that.

Who builds a roster around “Well, we need Reggie Jackson to play well to be good”?

I disagree with Clyde and Breen, Noah shouldn’t have taken the jumper. He should have driven into the lane to draw fouls and maybe get an and-one.

Who is Nate Taylor? I follow along with Yahoo as I watch for the stats, and their twitter feed always has Nate Taylor tweeting about the Pacers. I don’t get it. Why is he on this game’s feed? Does he cover the Pistons, as well, or something?

Noah having a great game and is active, but Drummond (6-8) is scoring at will over him.

My only worry is that KP was so good and the Pistons were so shitty that I’d like to see the Knicks be up by more than six. They were hurt by that period where they didn’t force the ball to KP and kept missing jumpers while Drummond worked it inside on the other end.

ETA: Yeah, basically what GoNyGoNyGo said – Drummond was working it.

The problem is KCP is automatic off screens in the mid range. And Drummond is toying with Joakim

I love how viscerally disgusted Clyde sounds whenever he talks about Noah’s shooting form

It looked to me like Noah’s timing was off defending Drummond. Drummond released the ball and Noah’s hands were not up in time on a few shots. He was not keeping his hands up either.

KOQ deserves credit for playing tough defense on Dummond et all. That’s the effort I want to see from him off the bench.

He was a lot better than usual on defense, true. I think provided they don’t run that awful “All bench players” lineup out there in the second half, they should be able to hang well with the Pistons.

I don’t understand why Horny is reluctant to stagger the rotations. I am sure there’s a way to get either Melo, KP or Rose out there with the bench before the rest of the starting lineup is ready to play together again.

Wait, wasn’t it 55-49? Did they take away a point from the Knicks? Maybe I was presuming Noah would have made one of his four free throws. 🙂

Holiday is the Lance Thomas of 2016.

There are a lot of similarities, although Holiday has a better history of hitting shots before this year than Thomas did before last season. But otherwise, they really are very similar.

I dont think that’s true about Holiday and Lance. They are different players in terms of size and speed and Holiday has shown he can hit the 3 over a longer stretch.

Noah is an absolute terror on the offensive glass, would hate to play against him

When Phil Jackson decided to trade for Rose based on the eye test those kinds of sequences must have been omitted

3rd qtr Anthony has been awesome lately. He is like the opposite of Rose. starts slow then gets hot.

The team looks to be coming together nicely. Another 10 games together and who knows where we’ll be?

Porzingis is so wet on those turn around jumpers my lord

He’s Dirk-esque

Thomas has a bone bruise on one ankle, plantar fascitis in both his feet, and 3 more years on his contract.

Thomas has a bone bruise on one ankle, plantar fascitis in both his feet, and 3 more years on his contract.

Save this line to use for Noah next year.

Honestly the Pistons are still in this because they’re making some absurd shots

It’s amazing how O’Quin barely has the lift to get up stairs and yet he manages to rip down rebounds against players who can actually jump. Super physical guy.

That Porzingis drive-turn-around jumper thing was the first time I verbally exclaimed “Yes!” all season.

Just back it up Holiday and take your time. Why would you dribble toward KP and throw up an awkward lob pass in the middle of the lane.

Why am I asking you questions you are never going to raad?

O’Quinn’s game is one reason why raw stats are not enough. Really big positive impact tonight.

I don’t think that’s really a flagrant, but good to see Zinger get the call. The beginning of a friendly whistle?

Let’s go back to that thread where Theo was arguing that KP is a scrub and Myles Turner is going to be the better player.

This team needs Randle to really be a good shooter because these Jennings and Rose back courts need to disappear quickly.

I wonder if Rambis has coached leaving 3-point shooters wide open at the end of a game? Is that the strategy?

Courtney Lee with the huge rebound. Frigging Rose misses a free throw. Now we have the hateful “foul or don’t foul. “

Porzingis not only played an awesome game, he gave a Jeterian post game interview. I was waiting for him to say “Mr. Hornacek…..”.

I’ll take it! But yeah, sure would be nice to have smart coaches for a change.

We need a smart owner to hire a smart GM to get smart coaches. Soooo…yeah.

Games like that are why Noah is useful even if he’s a weirdo who can’t shoot at all.

All 5 starters had 3 assists each.

Umm…I’m just gonna put this out there..

KP, as evidenced by the knock he took from Morris, really needs to get stronger so he can finish better with contact. He’d be unstoppable since the only real defense on a player of his ilk would be physicality. Someone needs to get him on a steady diet of…

Beans greens potatoes tomatoes lamb ram

Sorry..saw too many of those videos/memes- couldn’t help myself.

Carry on lol

Noah with 15 boards,( 7 offensive), 3 assists, 3 blocks, 1 steal in 25 minutes.

Yeah, the dude is pretty much washed up.

Heard on Knickerblogger.net. Sure KP had 35 points but only 10 in the second half. What’s wrong with his stamina?

Porzingis is shooting for an All-NBA slot if he keeps this up.

And Noah would lead the NBA in rebounds if he could stay on the floor for 30 minutes.

Melo and Porzingis have to be the toughest 1-2 punch in the East this side of LeBron and Kyrie.

Let me just state that KP said that they were going to foul on that last play, Caldwell-Pope just got away from Lee and all he could do was contest the shot.

Isola is at it again….

Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN)
21 mins ago – View on Twitter
Well what do ya know, the Knicks have finally figured out that Kristaps is their best player.

I think KP would look mighty good with a Fultz or a Lonzo Ball in tow, so yeah, they probably should tank 😉

I’m fine either way at this point, honestly. I just want to see KP make it rain for 70 more games

Honestly it’s not even debatable that KP is the best overall player on the team. Melo has a more diverse scoring toolkit (for now) and is still a really good player, but there might only be 2-3 players in the league that you’d even consider trading KP for at this point. Probably Towns, Curry, Durant. Probably not Anthony Davis given the health issues. Harden I guess. Lebron is already 31.

I don’t know who here said that Lee was having problems getting through screens on defense but that was very true to the very last shot of the game.

Actually on second thought, I’m not even sure I’d trade him for Towns. It’s close though.

Just for fun- KP 61.2 TS%, 25 Usage, 6.6 TOV%. Guys who’ve finished a season with 60+ TS, 25+ Usage and a TOV% below 7? Nobody. If you raise the TOV% to less than eight you get one year of Dirk, one of Kiki V, and Kawhi last year. As far as who I’d trade him for- Davis, Leonard, and maybe KAT (though KP has gotten off to a better start this season) that’s about it. And even those guys I’d have to think about it.

Great game. The Melo KP 1-2 is tough when they are both humming. We saw it in that Boston game where Melo got hurt last year.

Re: Isola…..he’s trying to stir the pot. If the Knicks are smart they don’t feed into this. They are both Knicks and should work to maximize each other’s strengths to win games

CP3 has been my favorite player the last 10 years. It would be a dream for him to come over here and play for the Knicks. A shame it will never happen.

Man if the Knicks could figure out a way to get their hands on a guy like Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz this franchise would be set. I do think that the Knicks will have a shot at Terrance Ferguson though. He can really shoot it and he’s over in Australia dunking on and posting up grown ass men. He could gain another 15-20 pounds but he’s only 18 right now.

The Knicks had a good win tonight. KPs dominance was evened out with Lee’s uncharacteristically bad shooting so if things regress to the median we still win this game. D Rose can’t shoot but he has some use. Tonight was encouraging; I never felt the Knicks would lose.

If the Knicks find a way to pull out 45+ wins (and I think they’ll push 50 when it’s all said and done), they should absolutely dump D Rose and go all out to land George Hill. Rose is a shell of himself and that hurts me to see because we really could have used a more efficient version of what Derrick Rose is. His play is holding us back and I hope we do everything we can to upgrade from him if he doesn’t prove all the doubters wrong. One thing is that he’s a plus rebounder for the position. If he figures the lay up thing out he would be worlds better. Right now he’s “Tony Wroten: The Max Contract.”

Y’all were manning the lifeboats at 3-6. Capn DRed said steady on boys, beat the Mavs and were 4-6 and that not bad with our schedule. Then we beat a decent Pistons team by 3 at home and now we’re winning 50? Can we not do these huge mood swings every game or two?

It was always my belief that the Knicks could win a lot of games behind KP, Noah, and a great defense. The defense hasn’t been there but I have faith. I can’t coward out of my preseason prediction for the Knicks; I think I had them around 48 wins with close to half of those wins being produced by Noah and KP.

Have to admit that the defense has been significantly better recently, coinciding with Rambis taking it over. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the competition but I thought the D looked quite good tonight.

Anyone want to make a point about we’ve played well while there’s been no Lance Thomas. Just saying…Holliday, N’dour, Cheese have gotten his minutes and they’ve give us more with them.

If they can get out of the first 20 games near .500 then I’ll feel comfortable about my 45 win prediction.

If the Knicks win tomorrow I’m changing my name from “The Knicks Should Tank” to “Lance Thomas Should Never Play.”

Yeah, Holiday and to a lesser extent Kuz have earned all of Lance’s minutes.

Let’s hope Lance gets healthy and can get just enough court time to maybe allow the Knicks to dump him on some team.

That Phil ESPN interview, it was also mentioned that he has regular dinner with Melo. Surely they talk about other things than his activism..

This win nearly got snatched..

I hope the Knicks do well tomorrow. After that the schedule is quite tough, Atlanta, Portland, Charlotte twice and OKC. All 5 teams are 7 and 5 or better.

Yikes – we could go from 5-6 to 6-11 really fast. 8-12 would be a good start, though, given all the new players, coach, pre-season issues, etc.

OKC seems like they’re falling apart — 4 straight losses. I think they probably end up in the mid to upper 30s in terms of wins. There’s just no talent around RWB. Steven Adams is pretty good, but who after that is even a starter on any of like the top 10 teams in the league? Oladipo is a competent player, but hardly someone to get excited about.

Portland has also is not a very good team.

We just barely scratched by a mediocre team on the back of a fantastic game from Porzingis and beat Dallas, which without Deron and Dirk is one of the worst two or three teams in the league. This is certainly improvement from the first 9 games, but it’s hardly a revelation.

I’d also remind people that KP had an incredible streak early last season as well and then ran out of gas by like midway through the year. I am incredibly excited by how well he’s been playing, but I’m far from convinced that this team is playoff-bound.

f the Knicks find a way to pull out 45+ wins (and I think they’ll push 50 when it’s all said and done), they should absolutely dump D Rose and go all out to land George Hill.

Don’t get me wrong, Hill is awesome, but here’s another guy I’d really like to see who’s name I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned even once on this board: Jrue Holiday. Real solid PG who’s still only 26 so a four year deal would bring us through his prime. He also would be pretty easy to lure away from NO unless they somehow right the ship this year. Plus, we’d get to re-unite the Holiday bros.

It was a 3-point victory, but it felt and looked as the though the Knicks had complete control.

Great ball and body movement on offense created consistently good opportunities, while the defense basically forced Detroit to stay in the game from midrange.

Rose and or Jennings eventually have to start making some shots if the Knicks are going to win upper 40s, but this is an entirely different team aesthetically than the one from the first three weeks.

KP success is also much different than the start of last year, in terms of where and how he’s used, and the kind of shots he’s making.

61TS with a sub 8 percent TO ratio is probably not sustainable, but he’s made the jump, and in a way that should exceed everyone’s expectations. He’s Dirk with 9-6 standing reach and the dexterity of a small forward with a greater appetite for 3-pointers.

He’s the best player Melo has played with, and you’re seeing how KP along with penetrating guards are changing Melo’s shot distribution and efficiency.

I think the Knicks win last night is the start of something. It was so evident in the team’s activity level and body language. They are getting comfortable and finding roles, and there are lot of attack options.

By the end of the month the stretch of Atlanta, Charlotte, Portland and OKC will not seem as formidable.

The Knicks can be in that group of teams…as long as the guards start making shots, nothing outrageous, mind you. Just closer to average.

Don’t get me wrong, Hill is awesome, but here’s another guy I’d really like to see who’s name I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned even once on this board: Jrue Holiday. Real solid PG who’s still only 26 so a four year deal would bring us through his prime. He also would be pretty easy to lure away from NO unless they somehow right the ship this year. Plus, we’d get to re-unite the Holiday bros.

Holiday would definitely be an improvement over Rose and Jennings. He’s not all that good, but he would be an improvement. And you’re right that he shouldn’t be too hard to sway, considering his brother is already here.

I’m happy with the win but am not going to swoon over it. A loss would have been terrible and it almost came to be. The Knicks are playing better, but there’s room for improvement.

The defense was better but not good. Courtney Lee had an awful game 2-12 from the field and Caldwell-Pope kept finding shots off of screens. The all-subs lineup looked awful. I winced as soon as Hornacek put them on the floor together and watched Detroit score 6 quick points. Fortunately, coach woke up and put KP in the game and he took over. Noah’s shooting kept him out of the lineup to close the game. He can score on pick and rolls but his foul shooting was dreadful. Rose had a decent game but was 0-2 from beyond the arc, lowering his 3pt% to 21.4. He’s never been great from there (career 30.1%) but this is dreadful. I think he’s just starting to get into game shape.

Let’s not lose sight of O’Quinn and Holiday. We should expect 25+ from KP but what O’Q and JH have been providing has been awesome. They both have a 2-way game. I just hope they stay motivated.

Tonight there’s another winable game. Without Beal, the Wizards are a mess. Rose on Wall is the matchup to focus on. Can Rose contain Wall? This is a game that last year, no matter what the Wizards record, I would have counted as a loss. Wall made Calderon look like a statue. If Rose can stay in front of Wall we have a good chance of winning. And we get a Morris brother on back-to-back nights. I would love to see the texts between the two brothers. I bet the phrase “unicorn” gets tossed around.

With luck, we hit the .500 mark and have four very tough games. If we go 2-2 I’ll be happy. I just hope it’s not 0-4, but that’s possible.

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