2016-17 Game Thread: Knicks @ Raptors

During the early to mid-1990s, the Knicks were a whole lot of fun to watch because they were such a good team that every night they had a really good chance of winning. The NBA is one of those leagues where the better team almost always wins (that’s why the gambling is about the point spread, not the who will win) and the Knicks were as good as anyone. That was a lot of fun – a consistent good team is awesome.

These Knicks, however, are more like a mediocre team. Mediocre teams win their fair share of games, don’t get me wrong. A player gets hot, someone surprises, stuff like that. So they’ll look great one night and awful another night. It is not as fun to watch and I think building a mediocre team is a bad idea. However, on a pure case of “What does this mean for Brian’s chances of enjoying the basketball game tonight?”, mediocre teams are better than awful teams because mediocre teams will give you the occasional amazing game. Remember David Lee’s last second game-winning tip in? Jamal Crawford’s 52 point game? Mediocre teams can give you some great moments.

In other words, don’t count the Knicks out tonight against a good Toronto team in Toronto. Toronto is also on the second half of a back-to-back (they played a tough game against Charlotte last night – they won). DeMar DeRozan is red hot, but I still like the Knicks’ chances tonight.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Norman Powell was a guy I liked as a second round pick for the Knicks a few years ago. We wound up with Hernangomez in the second round of that draft, so it worked out okay. Powell has turned out to be a nice 3-and-D guy though.

The Raps are getting sudden, out-of-nowhere good play from Bebe Noguiera, which really adds to their depth. Terrence Ross, Cory Joseph, Noguiera and Demarre Carroll are all available to them off the bench, as well as the rookie big Jakob Poeltl (taken with the Bargs pick). They also have the craptastic Patrick Patterson who plays a lot of minutes for them for some reason.

I’m kind of exaggerating about Patterson, who is not really such a bad player. The Raps are DEEP.

Given that this is a Knicks game, I’m suspecting the answer to the Trivia question is Jose Calderon.

his defense is lazier on average this year. that last foul wasn’t even a real attempt to contest the shot, it was window dressing.

Yeah, I’m really not sure where the motor has gone this year. Could it be something to do with Lopez’s absence (his boxing out, rim protection, etc.?)

KP with 3 fouls in the 1st half again, tonight with over 8 mins left in the 2nd quarter.

KOQ gets too much hate he’s been like the 2nd-3rd most productive player on this team seven games in lol

melo just set the record for farthest distance away while feigning to jump and block a shot

That sequence from KOQ is probably what has led to his inconsistent playing time throughout his career

Jennings is a pretty good playmaker sometimes, it’s a shame he insists on the whole shooting thing

Lucas Nogueira? That guy was just a theoretical abstract concept for years right? He actually looked pretty decent.

Didn’t Rose have a ton of time where the only basketball related thing he could do was practice shooting? I don’t get it, he’s actually gotten worse.

I feel like once you have twenty years of basketball under your belt your shooting form and mechanics are usually pretty set with a few exceptions

Seems as if that’s the case with Rose. He’s shooting well in spite of that, though.

where is the new world beating DeRozan

Hopefully nowhere to be seen the rest of this game!!

Rose may be one of the reasons Anthony isn’t being double teamed. And Anthony being is guarded by Powell, and is doing very well as a result.

Say what you want about Melo but he has his moments where he’s real fun to watch.

Yep! I meant to mention “Melo with an ax to grind” as another reason why I liked the Knicks’ chances tonight. 🙂

The problem with Rose’s turnovers is they’re usually live ball turnovers that lead to easy fast break points.

fact: every opposing announcer so far this year has for someone reason called kuzminskas a great shooter

KP is killing my fantasy team. When he plays, very efficient t contributor. But he has to be on the floor…

Much like a jump shot that needs more arc, Rebecca Haarlow’s voice could use some more inflection….

I can’t believe Kuzminskas is 27

Holliday shoots it every time he touches the ball.

It’d be one thing if he was a good shooter, but yeah, it’s annoying.

Is it me or does Melo’s guy drain a jay right after every Melo basket

It really does seem like it.

Problem with putting Melo on the worst perimeter player is he treats him like a scrub from the YMCA and doesn’t bother staying close to him which leads to his man always being wide open.

Suddenly Rose is 6-13. It’s like that every freakin’ game. He is shooting, like, 4-6 and then bam, it’s 6-13. Uncanny.

Kuz is always frozen out of the offense it seems like

Knicks killing th O boards.

But their D is atrocious. Raptors 53% shooting and more than twice as many free throws.

DeRozan is like a living heat check. When he hits his moronic shots, he looks amazing. When he doesn’t, well, he doesn’t.

Honestly, I’m impressed by how well they responded to the Raptors going up. They battled back. Good for them!

The upside of Porzingis’ foul trouble is that he’s out there now against a weak Toronto lineup and he is feasting!

This Raptors lineup is not even that good, but they’re just killing so much time off of the clock until the good lineup comes in.

I think O’Quinn has a neural implant that makes a loud beeping noise every time his name is mentioned on this website which distracts him into making a bad play.

Maybe if we don’t mention him at all he’ll play well all the time

brandon jennings should not be allowed to cut when KOQ has the ball. it is just too tempting for him.

Thank goodness that Lowry is not on tonight. That alone is practically keeping the Knicks in it.

Ok..I just got home and turned the game on then checked the box score…looks like D Rose is having one of those games Jowles predicted…wtf

Is it just me or are our Raptors games always close

KP has 19 pts on 14 shots but it feels like an okay Keith Van Horn game

Ha! That’s so spot on. Van Horn was a good player here, but yeah.

The 1 frickin time Hairline Derozan takes a 3…

At least he didn’t draw KP into the foul. I’d feel worse if DeRozan did it on purpose (you know, fake taking a three to try to get KP to foul him).

What’s that? Derozan’s maybe 2nd 3 this season? Gotta admit..He’s killin the league off of 2 pointers. Maybe he would be a good fit for the triangle offense after all lol

DeRozan just irks the heck out of me. His game is so stupid. It’s all isolation two-pointers. It’s like it is 1996 all over again and I’m watching, like, Jerry Stackhouse or Kendall Gill play.

Why is Melo the only one trying to milk KP in the post. What in the world is Rose and Lee doing going away from it?

DeRozan just irks the heck out of me. His game is so stupid. It’s all isolation two-pointers. It’s like it is 1996 all over again and I’m watching, like, Jerry Stackhouse or Kendall Gill play.

Ha! Good point

They should be running the offense through KP all game. Let him make a pass off the block or put it down.

That’s the correct call (another poor decision by KP), but thank goodness he missed the free throw.

That was a terrible job by the Knicks to give up that board. Ugh. I’m surprised Casey called timeout there.

So first Melo tries one on one then rose, both rejected because everyone in the house knew what they would do.
Meanwhile you have an unblockable 7’3 guy and he’s spectating

Nogueira singled handedly winning the raptors the game

That was a tough call (I’d give him the continuation, but it’s close). But what a terrible play by Holliday

Nogueira was very good last year in limited minutes

I want to apologize to Charlie Ward and Chris Childs for all the times I ripped them back in the day. I’d kill to have them right now defending opposing pg’s.

How did he get a layup with two defenders on him?

Holliday was trying to foul him but horribly didn’t stop him from getting the shot off.

Ron Baker needs to develop fast because he is the only 2 guard with the strength to defend big 2s.

How many ft a teams average against us? Boston 43 va 17 against us, and today 34 TOR vs 18 us. This is getting frustrating.

Just blow it up now. This is the top this team can do. Be competitive against a good opponent once a week.

My wife asked why they were calling them the Huskies and I Explained it was the 50th anniversary of the first game in Canada and then I realized, shit, it was actually the seventieth anniversary. I remember watching the 50th anniversary back in 1996. That was 20 years ago. Yikes, time flies.

How many ft a teams average against us? Boston 43 va 17 against us, and today 34 TOR vs 18 us. This is getting frustrating.

The Knick guards allow opponents to get to the basket whenever they want, so of course they’re going to get fouled a lot. Meanwhile, the Knick shoot jumpers and don’t drive, so they are not going to get fouled a lot.

Now had 18 rebs. Wow

Rose with 21 pts on 20 shots. Wow. Smh

Also, I like how Rambis is waiting for the next Raptors game to go back to the zone.

Rose’s inability to hit threes, get to the line, or defend half competently severely limits the extent to which his “good” games are actually good.

Except that’s not where the fouls seem to be coming from. It’s the stupid and unsound defense where we reach every time. If the Knicks stop reaching the fouls will be cut in half.

115 on Friday. 118 tonight. Rambis might want to work on getting the score of the other team to decrease next time.

Except that’s not where the fouls seem to be coming from. It’s the stupid and unsound defense where we reach every time. If the Knicks stop reaching the fouls will be cut in half.

They also are bad defenders in general, so they make dumb fouls, but “they let other teams drive and they don’t drive” is a basic recipe for FT disparity.

Reminder that this is not a playoff team and that Lonzo Ball is really good

This is a playoff team. We have stars everywhere. Lebron/Wade and Bosh took time to become cohesive too.

1. KP is not playing good defense.
2. Melo refuses to rotate when the Knicks trap the PNR, unless you count rotating his arm at a safe distance
3. Rose is terrible against any screen and in transition.
4. Lee is solid in the way that Thomas is solid; he stays in front but never ever disrupts a play.

This adds up to bad defense. I think Noah’s D has been as advertised.

Brian, I understand that, but still. Between Boston and Toronto they shot 81 ft vs 33 of NY. I don’t like how the refs are calling it. We get hit most of the time we don’t get calls.
When Toronto or others teams gets it. The 3 point play of DeRozan was bogus. It shouldn’t have been continuation when he was hit before he was going to shoot.

Jokic and Nurkic are struggling to play together but somehow that has ended up in Jokic playing only 23 mpg and today he is coming off the bench. That seems wrong.

Coming soon:


It’s frustrating because we’ve seen some great stretches on offense that points to this potentially being a solid 45 win team but just no way they sniff the playoffs with this defense.

I not sure our Defense will ever be great, but I do think we will get better. The team is almost all new. Good teams take experience to get better together.

When’s the last time the Knicks had a guy who got a good whistle? Rose is at the rim all game and he gets 2 free throws while DeRozen basically playing Melo ball gets 13. Still, the game was lost because Rose and KP were clueless guarding the pnr late- expect every team to single those two out until they figure out how to stop it. Melo compounds things with poor rotations but man, it seems like KP gets himself out of position on almost every play.

the truth is that our roster plays together [thanks to the famous trial] not even 1 month so…let’s not shoot them yet.
I like many things that i’m seeing till now [especialy DRose’s easy drive buckets & KP’s smooth jumpers] but i also crave for a few changes like avoiding: foolish fouls, 3s from bad shooters, units w/o scorers/defenders…
let’s hope for the best

Rose, Melo and Porzingis have all played pretty poor defense most of the time. Lee is okay at staying with his man and closing out on shooters, but as somebody mentioned above, he rarely disrupts a play. Noah is still a good defender but he is not getting a lot of help. The bench players are all mediocre defenders at best.

Against teams that have speedy wings who are scoring threats, AKA most teams in the NBA, the Knicks are in trouble.

reub: This is a playoff team. We have stars everywhere. Lebron/Wade and Bosh took time to become cohesive too.

Heat average win margin in their mediocre 9-8 start to the 10/11 season: +5.9

Knicks average win margin in these first 9 games: -7.9

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