Cavs 117 Knicks 88

I had a change of heart last night right before tip-off. I decided to put my rational thoughts aside and buy some Knicks-colored glasses. My new outlook on life seemed perfect as the Knicks were only down by 3 at the half. And then the second half started.


Porzingis: With 16 points on 13 shots and a couple of blocks. Yes the defensive scheme in the second half left him on an island, but he played pretty well. Slow and steady progress…


Rose: I’ll take 17 points on 17 shots from Rose, although can we cut down on those 4 turnovers and get a few more dimes? Some passable defense was played as well.

Anthony: He shouldn’t be rusty, given that he just played in the Olympics. Four turnovers, and five silly fouls. C’mon Melo!


Checkers: I have to give him a thumbs up simply for not grinding Noah and Melo into the ground. Melo played 30 minutes, and Noah 19. For years I’ve been hoping for a coach that didn’t play every game as if it were Game 7. But Hornacek’s offense and defense was inconsistent throughout the game. Since it’s game 1, we’ll chalk it up to the newness. Come December, this won’t fly.

The Deep Bench: Baker, Hernangomez, and Kuz played well, albeit almost all in garbage time. If this season gets ugly, I want to see more of them. Heck with that, I want to see more of them now!


The Near Bench: Lance, Jennings, and Holiday were a combined 4-18. Part of this goes to the coach, who seemed to put them all out there at once without a scorer. Maybe Baker should be on this line as it seems he can help with scoring?

Courtney Lee: Maybe next game he’ll score a point. It was that bad.

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Porzingis looked good, which was the most important thing!

Eh, he missed some makeable shots and was 50 % for his free throws.

Eh, he missed some makeable shots and was 50 % for his free throws.

He didn’t look amazing, but he looked good. He just started his second season, ya know?

Lebrons still the best player in the NBA when he’s locked in, curry or no

At least we’ll get a high draft pick this year for sucking. That’s progress at least.

As bad as they played tonight, I don’t think that this is the new normal for them this season. Guys will have good days on the same night and they’ll probably still improve on last season.

Mike I’m not a nerd who reads nerd books so I have no idea what you’re referencing

You should check them out. As my father said, once you’ve got a task to do, better to do it than live with the fear of it.

San Antonio looking slick and leading GS by 11

Let’s see how we play Saturday. If we play well and win, this game will be long forgotten.

And it is possible that we underappreciate LeBron, he’s probably the best passer in the NBA in addition to his other absurd skills.

i kinda get why we played bad… the offense broke down a lot and we were playing very basic sets…. but i’m not sure if we generated any quality looks that weren’t a mid range jumper that was heavily contested half the time…

rose did some nice things… but it just got overwhelmed by all the bad decisions he made which is going to be the theme of the season… it’s one game but aside from kp hitting a few 3s there wasn’t anything encouraging out of this game…

I remember when Jon Simmons killed us at summer league a few years ago. Wow did he develop under the goat POP

Turnovers and fouls are fixable issues. Derrick Rose gets to the rim like nobody’s business but he slows himself down to not explode too hard. It’s affecting his efficiency at the rim and I wish there were a viable solution going forward.

Noah’s 6 boards and 3 assists in 19 minutes were excellent, but KP’s 7 boards in 30+ minutes were lackluster. I need more rebounds and more assists.

We should beat the Grizzlies. Tonight doesn’t worry me, and if we do suck this season we have draft picks.

It’s hard for KP to rebound when he’s out defending the three point line and hanging out at the three point line on offense

His rebounding numbers will probably stay the same or be less this year, I think.

And yet the Spurs are still managing to slice through them on D

But yeah, these looks GS have been getting on offense are bonkers

Jonathan Simmons showing Curry & Klay how it’s done

Anyone else like that brief backcourt of rose and Jennings …. Lee as 6th man works for me

I’m a nerd who reads nerd books, but I didn’t get the reference, either.

Check out the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. And then the 4 books he wrote after. Excellent stuff.

Joe Abercrombie is a fun writer.

This halftime score is almost as shocking to me as the time the warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals

Thanks for the write-up, Mike. For the good, you should have mentioned Holiday, he did well…certainly Jerian Grant-level well.

Last time the Knicks lost their 1st game of the season by 29 pts they won 48 games!!

I thought that Rose, KP, Noah, Holiday, Kuz, and Baker played well.

Willy showed promise.

Melo, Lee, BJ and Lance were underwhelming. O’Quinn was good and bad.

Sasha looked quite thin.

popovich is the greatest coach ever… and kawhi leonard is the latest reason why….

Would it make a little more sense to have KP defending the rim on defense instead of spending his time on the perimeter?

I’m thinking KP, Melo, Holiday, Rose and Lee as an example of a nice small ball lineup.

Wow! Craig Sager spent 85 consecutive days in the hospital getting a transplant. God bless this man!

It was pretty incoherent play by the Knicks on both sides of the ball for most of the game. They hung around in the first half because Cleveland missed what literally must have been ten wide open threes.

It’s kind of a tough hand Hornacek has been dealt here. He has a mandate to play the Triangle but he also has like ten new players on the roster, many of whom don’t have a lot of NBA experience. The two main offseason acquisitions missed most of the preseason because of injuries/personal reasons, and the Knicks just look way behind on both sides of the ball. They look like they’re still in the preseason.

It sucks we got waxed by the champs on the road, but the Warriors are currently down 23 at home with 5 minutes to go.

Ooooffftt. Don’t think I will be watching the replay of this one when I get home. Pretty standard stuff though for us to get creamed in the opening game of the season.

NBA stitched us up pretty bad though. Scheduling the Knicks to play the Cavs the night they raise the banner and get their rings? C’mon now.

@21 Yeah, I remember thinking that Simmons looked really good in that preseason game too. I guess he got even better since then! Tonight was a lousy performance but predictable. The Cavs are the defending champs for a reason, Lebron is still Lebron, and the Knicks starting 5 had like 11 minutes to practice together before tonight. Rose can get to the rim, it would be better if he could finish better when he gets there. Also as the PG, passing and running the offense once in a while should be required. KP needs to post up a little more on offense and use his ridiculous length instead of settling all the time. Not a good game for Lee, but I think he’ll be ok. Holiday had a few good minutes out there.

I think they were so pumped about Love playing well that they left him in at the end just to see if they could inflate his numbers. Always good for them to get him happy.

1. When the Cavaliers come to play, the Knicks cannot hang for 48 minutes. Also true for the Warriors and Spurs. There is no shame in that.

2. Knicks have 2 PGs that are incompatible with a Triangle-based offense. In Chicago & LA, the ball dominant guards were not PGs.

3. I am excited to see what Porzingis does this season.

4. I hope Courtney Lee is better than what showed last night.

Derrick Rose gets to the rim like nobody’s business but he slows himself down to not explode too hard. It’s affecting his efficiency at the rim and I wish there were a viable solution going forward.

There is a viable solution. He can look to do this a little more often rather than putting up shots all the time:

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