Knicks Morning News (2016.08.24)

  • [ESPN] Boeheim says Melo 'unlikely to win an NBA title'
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 7:03:26 PM)

    Boeheim says Melo 'unlikely to win an NBA title'

  • [ESPN] Tattoo artist inks USA's Anthony
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 1:24:10 PM)

    Tattoo artist inks USA's Anthony

  • [ESPN] Rose: No. 25 jersey is a 'new step' with Knicks
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 1:12:46 PM)

    Rose: No. 25 jersey is a 'new step' with Knicks

  • [SNY Knicks] Jim Boeheim says Melo ‘wants to win in New York’ but is ‘unlikely to win a title’
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 4:49:30 PM)

    Having just come off celebrating a gold medal with his former star, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says he doesn’t think Carmelo Anthony will ever win that elusive NBA title.

  • [SNY Knicks] Will Derrick Rose follow Melo the leader?
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 11:00:14 AM)

    Will Derrick Rose follow Carmelo Anthony’s lead and help the Knicks take the next step into the playoffs?

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose gang-rape accuser’s texts prove she’s lying: lawyers
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:53:00 PM)

    New Knick Derrick Rose has come out firing against the woman accusing him and two friends of gang-raping her.

  • [NYDN] Jim Boeheim says Carmelo Anthony ‘unlikely’ to win NBA title
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:25:16 PM)

    Even Carmelo Anthony’s former coach does not think he will win an NBA title.

  • [NYDN] Derrick Rose explains how No. 25 signifies how he’s matured
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:15:09 PM)

    Derrick Rose’s No. 1 will always signify his time in Chicago, a time when he could play recklessly, without a care.

  • [NYPost] Jim Boeheim: Don’t expect Carmelo to win NBA title
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:33:59 PM)

    Carmelo Anthony made history by winning his third Olympic gold medal, but his former college coach doesn’t believe he will repeat the feat in the NBA. “He’s unlikely to win an NBA title,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. “He’s never been on a team that even had a remote chance…

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose: ‘More mature’ point guard on loaded Knicks
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 10:27:43 AM)

    Derrick Rose is counting down the days to the start of training camp. The new Knicks point guard says he can’t wait to get started in his new home, with a revamped team and new stars around him. “I just love the group,” Rose, acquired by the Knicks in a mid-June trade, told The Vertical….

  • [NYPost] Derrick Rose goes ‘scorched earth’ on sexual assault accuser
    (Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:53:12 AM)

    Incoming Knicks point guard Derrick Rose has gone on the offensive against an ex-girlfriend accusing him of gang rape — calling her the “sexual aggressor” in the incident and asking a judge to fine her, according to new court documents. “Really scorched-earth legal tactics by the new team leader,” sports law expert Daniel Wallach noted…

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    Kevin Pelton dropped his projections for the season.

    13. New York Knicks
    Projected wins: 34.7

    The Knicks would certainly be disappointed if they improved just three wins after spending freely this summer, but RPM rates Derrick Rose (minus-2.3) as a replacement-level contributor at this point and is skeptical of New York’s weak bench.

    I know projection release season causes a bit of a stir every year but we should probably get used to seeing less than rosy numbers this year. The optimistic case for the Knicks largely relies on a couple not young guys reversing multi-year declines in their production. It could happen and we’ve listed all the reasons ad nauseum on this board, but no projection system is going to see it as likely. Out of curiosity (and because I’m not an insider) does Pelton provide any kind of variance estimate with his projections?

    and is skeptical of New York’s weak bench.

    The more I’ve crystallized my preseason thoughts on this Knicks team the more I keep coming back to this point. I like Jennings a lot, but he has his own injury concerns, and he could easily be the starting PG for long stretches here. Behind him is a lot of question marks. There really isn’t a single other guy on the roster with a solid history of being an NBA rotation player other than Sasha, and despite his good run towards the end of last season I find it hard to trust him. Lance needs to prove last year wasn’t a fluke. O’Quinn is going to be in his 5th NBA season and despite lots of fans believing in him (myself very much included) has never been able to convince a single coach to trust him (and he has had a few). After that it’s rookies and 15th-men types. Throwing a ton of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks may be a good way to find a couple nice bargains going forward, but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to result in overall productive bench play this season.


    I’m honestly not too concerned about Jennings staying on the floor. He didn’t miss games at all once he came back to the court last year, which is a positive sign and I thought both him and Wes Matthews, who also suffered an Achilles tear, looked much better athletically at the end of the season than they did when they initially got back.

    Noah and Rose are much bigger injury concerns for me.

    The biggest wild cards on this team for me are Kuz, Holiday, Ndour and Willy. If 2 of those can be good contributors off the bench that would be really nice.

    Kuz could be huge for us. His defense is gonna be a big key for the bench, can he or cant he

    I think it’s probably more fair to say that the Knicks bench contains a lot of uncertainty. Jennings and O’Quinn should be good backups, Thomas and Sasha have been good backups over a relatively small sample size, but after that it’s question marks.

    Just for shits & giggles, Imma sit this here
    In all seriousness, this is what all those who appreciate Melo’s game (mostly labeled Melo apologists) have been saying- myself included. The only weak spot in that argument is twice Melo has had good to great players at the 1 in AI & Billups. But the rebuttal to that would be, even those teams were poorly built to support and mesh with a player like Melo well enough to get past the LAL and SAS powerhouses back then.

    Oh..and Kwame *chuckle* Brown *chuckle chuckle* is attempting *choke sounding chuckle* a comeback *hysterical laughter*

    Kuz could be huge for us. His defense is gonna be a big key for the bench, can he or cant he

    If Kuz gets burn over Lance Thomas, then it’s likely that the season has gone sideways. However, I am anxious to see what a second unit of OQ/Thomas/Kuz/Holliday/Jennings can do in spurts defensively and how well they run and space the floor. Even if Billy replaces OQ in that lineup, it does present some intrigue with his interior play and passing

    both were also in their 30s when Melo got them

    A big part of the reason why those teams were poorly built. I mean- let’s be honest. Back then you had to pretty much play a perfect game to beat LAL or SAS in a playoff series

    Kwame Brown made $62M over the course of his career. That’s more than Kyle Korver has made.

    (Kwame was also not as bad as some people would like you to believe. Not even close to the worst #1 overall pick.)

    (Kwame was also not as bad as some people would like you to believe. Not even close to the worst #1 overall pick.)

    I’m not gonna lie, Jowles. I always had hope for him defensively because for a guy that size- he was insanely mobile. He could have at least reached Robin Lopez status. I always wondered if Mike REALLY crushed his psyche. The younger generation by and large seems to come up in an environment where emotions are held in higher regard than fortitude. *shrugs*

    The younger generation by and large seems to come up in an environment where emotions are held in higher regard than fortitude. *shrugs*

    I agree. The rise in popularity of the ultra-violent MMA and the continued popularity of the public health menace known as organized American football seem to prove that we are coddling the nation’s youth. We need a return to traditional values.

    I just feel there’s too much an emphasis on talking to children with our words rather than instilling order and discipline and making them realize that we, the older generation, knows best.

    It’s only this generation that’s broken tradition with the past. Never before has an entire generation of Americans been so interested in their own feelings rather than investing in collective strength and fortitude and simply doing what’s right. Know what I’m sayin?

    (I don’t actually want to engage in this conversation, just wanted to answer with snark.)

    How about that RPM projection? Still don’t know what it means or how it comes to exist.

    I don’t know if it’s been discussed, but in the worst news since the Bargnani trade, Masai Ujiri and the Raptors have apparently been working on a contract extension. CBS Sports broke the story on August 12th. So what do we do after Phil? Does he piss in our coffee one last time and anoint Kurt Rambis his replacement? Does Allan Houston become GM of the Knicks and screw us over?

    Somebody in MSG needs to be telling Ujiri that he’ll get Phil’s contract if he comes to New York after his deal runs out in Toronto. There’s no way anybody will offer him $12M a year.

    phil’s tenure will be defined by this year for better or worse… if we do bad then hopefully dolan wises up and gets someone who understands the new landscape…. out of the maybe options i do like tim connelly on the nuggets….

    i think either way it will be houston….. dolan guy who’s worked internally for years now and can slide in whether or not phil does well or not….

    @13 – I’m avoiding most of what you said because it borders on political rhetoric and I’ll scream at the top of my lungs if our conversation ever crosses that line.

    @9 – Totes, I disagree about Kuz vs Lance. If Kuz gets PT over Lance it’s because he’s a step up from him.

    I intrigued about the thought of moving Lance to the 2 and having Kuz play the 3. A theoretical lineup of Willie, O’q, Kuz, Lance and BJ makes sense. It’s young and balanced. Willie sets a high screen, rolls to the hoop while BJ drives. If he draws a double he can either pass to O’q at the baseline or kick to Kuz and Lance on the perimeter.

    The range of possible outcomes for this team is as wide as any Knicks team that I can remember. On one hand, there are several players possibly in the rotation that have never played a minute in the NBA: Kuz, Willy, Ndour…or that have been replacement-level players recently: Sasha, Holiday, Lance, O’Quinn…or who have been very good at some point but are compromised by injury: Rose, Noah, Jennings…or who are likely very good but could regress: Melo, Porzingis, Lee. Then there are the D-League candidates who could but probably won’t make the rotation or even the roster: Plumlee, Baker, Randle.

    As such, predictions in the range of 30-45 wins can all be justified in one way or another, but none have much merit until we have more data….say, 2-3 preseason games. At this point, with all the uncertainty, any statistical model will logically go low…I mean, the most recent on-court data is mediocre to bad for key rotation players Melo, Porzingis, Rose, Noah, and Jennings, and there is no data at all for others. So I kinda see where RPM is coming from.

    Re: 2-3 preseason games, we should be able to tell a few things, like how far along Rose, Noah and Jennings are with health concerns, and whether Willy, Kuz and/or Ndour can play significant rotation minutes. Maybe one of the wild cards (Baker, Randle, Plumlee) shows something early on. And we can get an early handle on how much Porzingis has developed.

    More predictably, Melo looked healthy in Rio, so he’ll be fine. Lee is who he is. Sasha and Lance are likely fine for their roles. Holiday and O’Quinn are probably who they have been.

    But even then, it’s all temporary. Rose can play like an MVP and then blow out his knee after 20 games. Noah and Melo might come out of the gate strong and then wear down. Willy, Kuz and Ndour can all enjoy early success then revert to being duds once the league adjusts to them.

    The easiest way for the Knicks to improve their chances next year would be to recognize early on that Jennings is probably the best PG on the roster and give him the most minutes at the position

    But why would you say that before training camp? You’re accepting the narrative that Rose’s poor play last year is guaranteed to continue. It is at best an educated guess.

    A more reasoned approach would be: At the first sign that Rose is essentially who he was last year (statistically speaking) he should be put on notice that his role as a starter is not guaranteed. If he does not respond well, either via play or attitude, bench him, and then eventually release him or trade him to a contending team that is desperate for a stopgap PG (e.g. if Westbrook is out for 6-8 weeks due to injury).

    Also, Rose would not have to improve that much to surpass Jenning’s level of play last year. It is far from a certainty that Jennings will be the best PG on the roster.

    The biggest wild card for this team might be Jeff Hornacek. The lineups he uses and the way he distributes minutes could mean the biggest difference between winning 35 or 45 games.

    Also, Rose would not have to improve that much to surpass Jenning’s level of play last year. It is far from a certainty that Jennings will be the best PG on the roster.


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