Knicks Morning News (2016.04.16)

  • [New York Post] It won’t be busy Warriors keeping Luke Walton from Phil Jackson (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:19:41 -0400)

    If Knicks president Phil Jackson wanted to talk to Warriors stud assistant Luke Walton during their expected long playoff run, Golden State would not stand in the way, according to an NBA source. Golden State's position is that an assistant can interview for a head-coaching position "as long as it does not interfere with the…

  • [New York Times] After Devouring League, Warriors Remain Hungry (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:03:07 GMT)

    The Golden State Warriors broke a cherished record and have the N.B.A.’s likely M.V.P. That is not satisfying enough, however, for a franchise seeking its second consecutive championship.

  • [New York Times] 2016 N.B.A. Playoff Matchups (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 01:06:58 GMT)

    A look at the eight opening-round series, which all begin this weekend.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Denies Anti-Lin Bias on Fouls (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:28:31 GMT)

    The league responded to a fan-made video that highlighted hard fouls on Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin that were not ruled flagrant.

  • [New York Times] League Will Allow Ads on Jerseys and May Reassess All-Star Game Site (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:17:42 GMT)

    Commissioner Adam Silver said legislation in North Carolina regarding transgender people was problematic, but there was not currently any discussion among the owners to move the game from Charlotte.

  • [New York Times] Minus Two Stars, Memphis Staggers Into the Playoffs (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:52:51 GMT)

    Mike Conley is just one of several Grizzlies who are nursing injuries as Memphis prepares for its first-round playoff series against San Antonio.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Basketball: Lakers Coach Is Upbeat (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 03:48:45 GMT)

    Byron Scott said that he anticipated returning to the Los Angeles Lakers next season despite having presided over the two worst years in the history of the team.

  • [New York Times] Hornets C Jefferson Accepting, Embracing New Role as Backup (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 06:42:34 GMT)

    Al Jefferson was the focal point of the Charlotte Hornets’ offense when they faced the Miami Heat in the playoffs two years ago.

  • [New York Times] Warriors Turn Focus From Record 73 Wins to Title Repeat (Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:42:40 GMT)

    Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors had their chance to celebrate their record-setting regular season before turning their focus to even bigger goals.

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    Huh, I didn’t even notice when it happened, but Porzingis missed out on the last three Eastern Conference Rookies of the Month after winning the first three. I think most people here would be hard-pressed to name the three different rookies who respectively won the February, March and April Eastern Rookie of the Month.

    Very crazy.

    So Towns light to win ROY unanimously, but who joins Towns and KP on the all-rookie first team, and who’s on the second? Do the rules allow Jokic to be on same team as the other two?

    It’s hard to argue for Porzingis over Jokic based on this season, to be honest. I’d put Winslow on there. PG is tough

    Eh well based on the numbers porzingis had a more productive/better season than jokic. Also, Winslow actually had a poor season and wasn’t even the best rookie on his respective squad. Jury’s still out if he will be an NBA starter.

    Winslow is a beast on defense, that still counts right?
    As a rookie he has been put on some of the best wing players in the league, and has fared more than ok.
    I think he will be a solid NBA starter for years to come.

    Eh well based on the numbers porzingis had a more productive/better season than jokic.

    Jokic put up some fairly solid numbers

    Jokic put up a 16/12/4 line per 36 with a 58 TS%. Those are more than solid numbers for a 21 year old.

    Eh well based on the numbers porzingis had a more productive/better season than jokic. Also, Winslow actually had a poor season and wasn’t even the best rookie on his respective squad. Jury’s still out if he will be an NBA starter.

    do you even nba?

    Phil’s minister of information Charley Rosen is at the podium again. Fear not Knickerbloggers, because NBA teams are currently committing suicide by the hundreds and will soon leave us with all 60 picks in the draft. The angry NYC media just can’t see that Phil has miraculously orchestrated a incredible 17 win improvement from a 15 win team that he totally had nothing at all to do with or thought would make the the playoffs. Also, nice call in your first-ever blog post last year! At least the title worked.

    I would trade Porzingis for Jokic straight-up

    (whoops sorry)

    I wouldn’t. but, in hindsight, would you have traded our pick for denver’s two, and taken Mudiay and Jokic?

    What are the chances that Frank Vogel’s Pacers beat Dwyane Casey’s Raptors and ownership fires Casey and Ujiri? I think Paul George, George Hill, Ty Lawson, Myles Turner, and CJ Miles have a really good chance to knock off the Raptors.

    Not sure if they’d fire Ujiri in that case, but they’d definitely fire Casey. The Pacers matchup pretty well with Toronto, so there’s a decent chance it happens

    This may sound silly with the Pacers leading game 1 on the road, but I think the Raptors win this series handily.

    The Raptors cannot win this series if Lowry and DeRozan go 7 for 30 midway through the fourth quarter

    The only reason I need Ujiri and Casey fired is so we can hire Ujiri and fire Phil Jackson. Our best shot at accomplishing that is if Toronto not only loses, but gets embarrassed against the Pacers. I think Hill and George are gonna make it extremely difficult for DeRozan and Lowry all series

    Gotta love Charley Rosen’s defense of Phil in his latest article including this at the end:

    “Ah, but there’s another reason why so many among the New York media are always ready and willing to dump on Jackson: their foolish loyalty to another Knicks coach. That would be the long-departed, power-playing Jeff Van Gundy.”

    Checking in from Florence, It. to say please leave Phil Jackson alone as be is doing a fine job. Ciao!

    hahahaha, Curry deep three followed by a Josh Smith three

    let’s see how long they successfully trade buckets

    it makes no sense to me that PatBev wasn’t the point guard on the 90s Knicks

    Livingston and Bogut on back-to-back blocks, but then a brick from Barnes on the 3-pt attempt.

    Was about to rethink my “give those three up for Durant” attitude. Good thing Barnes came through with the miss.

    So many things the raptors did wrong today. Dwayne Casey is just overmatched. Maybe that is Masai’s fault? Idk

    Like why are you gonna have your offensive workhorse Demar guard Paul George. Put Powell on him

    Play Corey Joseph more. Don’t play Terrance Ross.

    Playing lineups that don’t have either Demar or Lowry.

    So many silly things

    I think I just heard the announcer say something like “good defense by Hardaway”! Did I hear clearly? Was it an aberración?


    Eh, I’m annoyed but not that bothered by it. The Hawks nailed him to the bench until he gave a shit about playing defense. I looked up his 2016 gamelog. He played in only four games before the All-Star break. In fact, he sat the first 15 games, played spot minutes in four games, then sat the next 16 games.

    That would have never happened in New York. He’d still be chucking away if he stayed.

    The reasoning behind the Jerian Grant trade was a good one and I stand by it. You can’t control trade outcomes.


    Oh, I agree. Give credit to the Hawks for turning a worthless player into a mediocre one (which is actually quite the upgrade). I’m more annoyed by the Knicks’ seeming inability to develop players.

    Instead of squabbling over miserable spawn of Tim Hardaway, we should relax and enjoy the sound of the massholes and all the basketball nerd Brad Stevens fanbois shutting the fuck up.

    I’ve really developed a healthy hatred for Brad Stevens in the last year. It sure would be nice to have a good Knicks team to root for against the Celtics again.

    It’s mostly Boston and the lamestream media. I have nothing against the guy as a person or a coach.

    There are smart basketball people out there who think he’s done a great job of turning Evan Turner into a good player. He still stinks, he’s just in his physical prime and he’s on a winning team.

    Make sure to talk all playoffs long about how Chris Paul has no chance of succeeding this year. You owe it to him to use your powers for good.

    I think Brad Stevens is a very good coach, but yeah, for the amount of hype he gets, he’d have to be as good as Pop to be worthy of the hype.

    Wrong Cronin, Brad Stevens is the best coach in NBA history, and the Celts are gonna sweep these losers.

    Regarding Charley Rosen’s hack job from earlier, I actually thought it was relatively tame. Outside of the bizarre Van Gundy nonsense at the end (and you have to love the whole “I’ll talk about that another time” BS), it was just a fairly routine defense. A very stupid, fairly routine defense, but a fairly routine defense nevertheless. I love the idiotic notion of crediting Jackson for adding 15 wins to the team from last year like that’s a big deal. If you credit him for that, then you have to blame him for losing 20 wins from the 2013-14 team to the 2014-15 team. It’s just not a smart piece of arguing.

    The thing is, adding 15 wins isn’t really that hard-like I said last year, all we needed to do was replace the guys who were terrible with guys who weren’t terrible. Afflalo, who I didn’t want us to sign, and fervently hope leaves and never comes back actually made us better this season. It was a low bar.

    But at the same time, plenty of really bad teams don’t figure that out. So Phil should get some credit. What I didn’t like about the apologia was the blaming the bad post 22-22 performance on schedule, injuries and regression. All those certainly played a part, but if that’s the case, why did you fire the coach? If it’s not at least partly Rambis’ fault we were so much worse in the second half then why did you hold Fisher responsible?

    He didn’t even really try with the 22-22 thing, because come on, if you asked Charley Rosen when they were 22-22, how many games they’d end up winning that year, does anyone seriously think he’d say “10 more.” That was some ex post facto BS.

    Rooting against the Celtics 2016 >>>>>>>> Rooting for the Knicks 2014-16

    Which is to say, god I hate the Celitcs.

    But Brad Stevens is adorable

    Welcome to the Knicks, Evan! And at the bargain price of $16 million a year!

    He would have been 5-13 with some triangle magic and then Boston would have won.


    I don’t watch much NBA basketball on TV these days, so forgive me, but what the hell is this farmer dating service and why on earth does it advertise during NBA games? Does it exist simply to be ironic? (If so, that’s some pretty expensive irreverent humor.)

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