David Blatt among available coaches who interest Knicks, sources say

Chris Broussard and Ian Begley report:

New York Knicks interim coach Kurt Rambis continues to get strong consideration to become the team’s full-time coach, but team president Phil Jackson does intend to speak to other available candidates, according to league sources.

Sources told on Monday that former Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt is among the names who interest the Knicks.

This is where we are as Knick fans. We are legitimately excited when there are reports saying that the Knicks will interview other coaches, while wanting to keep their terrible current head coach.

But hey, I’ll sure as heck take that over these reports not being out there.

And really, I think this is such an easy call for Phil Jackson.

Best case scenario, things go well, and the Knicks win more games next season and maybe even make the playoffs.
Worst case scenario, things go the hell and Jackson can blame Blatt.

I would say that this would also open up a scenario where Melo blanches at the idea of the Knicks hiring Blatt and then insists on being traded, but, come on, Melo isn’t going anywhere. We all know that. The only question with regards to Melo and the Knicks is what his next contract as a Knick will look like.

I’m all in on Team Thibs (since Van Gundy is never coming back so long as Dolan is owner), but I can more than live with David Blatt. Then again, there are few options out there worse than rehiring their current terrible head coach (I’d even be willing to give Brian Shaw a chance at this point) – of course, the most likely option remains doing just that, as the ridiculous “continuity is important” narrative is now getting pushed by the team, because what we all know is that when you have a terrible team with mostly veterans on it, the most important thing is to not change as many things as possible.

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The pro-Rambis rhetoric is among the weakest I have ever read. It doesn’t even quite rise to “damning with faint praise.” It effectively amounts to (1) he’s not the worst of all imaginable choices, and (2) he’s a Phil surrogate.

Number 1 is unfalsifiable, so it’s just sophistry. As for number 2, Rambis is bad NOW in every conceivable way, and how much more of a Phil surrogate can he possibly be? He is particularly awful in the areas where Phil can’t help without being on the bench (in-game rotations/matchups and out-of-bounds play design). The thing with Grant is especially infuriating (that’s on him and Fish). Even while he struggled, we saw ample indicators that his current stretch of good play was at least even odds. In no universe should it have even been plausible for him to be yanked after every mistake, while Aflallo and Vujecic were allowed to be consistently terrible at rotations and most other basketball-related things, ensuring that NY would have the NBA’s worst backcourt.

Most of us would love Thibs after a year off to marinate in the knowledge that he bludgeoned his own core half-to-death in CHI. But, Phil’s made it clear that he and his nemesis Pat Riley value loyalty above all. I think Thibs would be a bridge too far. Blatt I could live with. I think Phil has kinda signaled that he’s okay with people from that San Antonio tree. I’d cape for Becky Hammond. But I won’t be surprised if Mike Brown gets a jingle.

What about that Italian dude on the spurs staff? Is he in line to take over when Pop leaves?

Becky Hammond would be great, but given the atmosphere at MSG I doubt she’d get a look.

I’m sure that we are cursed. Absolutely positive. David Blatt or Kurt Rambis? Word? That’s our choice right now? That’s like asking me which nut I want to get punched in. Totally unfair.

Are there any mechanisms, official or unofficial, to remove an owner? I mean, short of murder, do we have anything at our disposal? Cuz I could be convinced to commit anything short of a felony to get JVG back in the garden to coach this team. Just saying.

@5 that’s a little unfair to basically put Blatt in the same boat as Rambis. Even if you atttibute the ’15 Cavs Finals run to LeBron, Blatt still coached that team.

I dont wish to see any human get offed, but I’m sure other people have thought of ways to forcibly part Dolan from the Garden. Too bad fans cant be stockholders. Then again, stockholders’ grading of an owner vs the fans’ grading are two entirely different things.

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