2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

I was so caught up in the great sports day with the dramatic Masters final and the Warriors/Spurs that I forgot that this team was still playing.

At the half, the Knicks trail the Raptors 54-51. The Knicks have a chance to avoid losing 50 games!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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It’s nice to see Jerian get into stride in these pointless April games

We better hope for Grant’s improvement otherwise we’re gonna be seeing Tony fucking Wroten as our starting guard next year

Agree with Breen, this timeout is a complete waste. Just rush up the floor before the defense can set up, it’s a two possession game regardless.

But never discount the sheer stoopidity of Rambis or how in love he is with his own voice.

Gotta love how they were down a point and the Raptors had less than a second left and they allowed the Raptors to inbound the ball directly to a guy cutting to the basket for a layup.

Ths is getting serious. We only have one game left to prove that a max player, a used triangle and appeased basketball gods can get you 50 every two years.

What’s even better about that play was that the preceeding timeout was highlighted by Rambis chewing out Grant. God forbid Rambis stfu and do his job and you know, get his team’s defense set up. Better to spend that time shitting on the rookie he has to be held to gunpoint to play.

So on the 81st game if the season, Rambis decides he should play his young guys more minutes and leave Melo on the bench for the 4th quarter. Because up until this game, trying to win meaningless games at all costs was critical.

Please make this the last time we ever see that idiot on the sidelines at MSG.

Please make this the last time we ever see that idiot on the sidelines at MSG.

The sad thing is that it probably won’t be. The “continuity is important” narrative has already begun.

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