Knicks Morning News (2016.02.14)

  • [New York Daily News] Lupica: Is Phil Jackson more style or substance? (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 05:46:43 GMT)

    In case you missed it in your reading over the past week, Phil Jackson wrote this long social media post about coaching and leadership.

  • [New York Daily News] Carmelo Anthony on trade talks: ‘I’m not going anywhere’ (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 05:17:06 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony gave his most definitive statement about his commitment to the Knicks on Saturday.

  • [New York Times] LaVine Exits All-Star Stage for Kobe and the NBA’s Best (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 08:09:33 GMT)

    Zach LaVine called it the best dunk contest ever, a showdown with Aaron Gordon that rivaled what Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins did.

  • [New York Times] LaVine Climbs Highest to Repeat as Slam Dunk Champion (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 05:18:27 GMT)

    Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves overcame Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic to repeat as the NBA Slam Dunk champion on Saturday after both impressed with gravity-defying displays of athleticism and imagination.

  • [New York Times] Thompson Beats Curry to Win 3-Point Title (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 03:48:46 GMT)

    Klay Thompson did what barely any team has done this year.

  • [New York Times] Europe Likely to Land NBA All-Star Game Before Asia: Silver (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 02:39:31 GMT)

    The NBA is considering bringing its All-Star Weekend overseas and Europe would be the likely host over Asia given the shorter amount of travel involved for players, Commissioner Adam Silver said on Saturday.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Adam Silver Aims to Reduce Excessive Fouling (Sun, 14 Feb 2016 01:46:28 GMT)

    The strategy of fouling poor free-throw shooters to slow offenses has prolonged games and exasperated fans. Commissioner Silver said that there appears to be a growing sense that the fouling ought to be curbed.

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    how do people feel about trying to trade for Markieff Morris?
    probably could be had for just about anything at this point.
    Derrick Williams and filler?

    Also wondering what people feel about a couple D-leaguers being called up – Fredette obviously but also Jordan Bachynski, who has great D-league stats and was in the D-League All star game. 7’2 250 averaging basically 17/9 with 3.5 blocks per 36, TS 61.3 on a usage of 20, WS/48 0.160.

    Maybe calling Bachynski up could clear room to trade KOQ or someone like Seraphin, as if anyone would want KS.

    I’ll wait until Phx cut him. He is too volatile on and off the court. I’m cool with Bachynski though, lets see if he can mimic Lopez and use his size and strength to get deep post position and then rebound and defend on the other end.

    I do not get why Jimmr can’t get a chance. I’m not saying he should start for us, but just to get some burn and see if he gets hot. I guess we are married to AA, but wouldn’t it be fun to see 10 mins of small ball w/ galloway / jimmr / AA / melo and Zinger?

    IMO..KP should stay around 240-245 and just work on getting stronger ala KG- and stay at PF. He’s unique and a matchup nightmare at either PF or C, but I like the defense with a Lopez type at C and KP at PF. I like it a lot. I will say this though, once KP gets his strength up, playing him at C should be a good antidote to this small ball trend. However, making him a full time C will make it harder to get great back line defense. It would be great on offense though. But as Knick fans, shouldn’t we naturally lean towards defense? As far as possible trades, any SG help we can get would be fine. I’m now comfortable with Galloway at the 1. I like what Calderon brings, but if he can be moved for a Lance Stephenson and a pick or something similar to that, that would be ideal. Phil can just bring Jimmer up from the D League if he wants to replace Calderon’s shooting.
    I do wonder how much truth it is to the Melo to Cleveland rumors. That would be ideal for all parties involved. It would probably make the Knicks too big and slow, but what if Phil could coax Amir Johnson out of Boston to pair with KP going forward? Of course, if Free Agency is the way Phil wants to rebuild then David Lee would be a Knick for the second time. This is the one time that Phil truly has real options to push his vision forward. FA 2015 he never had a chance. But now…now he actually has options. I understand everything Melo has said about his reasons for staying in NY, and I agree. But he’d be a damn fool if he doesn’t waive his no-trade to play with LBJ. That move would make Cleveland a huge problem for the Dubs’ title run this season.

    Jimmer cannot play defense worth a shit. Too slow, no lateral quickness. San Antonio cut him because he couldn’t learn how to defend the pick and roll. Are you interested in a version of Calderon that can drive but can’t pass? Or a JJ Redick that never worked on his weaknesses out of college?

    He’s a basketball AAAA player. He has a bright future and a great life waiting for him in Europe.

    Jimmer cannot play defense worth a shit. Too slow, no lateral quickness. San Antonio cut him because he couldn’t learn how to defend the pick and roll. Are you interested in a version of Calderon that can drive but can’t pass? Or a JJ Redick that never worked on his weaknesses out of college?

    Jimmer would be the 3rd PG/instant offense off the bench in my scenario. So it wouldn’t hurt. It would also require a consistent role and more faith in Grant. In a rebuild, that’s not so bad, right? I also think that if the right Melo trade is made, our Knicks would be right back in the playoff hunt next season with a couple more young assets and cap room to build around KP.

    Have you watched Jimmer at all this year? He has played great team ball and has passed the ball exceedingly well.

    I mean I’m all for giving Jimmer a try, but it’s not at all clear that his numbers will remain anything close to what they currently are–obviously, NBA defenses are wayyy better than D-league ones. Further averaging 4.5 assists per game isn’t really “passing the ball exceedingly well”, even for a shoot-first PG. Steph Curry can shoot consistently from practically half-court and so has little reason to pass and still averages like 7 assists a game

    Furthermore I think his defense may be worse than Calderon’s.

    Still worth a look, but maybe not over people like Bachynski, Erick Green, or Keith Appling.

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