Knicks Morning News (2016.02.13)

  • [New York Post] Rising Star Porzingis: Fisher’s axing may be ‘wake-up call’ (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 01:09:22 -0500)

    TORONTO — Kristaps Porzingis will get out of the cold Saturday after heating up in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night. With Carmelo Anthony sitting courtside, Porzingis scorched his way to a World team-high 30 points on 12-of-16 shooting, including 5-of-8 on 3-pointers despite a 157-154 loss to the USA team in the rookie-sophomore…

  • [New York Times] Rising Stars: LaVine, US Beat Wiggins, World 157-154 (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 04:51:52 GMT)

    Zach LaVine hoisted the MVP trophy above his head, laughing along with Minnesota Timberwolves teammates Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns as he stood on the podium.

  • [New York Times] The Latest: US Beats World 157-154 in Rising Stars Challenge (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 04:06:47 GMT)

    The Latest on Friday’s events at the NBA’s All-Star Weekend in Toronto (all times local):

  • [New York Times] On Pro Basketball: Another Season Gone Awry Hangs Over Carmelo Anthony, the All-Star (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 02:04:17 GMT)

    The N.B.A. All-Star weekend seems to mean more to Anthony than it does to most, largely because the Knicks torpedoed their slim playoff hopes by losing 10 of their last 11 games.

  • [New York Times] In Little-Man Era, Four Big Men Will Test Their Skills (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 01:53:21 GMT)

    This N.B.A. All-Star weekend, Anthony Davis, Draymond Green and two others will compete in the Skills Challenge, a head-to-head obstacle course that tests skills traditionally belonging to guards.

  • [New York Times] Icy Blast Before Canada Warms Up for All-Star Game (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 00:15:27 GMT)

    The NBA got a frosty welcome as it brought its All-Star Game north to Canada for the first time where fans and players were greeted by an Arctic blast on Friday but a forecast for plenty of heat over a party packed weekend.

  • [New York Newsday] Carmelo Anthony wants Knicks to get another star player (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 01:02:04 EST)

    Carmelo Anthony said he dreams of playing with another star player because he just can't do it all by himself.

  • [New York Newsday] Kristaps Porzingis scores 30 in NBA Rising Stars Challenge, will take rest of break off with fatigue (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 00:59:34 EST)

    Kristaps Porzingis was trying to soak up and enjoy every moment of the NBA All-Star Weekend experience but the Knicks' rookie also is looking forward to soaking up some sun.

  • [New York Daily News] Derek firing leaves Kevin Durant fishing for answers (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:19:12 GMT)

    Firing Derek Fisher couldn’t have helped New York’s slimming chances of landing the big fish in the free agency pond.

  • [New York Daily News] Isola: Mega-deal that would send Melo to Cavs still possible (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 05:04:25 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony remains committed to the Knicks for now even if it means passing on the opportunity to join his friend LeBron James.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks’ Porzingis adds 30 points in Rising Stars Challenge (Sat, 13 Feb 2016 04:24:05 GMT)

    It was a Latvian showcase until the final minute.

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    Zinger should be on the real All-Star team but I guess they didn’t want to totally overshadow the Kobe Bryant lovefest tour.

    That Isola column is a speculative piece of crap that probably shouldn’t be taken seriously. Having said that, the deal actually makes some sense. I love the idea of the Knicks rebuilding around KP with some key first round picks, watching a Cavs/Warriors Finals rematch with ‘Melo and Kyrie in the mix. Kevin Love would give Boston some more scoring, rebounding.

    Copied from end of last thread:

    It’s a fantasy, because I can’t imagine Melo going to Cleveland, but the idea of Porzingis, Lopez, Hield or Simmons plus a free agent or two makes me salivate.

    Knowing the Knicks’ luck, though, Melo will agree, Cavs win title, and the Brooklyn pick is outside the top 5, while Denver wins the lottery via the pick swap from the original Melo trade…

    That Cleveland-Boston-NY deal (which will never happen unfortunately) made me salivate. Not only because we get the Nets pick and a shot at Simmons or Hield, but if the Celtics think they’re winning anything with Love as their centerpiece (and without Crowder, Smart and Bradley) they’re crazy.

    Melo on Sirius this morning:

    @SiriusXMNBA: “There’s always some trade s*** going,I don’t pay attention to those rumors. I’m not going anywhere.”-@carmeloanthony on latest trade rumors

    I don’t know why Cleveland would do that trade though. Love for Melo? They’d have to get something else in return. Kevin Love is four years younger than Melo and more productive.

    Melo is Lebron’s age, so i dont think he cares. As for productive, Cleveland’s Love doesnt look like Minnesota’s Love.

    Melo has way too many reasons to stay here until at least the end of this season. I think Cleveland should stay the course as well-Kyrie is only rounding back into form. Give Lebron some time in Miami to recharge and take another shot at the champs this year when the team is hopefully healthy, and then make a change if it doesn’t work.

    Carmelo Anthony will never win an NBA title. Even if he goes to Cleveland, it will be to Cleveland’s detriment, and right now, they’d need LeBron’s ’07 self (or last year’s title run self) to top Golden State or San Antonio.

    “I’m not going anywhere.” -C. Anthony, 2016

    “I want to win. I don’t care about the money.” -C Anthony, 2014

    (Reading between the lines, my guess is that C Anthony is probably going somewhere.)

    KP’s interview at All-Star weekend was adorable:

    Porzingis spoke alternately in English, Spanish and Latvian, depending upon the origin of the questioner. But he did enjoy a query about a chance meeting with Neha Dhupia, a Bollywood actress.

    “I think she was very pretty,’’ Porzingis said. “I hope to see her at the game.”

    It’s like, of course Kristaps would date a Bollywood actress. It just makes sense to me.

    I’d do some sort of weird funky trade with Cleveland if we could somehow end up with one of Kyrie Irving or a draft pick that turns into Buddy Hield (I’m convinced he’s the next great NBA shooting guard). Carmelo Anthony will never leave New York, though, and I’m almost 100% sure that he will end up riding the Porzingis trade to an NBA Finals or two.

    Projecting down the line, I think New York and Boston will be the best teams in the East in 5 years. No Eastern Conference team has a player to be more excited about than KP, and Boston is already the 3rd best team in the conference and they have a bunch of picks. Porzingis is probably going to be the best player in the conference in 5 years, and that should get us pretty far if we don’t screw up free agency and keep DWill and Galloway. Melo could win a championship when he’s 36 or 37. I would be shocked and surprised of course, but he has a chance at making the finals before he retires.

    Also, for those of you who are desert thirsty for KP highlights as I am, here’s what he did in the rising stars game:

    That drive at 2:23 was sick. Crazy thing is his game is so smooth he looks like he’d still be good if he were 5-6 inches shorter.

    Here’s a new editorial comparing Hardin, Marbury and Melo as losers. Something for everyone here.

    Especially if you like poorly argued pointless hit pieces.

    And I say that not because I love Harden, Marbury, or Melo (though it’s easiest to love Melo most of that group).

    Buddy Hield is finally erupting. He has been held in check for the most part by #4 but most of that is his team not really looking to set him up.

    It’s like they don’t know he is a flame thrower.

    If RoLo is worth a late lottery pick I would trade him for Hield.

    No Eastern Conference team has a player to be more excited about than KP, and Boston is already the 3rd best team in the conference and they have a bunch of picks.

    You could also have said in 2013, “No western conference team has a player to be more excited about than Anthony Davis,” but the Pelicans chose the cap space route and signed mediocre veterans and are 20-33 this season with Davis looking a bit jaded as a result of how little help he gets.

    Seems Phil Jackson is bent on following that path. A poorly run team can be mediocre even with all-time greats. Look at the Wolves with KG or the Cavs before LBJ left for Miami. Once Melo becomes a deadweight contract in a year or two, the Knicks destiny as a forgettable team will be locked in regardless of how great KP becomes, and Jackson can go back to retirement and write a book blaming everyone but himself for the Knicks’ failures.

    Hield and the Sooners lose a tough one today. Sucks, but Hield is still my favorite prospect. He’s really a more athletic version of Kyle Korver

    The Cavs before LeBron left were a team that won 50, 66 and 61 games no? Point taken, but the Cavs were title favorites with LeBron.

    I also think we’re in a unique place where we’re in the biggest media market in the world. Apparently Westbrook and KD are both considering NY because of Porzingis. No top free agent would have considered signing in New Orleans or Minnesota because of either KG or AD. Heck, Pau Gasol could have won a championship if he went to OKC with Westbrook and Duratn, but he chose Chicago. Having young talent and cap room is a really good way to get free agents. New York’s pitch seems pretty easy, honestly:

    We’re the biggest media market in the world starving for a championship and we have Porzingis for the future and Melo (who players love) for right now.” All we have to do is spend wisely because guys are going to want to be here. Same with the Lakers; they’ll always be the marquee franchise in LA so guys will always want to be there. Luckily for us, we don’t play in the same conference as the Warriors.

    Porzingis is probably going to be the best player in the conference in 5 years

    I get being excited about the potential for a home grown star, but I don’t think I’d use the word “probably” here. Objectively, Porzingis isn’t only not the best rookie in his class, but it can be argued that he isn’t even one of the top 3 of the big men in his class. Towns, Jokic, and Turner have all been more productive per minute. (Turner is not only more efficient, blocks more shots, and barely ever turns the ball over, but he is also almost an entire year younger that KP).

    So, yes, be high on Porzingis. But don’t make that top player in the conference bet just yet.

    All we have to do is spend wisely because guys are going to want to be here.

    We’ve been saying this for what? 16 years?

    Yet, the best we could sign in free agency in this spam were Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler & Jerome James.

    Players will come here for a big paycheck.

    We may have an advantage over small market teams for signing vets or midlevel players.

    But that’s not enough to win a championship.

    The thing that makes Porzingis a better prospect than Jokic/Turner and possibly even Towns (though Towns looks like he could be great) is that he can already do things on offense at a reasonable level that those players will never be able to do. It’s very easy to envision him doing all those things and more at an elite efficiency rate in a few years. I think he could become a 25 point per game player with a 60 TS% that can finish inside, post up effectively, shoot 3s from all over the court, knock down the mid range, drive and hook with either hand etc… Whatever the matchup, if the defender can take something away effectively, he’ll have something else. I’m still more worried about his rebounding and defense against PFs. I think he eventually has to become be the C because he already can’t cover some of the quicker PFs. As he gains weight, it will probably get worse. So he’s going to have to become more of a consistent force on the boards.


    You’re talking *could* not *will be*. Porzingis has tremendous upside and if you sit imagining the things he could one day become long enough, it starts to feel realer and realer.

    As far as KD and RWB go, there are rumors every time the Knicks have cap space that the best FAs want to come here, but as intriguing as KP is, they are going ot have a terribly difficult time buying into the Knicks unless the front office shows competency, which it hasn’t. To show he’s competent, Jackson is going to have to get some more impact players with great years in front of them and probably get the team into the playoffs with that promising core.

    Think about it. It’s a huge risk to sign a long term contract because so much of your marketing power as a star is based on playoff success. Unless you’re really in love with the lifestyle stuff and it’s near as important to you as your basketball legacy (ala Melo), you’re not just going to come here as a free agent when there are so many better basketball teams out there.

    I mean yeah, those rookies have all been more productive per minute, sure. There were also plenty of rookies more productive per minute than KD on his first year. Then kd moved to his optimal position and grew into his game and this wasn’t the case anymore.

    If you asked me who to draft out of towns KP turned and jokic itd be towns followed by KP every single time

    That must be like a fan’s dream to go up against a NBA player in an invent and actually hold your on in front of thousands.

    I want to know how it feels to be a fan of a team with the best record in the NBA, the best player in the NBA, the 2 best 3 point shooters in the NBA and maybe the best 2 way player in the NBA.

    Oh, and they may add Kevin Durant next year, just for the fuck of it.

    there are rumors every time the Knicks have cap space that the best FAs want to come here

    Since the installment of a salary cap in 1984, the Knicks have courted many top tier free agents, and been spurned by exactly all of them. In 1996, eventual Hall of Famers Jordan, Shaq, and Reggie Miller were all free agents. The Knicks had half of their salary cap to spend, had a top 50 player of all time on the roster, and had made the conference semi finals or better every year of the decade. They offered $25 million to Jordan. They offered it to Miller. They ended up with 2nd tier guard Allan Houston and 3rd/4th tier free agent Chris Childs.

    And then, of course, there was 2010, when the Knicks managed to have tons of cap space for the 2nd greatest free agent class ever and managed to attract only an injured Amar’e Stoudemire and 3rd/4th tier free agent Ray Felton.

    And 2015, when the Knicks once again found themselves with money to spend, they were, again, turned down by all the top players and left to rummagethrough the “sale items” of Aaron Afflalo and Derrick Williams.

    “The allure of NYC” is, possibly, the most overrated drawing card in basketball.


    Actually, the thing that seems to motivate NBA stars to move in free agency is an unhappy situation with their current team. If they don’t have that they typically stay where they are. After they decide to move, money and being on a winning team seem to matter the most when they decide to move, with which is more important depending on the person and the particular circumstances.

    The thing that makes Porzingis a better prospect than Jokic/Turner and possibly even Towns (though Towns looks like he could be great) is that he can already do things on offense at a reasonable level that those players will never be able to do.

    What can KP do that towns can’t? The guy won the skills challenge for gods sake. I hate to say it but we missed out. Love KP tho

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