Knicks Morning News (2016.02.08)

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks let another one slip away, lose to lowly Nuggets (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 05:18:23 GMT)

    The reeling Knicks lost for the ninth time in their last 10 games on Sunday, flopping at home against the lottery-bound Nuggets, 101-96.

  • [New York Daily News] Derek Fisher trashes Rajon Rondo over triangle talk (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 05:11:54 GMT)

    If there’s one trigger point for the Phil Jackson regime, it’s any commentary against the triangle.

  • [New York Daily News] Isola: Fisher feeling heat as not-so-young Knicks flounder (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 05:07:09 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony clearly isn’t himself these days and you didn’t need the uncontested air ball with four minutes left to tell you that.

  • [New York Times] N.B.A. Roundup: Sluggish Chris Paul Finishes Hot as Clippers Defeat Heat (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 01:17:29 GMT)

    Paul’s consecutive 3-pointers in the final minutes were daggers to a Miami comeback, and his game-high 22 points helped the visiting Los Angeles Clippers hang on to beat the Heat, 100-93, on Sunday.

  • [New York Times] Roundup: Arizona State Women Top U.S.C. on a 3-Point Play (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 01:12:15 GMT)

    Sophie Brunner’s 3-point play with 1.9 seconds left gave No. 8 Arizona State a 69-68 victory at home over short-handed Southern California on Sunday.

  • [New York Times] Nuggets 101, Knicks 96: Carmelo Anthony Plays, but It’s Not Clear the Knicks Are Ready To (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 00:47:13 GMT)

    Anthony, who missed Friday’s game because of a sore knee, was back in the lineup against the Nuggets, but the Knicks again fell behind early and could not catch up.

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    I’ll be going on another cruise shortly so don’t give up all hope. As soon as I’m no longer able to watch my home team they should be able to run off another good winning streak just like the last time.

    Wow – the nabobs of negativism were out in force at the end of yesterday’s game thread. There are some important positives which could result from our nosedive:

    (1) Melo and KP’s minutes should be reduced (though Fish/Phil may be desperate and up them)

    (2) Phil might be less inclined to re-sign Awfflalo to a 3-year 30m deal (just give Lance AAA’s 10m and he’s our 3&D SG, no need to overpay the Bazemores of the world)

    (3) A frustrated KP went public saying the team needs to use more PnRs. Hallelujah! Out of the mouth of babes…Why couldn’t our coaching staff figure that out? Grant/Melo as ball handlers and KP/Lopez as dive/pop guys should be a staple of this offense in the future. Those combinations have already been quite effective in limited usage – let’s build on that chemistry.

    (4) Grant should receive more minutes with KP/Lopez (starters in general) and will benefit from more PnRs. I’m actually impressed by him and think he will be an above average 1. He’s got terrific court vision, perhaps the most important quality at his position. I’m less worried about his shooting than others because of his college performance plus I think that will come when he’s in a more comfortable flow which will happen when the Triangle uses more PnRs. Maybe now Fish will take my long-standing suggestion to play Grant/Galloway/KP/Melo/Lopez together more. I don’t want Conley at 25m or an overrated Teague and Westbrook ain’t playin’ in the Triangle (thank you Rajon for waking everyone up). Expedite Grant’s development, sign Pau and Lance for about 20m, keep remaining cap open to position us to offer a pick/KOQ for one of Rubio/Bledsoe/Holiday depending on Grant’s progress.

    I was on a cruise during Linsanity… (Obviously, I haven’t been on one since:)

    We have a team that should be close to .500 given the talent level. The problem is that we have a bad coach and are using a bad offensive system for the modern game. In the beginning of the season you could at least argue that Fisher was getting them to play hard while learning on the job and making a mess of our rotations. But now, half the time they look like they’ve quit on the season and are in tank mode (someone should tell them we don’t have a pick to tank for this year) . Hey, I have an idea. Let’s tell Fisher we DO have a pick and should be tanking. Then maybe he’ll coach better by accident and figure out a way to win some games. We could even trade for Hardaway!

    I said we were a 31 win team to start the season. Porzingis probably added a couple wins by outperforming expecations. But we are what we thought we were.

    Melo actually had one of his best stretches to start the season playing very nice well-rounded ball. But he is what we thought he was. An aging veteran who shoots a lot with mediocre efficiency, with a ton of minutes on his tires, and a bad knee issue.

    It’s going to take a couple more years but with Treetops around it will be a lot more fun to watch….

    Well this is not what I expected today’s news to be. Didn’t think there was any chance Phil would can him even as soon as the end of this year. So my first reaction is that I’m extremely concerned this came from above Phil. Second reaction is that I don’t think there was anyone who really though Fish was doing a great job, but at the same time I did think he had shown improvement, and that he had some strengths. Overall I’m very dubious about this move.

    Phil himself?

    Rambis interim they’re saying. And it’s worth noting that Rambis was an abomination in his one head coaching stint.


    I don’t think projecting that we looked like a 31 win team + whatever KP gave is out of line, but when you go to the games (I’ve been to several) you can see our inferior our offensive system is to the opposition almost every single night. That doesn’t even count some of the boneheaded moves Fisher makes.

    We don’t get easy baskets in transition.

    We don’t really run any plays.

    We don’t take advantage of mismatches even when we have them.

    We don’t get a lot of player movement like this system is supposed to generate.

    We don’t get any penetration.

    Despite Melo passing way more often, people are not quite grasping that his shot selection has not improved. It’s just as bad as it always has been. He’s just taking fewer shots. The distribution between good and bad is the same or at least very similar. He also still holds the ball a lot and then we are forced into taking something bad.

    Fisher OUT! Thank Goodness. Now fire Rambis! I think the guy from the D League should get a shot if we aren’t going to bring in a bigger name.

    Wow. Yes they did. Great work by Phil, firing someone not improving in the slightest, and likely to just fill another year with the same. Especially with so many good HC candidates out there. Hell, Thibodeau, Blatt, JVG, Walton would all be great… question is, are we too high on the triangle to hire them, or shackle them with it once hired?

    Holy @$#%&#$%@$#%!

    Please say no to Brian Shaw.

    Would be more than happy with Luke Walton.

    I can’t imagine any of the usual suspects (Thibodeau, JVG) being considered, but who knows.

    Shaw is just as HORRIBLE. I’d way rather give Walton a shot. He’ll mix it up WAY better than either Fisher or Shaw.

    Hiring Brian Shaw would be as demoralizing a hire for Knicks fans as the Bargnani era was on the court.

    He was basically laughed out of Denver by his own players, and was awful there.

    As opposed to Walton, who also has Triangle roots, and who literally had the best start to a coaching career ever.

    Can we poach an assistant coach from another team in midseason?

    Can’t say I’m disappointed that Fish is gone, though I don’t think he was,like, Byron Scott level awful or anything.

    Hopefully this means that Phil means business and is therefore capable of anything including convincing Melo to be traded

    I realize that Walton’s record was amazing, but the guy literally did not have to make one single big picture decision. The style of play was already installed and perfected. The rotation was set. They have a ton of on the court leadership. I’m not anti-Walton necessarily, I just don’t think we should really see him as significantly less risky than any other first-time HC just because of the GS stint this year.

    Fisher certainly deserved to get fired just because of how he managed rotations etc., but you have to wonder whether a) Melo was frustrated with the offense or b) Phil was worried that Fisher would be a liability (on both a personal/Barnes front and basketball perspective) in selling FAs this summer.

    I had my doubts about Fish but we don’t know how much he was constrained by Phil. For example, that second unit was very productive early in the year not running the Triangle and then changed. Was that Phil? Also Fish did somewhat adapt the Triangle in positive ways. Perhaps Phil didn’t like what he was doing. Maybe Fish and Phil were at loggerheads over how the triangle was being implemented and player minutes. Rambis and Shaw are probably worse than Fish. It’s possible the real problem could be Phil. Time will tell.

    It seems silly to force a quixotic system, then fire the guy put in charge to implement it, only to hire somebody else equally unsuccessful at promoting it (Shaw, Rambis, etc).

    Firing the coach should be a move toward liberalizing the triangle, which has proven to not work outside of Jordan/Shaq/Kobe. Time to move on.

    For all we know, Fisher was interested in giving up parts of the triangle (as he said recently), and was fired for it.

    I choose to think optimistically.

    I don’t necessarily agree with going up to your ex-wife’s house and punching out her new boyfriend, but you have to believe that 90% of NBA players side with Barnes. Heck, it’s probably 99.9%. When your main qualification of being an NBA coach is being a “winner” and being a principled leader of men, it seems like going 40-96 and backstabbing someone who at least previously considered you a friend just might make you a liability going forward.

    Again – I’m not making any comment on whether it was appropriate for Barnes to punch him — just saying the perception amongst NBA players was probably very very very bad. And unless you’re winning and/or an obviously good coach, that perception would probably be difficult to overcome in a FA sell when many other teams have $$$ to spend too.

    @Ian_OConnor: Source close to Tom Thibodeau: “The #Knicks are the job he’s always wanted. He would crawl to Madison Square Garden.”

    I’d be 100% on board with Thibs. I’d be floored if it happened but that would be a great hire.

    JVG returning has always been my dream, but he has quite the history with Dolan and Phil.

    I think Fish’s response to Rondo might have expedited the firing. Granted, his response was bizarre and unprofessional, but Phil’s tweet during the playoffs was likewise. Well I guess we should cross Durant off our list of free agent targets.

    I’d be 100% on board with Thibs. I’d be floored if it happened but that would be a great hire.

    Thibs would be great on several levels, but do you want him managing KP’s minutes at this very fragile early stage of his career?

    So basically, whether firing Fisher was a good/bad move depends on who ends up replacing him.

    The positives for Fisher: the team liked him, guys didn’t complain about their minutes once the rotation shrunk, he seemed capable of learning certain things (smaller rotation, less strict adherence to the almighty triangle).

    The negatives for Fisher: terrible tactician (particularly in the fourth quarter), and could be oddly stubborn about other things.

    We can make a significant upgrade at the position, but we could also do a lot worse.

    My hope is that the firing goes hand in hand with an acceptance that there is no “core” yet, and that we should be sellers at the trade deadline, for whatever we can get for Afflalo, Williams, Thomas, etc. And/or that Phil did such a drastic move to make Melo re-evaluate his desire to stay here forever.

    Huh. I’ve always been pretty neutral on Fisher so I don’t really feel strongly about this. If they want to go in the direction of more a PNR based modern offense, and Walton would seemingly indicate that, I’m on board. If they just did this because of the recent losing and are gonna hire Shaw or some shit, seems dumb.

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