2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs Nuggets

I totally forgot that there was a game today. It is so weird that the NBA has the Knicks playing the same day as the Super Bowl.

In any event, the Knicks are currently in the first period against the Denver Nuggets, trailing 14-10. Hopefully at least this Denver team does not win today.

Carmelo Anthony is back in the starting lineup to play against his old team.

Let’s go Knicks!

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Seraphin and O’Quinn both in the game and they can’t grab a freakin rebound off of a missed foul shot?

Re Melo: Who would have thought a ref tripping our start star player would completely send the season to the shitter. It has been all downhill since that moment.

Melo should not be playing, he can barely move. It’s also not a good sign when O’Quinn, Seraphin and Amundson all play in the 1st quarter. Fisher really has no clue right now.

So what people eating for this super bowl? I got buffalo turkey meatballs in the oven rn, so spinach/artichoke dip on deck

Shrimp, chicken wings, already had mashed potato soup. Jalapeno poppers and home made pizza!

Hang in there guys. I’m going on another trip so hopefully they’ll go on a streak again.

DRed I’m in Florida hanging with my Aunt and Uncle. They’re the culprits. I’m just helping. We have a badass scotch spread as well. Balvenie Doublewood and Caribbean cask.

I just saw Fisher’s quote basically mocking Rondo for saying he doesn’t want to play in the Triangle. Really, mocking a PG who is 1000X better as a player than you ever were and whose team beat his team in the NBA Finals once??

Why do I feel like it is the same time every year since 2000 that the Knicks are a dumpster fire that can’t hit an open shot, defend the laziest guard, rebound the easiest miss, and pass the damn ball without turning it over?

(…is the ewing curse real…)

Titusville Yellowboy. Cold today Reub. Low 50s. Played golf yesterday and it was beautiful.

It’s embarrassing when they keep playing the “defense” soundtrack after the Nuggets score

If the Knicks and nuggets finish 7th and 8th, Denver will have a 1/4 shot at a top 3 pick

Look like they all rubbed some back water salve on their aches and pains at half.

Hey Gallinari looks like a pretty good player. Why can’t we ever get players like that?

When I see youngsters Grant KP and Galloway run a great play like that it warms the cockles of my heart.

Please for once let’s feature Porzingis down the stretch instead of old, tired isoMelo

The previous possession KP had a midget on him and he wound up taking a fadeaway 18fter that air-balled. It’s not as easy as just featuring KP and letting him go to work. They need to include him in PnR stuff more though.

I guess KP should have walked Barton down to the block and easily turn around a shoot over him.

So glad Vujacic is in down the stretch instead of Galloway. Will this count as another moral victory since they took the lead after being down 19 before ultimately losing again??

The Knicks are gonna lose this game because the worst shooter in the NBA is scoring at will on them down the stretch. Unfuckingbelievable.

Isn’t Sasha’s presence sort of on Jackson? You have to take away the playthings if they’re playing with them too much.

Game time. It’s over. The Fat Lady is singing. time to play some throw back Lil Flip.

Like a Three Stooges routine by the Nuggets. And it didn’t work (but worked for the Knicks!).

It doesn’t matter who shoots down the stretch for the Knicks, none of the shots will go in.

And of course down the stretch the Knicks can’t grab a defensive rebound. Rinse, repeat.

Mudiay is so young. I’m not worried about him. I didn’t want him on the Knicks, but I think he’ll be fine.

I’ve never criticized Fischer, but removing Galloway and making your back court the 2 worst on the ball defenders in the league after you just removed Lopez is just stupid as Mudiay waltzed to the rim twice.

I think no timeout was probably the right call there. I disagree with the announcers that the shot was a good shot, though.

That camerawork was very suspicious. What really happened?

Ha! I like that. Some grassy knoll shit going on there. 🙂

I gotta give the guy credit for “Lauvergne surely should have gotten that rebound.”

If I had to put a number on Melo game winning or game tying shots made vs. attempts in the last minute since he’s been a Knick, it would be right around 5%.

Word. Just seemed like they forgot about him after he owned that third quarter. Don’t know what can be said about this game that wouldn’t be true about the last couple.

We’re gonna fall way back in the standings, claw or way back into 8th and then lose the last 2 games to some team’s backups.

At this point the playoffs are a pipe dream, just hope they play decent enough the rest of the season and win around 35 games or so. It will be interesting to see what they do by the trade deadline though.

On the other hand, losing may be good in the long term because if they overperformed, we’d think Fisher, Calderon, passing to the Center up top, and playing piss poor defense were better than they are. We may get some real positive changes this summer rather than tweaks.

If all the other teams in the Eastern conference playoff hunt go into a major tailspin, I’m fully confident we can sneak into the 10th seed.

I really think this team has room to improve if we just replace like 85% of the players on the roster.

Serious question. What would it take for Phil to let Fisher go?

I think at least one more shitty season. Jackson doesn’t strike me as a guy who will fire a guy on a five-year deal before even two seasons are finished. Three seasons in? Maaaybe.

So Rajon Rondo says he wouldn’t like to play for the Knicks because he doesn’t want to play the Triangle. Fisher responds with:

“You can’t ask a guy that wasn’t very successful playing against it whether or not he wants to come play in it. So that’s his opinion, that’s fine. He doesn’t play for us. So we’re not concerned about his opinion about us at this point.”

Why the heck did he even respond to Rondo’s comments?!

Did you know that the Knicks are only two games up on the 13th seed?! Crappity.

This team is dull, plodding and unathletic, and would be unwatchable if not for the one good young player that is on the team. This is a half-assed rebuild job, when it is pretty painfully obvious that a whole-assed rebuild was the right move. It’s just kind of hard to see how this team is going to improve substantially going forward when there are so few building blocks. This isn’t the worst team in the league anymore but it feels like basketball purgatory.

Baseball season can’t come soon enough.

I really don’t think a lineup of Calderon/Afflalo/Melo/KP/Lopez, with Galloway, Lance, DWill, etc., is as bad as we’re playing. I think its leadership, playmaking, late game heroball, time allocation, and guard rotations that has done us in. In other words, Fisher and Calderon.

I really think this team has room to improve if we just replace like 85% of the players on the roster.

So that means you like 15% of our players, by my calculations, that’s 2.25 players. I’m guessing Melo, Afflalo and 1/4 of Kevin Seraphin.

Tough to scan the box score and see that a guy named Joffrey was a big reason we lost.

Hey, being as clueless and inept as Ned Stark sounds about right for our Knicks.

Best halftime show I have ever seen. I hate the NFL but this is a high quality production.

Other big winners, Jeep and Jeff Goldblum who has already made three appearances…

The Knicks are playing badly because Melo is playing badly. Since Utah and not counting tonight, Melo has played 6 games. He’s shooting 33% (46.2% TS%). If we had traded Melo for Emmanuel Mudiay after that Utah game, would you have been surprised to see the Knicks go on a losing streak? That’s basically what happened.

And yes, the most brutal part of being a knicks fan the last 15 years has been that it often feels like the best thing that could happen to them is for them to underperform, forcing the front office to own up to its failures and change directions. I hate feeling like if I’m going to be truly loyal to the team, I have to root for it to lose.

The way things are going with Melo physically, it looks like the Knicks will have maybe another ten months where his contract is movable. If he’s not moved by then and things don’t turn around for him physically, even the team most in the mood to gamble won’t touch him, and the most meaningful conversation we’ll have left to have on KB is what the odds are that they put an amnesty clause into the next CBA.

And yes, the most brutal part of being a knicks fan the last 15 years has been that it often feels like the best thing that could happen to them is for them to underperform, forcing the front office to own up to its failures and change directions. I hate feeling like if I’m going to be truly loyal to the team, I have to root for it to lose.


The Knicks are 1-9 since the Utah game but Melo didnt play in 3 of those games and is averaging 8.7 rebs and 5.3 asts per game during that stretch. He’s been shooting like crap but he hasnt been shooting that often (for him), he’s averaged 15.4 FGA during that stretch which is below his season average. Hell today Melo and KP each scored 21 pts but KP needed 4 more FGA to do so.

The entire team is playing like crap, especially defensively. Fisher’s rotations have been all over the place lately too, granted alot of that has to do with the fact that Melo, Lance Thomas and Calderon have all missed multiple games during that stretch. It’s going to be interesting to see what Phil does before the trade deadline and if they play this bad the rest of the season if they really do explore the idea of trading Melo in the off-season although I still think its extremely doubtful Melo getting traded ever happens.

They’ll have to take Melo’s Knick jersey out of his cold, dead hands. He is never leaving.

@BBA, the rest of the team isn’t very good. I mean, how surprising is it to any of us that AA and Porzingis are inconsistent or that Lopez wavers between good and not that good? If you were hoping for the team to make the playoffs, the one thing you couldn’t live without is consistent all-star level play from Anthony, and that’s not been the case. Whether he’s missing games or playing hurt or whatever, his play is the main reason for the downswing here.

And yeah, it’s great to see Melo passing and rebounding well, and earlier in the season that was balancing out his moderate decline in efficiency, but he’s currently sporting his worst TS% since his rookie year, so even on reduced volume, the shooting volume is too high and the supporting cast is too crappy for the team to perform competently.

I hear you and I don’t disagree. It’s just for me it’s hard to criticize him too much right now when he is clearly trying to change the way he plays for the good of the team, he is giving a solid effort every game defensively and is obviously playing hurt. It’s tough because we basically want him to pass more yet continue to score like he used to all this while playing on a gimpy knee. Of course the argument is he is getting paid like someone who should be able to carry the team and I get that but I dunno I guess I’m a bit more sympathetic than many here lol.

What compounds the frustration is that he is missing so many great looks. I could see if he was going one on three a lot or jab stepping to death but he is missing catch and shoots 3s, 15 footers off a curl, and lay ups. I think some of it is psychological and you can see how he is trying to change his mechanics throughout the game. Sometimes you see his normal release other times he tries to put more arch on it, and then other times you can tell he is just aiming his shot.

Melo needs to ask Dirk to do him a favor and fly his shooting coach over. By the way who is the knicks shooting coach?

By the way who is the knicks shooting coach?

Shit. You know what, I really don’t think they have one right now. I know that sounds insane, but since they fired Dave Hopla, I don’t believe that they ever replaced him. Jim Cleamons isn’t it. Kurt Rambis isn’t it. Rasheed Hazzard isn’t it. I don’t believe Brian Keefe is it. I don’t believe Joshua Longstaff is it. So….I think they might not have one. Wow (note that shooting coaches are relatively modern positions on NBA teams, but once they started popping up, I presumed they would stick around – I guess not).

I’d really like to see the Knicks move Calderon, Afflalo, DWill, Sasha and Seraphin and bring up/sign Tony Wroten, Russ Smith, Fredette and maybe Trice and let them Grant and Galloway electrify the team. It would sure be more exciting and might be beneficial to our future too.

Kurt Rambis isn’t it.

Are you sure Kurt Rambis isn’t it? His career 68% free throw shooting qualifies him to be shooting coach for this team, doesn’t it? (Those were some patented mechanics he employed)

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