Knicks Morning News (2015.12.25)

  • [New York Daily News] Lack of late Porzingis impact becoming noticeable for Knicks (Fri, 25 Dec 2015 03:19:58 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony was rarely if ever a willing bystander during his rookie season with the Denver Nuggets.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Suns Forward Is Suspended (Fri, 25 Dec 2015 05:55:24 GMT)

    The Suns suspended forward Markieff Morris for two games without pay for what Phoenix called “conduct detrimental to the team.”

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    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    Your present is a hit piece by Isola on the best thing to happen to the Knicks in thirty years! 🙂

    Anyone else a bit disappointed in the lineups for Christmas this year? I mean other than Cavs/Warriors, these other games are pretty much a good team vs a bad one. Maybe Chicago gets up to play OKC today, but they’re about as inconsistent a team as there is in the league. And Clippers/Lakers? Really? Fuck Kobe Bryant, the Lakers have even less right to be on on Christmas than the Knicks do.

    I think it would be worth getting Wroten for d-league. Comparing Ish Smith and him, their advanced stats are equally unimpressive. Smith get more assists but scores less than Wroten. I think that’s why the Sixers preferred him. They need someone to run the team while on the floor and Smith is more experienced besides having more assists. But, Smith is 27 and Wroten is 22. Wroten probably has much more potential to improve. So why not see if he can learn the triangle and improve inWestchester.

    Merry Christmas to all the ‘bockers out there.

    Not a bad idea @6 but I’m liking Travis Trice and Jimmer to be called up. Even though he’s fun to watch in the D-League, I doubt that Jordan Crawford can play in the NBA so maybe that’s a slot for him. BTW, Thanasis was -25 playing only 16:30 in the loss last night. Jordan McRae torched him.

    Melo 4th among East front court players in first wave of All Star votes. Porzingis is 8th. The Latvians need to step up their voting game.

    How do you think Melo would react if KP is an All Star and he isn’t?

    Wroten in the Triangle would likely be a big fail. That said, his penetration skills are completely absent on this team. For that reason alone I’d give him a look. He’s basically a poor man’s Lawson that we can get for free.

    That Philly team has been so bereft of talent that there’s reason to believe some of their guys would be better in other situations.

    Lots of rumors now that the Bulls are shopping Gibson, Gasol, and Noah. They want a wing in return. Would they have interest in Afflalo? His and Gasol’s salaries are pretty close, I think.

    I’d guess of that trio, Phil would probably only have interest in Gasol, though he might opt out at the end of the year. If the Knicks were to do such a deal, then Lopez could be dealt for guard help?

    If we’re gonna swing a deal I’d rather go for youth. Renting Gasol for a year seems kinda pointless. If the idea is to dump Afflalo’s PO next season, I really don’t think his salary will be that big of a deal. I’m all for dealing him, but not for a 36yo (37?) one season rental.

    N O to Gasol. This team needs guards not 37 year old bigs that are well past their prime

    The 35 year old Pau Gasol is averaging 16 points, 10 rebounds, close to 3 assists, and 2 blocks a night. He’d be a great addition to this team if we could get him for a guy like Lopez (who doesn’t look like he belongs here for the length of his contract). I’d love to have Pau Gasol as KP’s mentor even if only for the next 4-6 months. The preference for most of us is clearly a guard under age 30, but I wouldn’t be opposed to adding the 35 year old Pau Gasol.

    Gasol is still a fine player, but I wouldn’t trade Afflalo for him. I’m totally down with trading Afflalo (and Gasol is better than Afflalo), but it should be for future assets, not short term ones.

    It’s very disappointing to be talking about trading Lopez. Most of us thought he would be a very solid acquisition at a reasonable price, but so far he has been very underwhelming. I don’t think he will be easy to move the way he’s playing.

    Lopez’s offense has been improving the last 5-6 games and in the last 2 games specifically he’s been clearing space for shooters with his screens. Melo in particular benefited from this in the game at Orlando. Get guards that can actually turn the corner off of his screens and attack the basket to create and I’m sure we’ll all have much better opinions about RoLo.

    We shouldn’t trade Afflalo for Gasol, because our frontcourt on either end is not the issue. We shouldn’t trade our only capable scoring perimeter player aside from Melo to add to our frontcourt logjam unless it’s some drastic talent upgrade long-term which Pau is certainly not. Otherwise just look to make some marginal, Shved-like trade to improve the backcourt and move from there.

    Lopez’s offense has been improving the last 5-6 games and in the last 2 games specifically he’s been clearing space for shooters with his screens

    Setting screens, though good, isn’t exactly a $13,000,000 skill. The d-league is bursting with guys willing to set the most beautiful screens one can imagine– strong guys– that have two feet– feet that they can plant and not move for two whole seconds– and arms that they can keep perfectly by their side. (And these guys would be equally good at helping teammates up after a hard foul, too!)

    Like I said get guards that can use that space to attack the basket and not just settle for jumpers and we’d all like Lopez more. Play him alongside any guards that can penetrate and create at the rim or for others his offensive rebounding would improve as well as his TS%. Right now the best look we get off of a Lopez screen is usually a Melo, Calderon or Afflalo mid-range J. Those are okay shots, but not having a dynamic off the dribble threat doesn’t fully maximize the space Lopez creates.

    I don’t think he’s great, but the level to which he’s hurting us is greatly exaggerated. Having a guard rotation of Galloway, Grant and Calderon isn’t doing our bigs any favors. Grant right now is a one trick pony and Galloway and Calderon are simply not dynamic enough off the dribble to create for our bigs consistently. In Calderon’s case it’s more frustrating because he refuses to make passes to guys when they’re open, especially late in close games.

    I’m not ready to conclude that the Lopez signing was a mistake, although Knicks management hinted that if they knew that Zinger would be as good as he is, they might have had a different FA strategy.

    What gives me hope is that Lopez seems like an intelligent, thoughtful, mature guy (despite his antics with mascots, Star Wars, comic books, etc.) who understands that he needs to play better and adapt more to the situation. Is he capable of it? We’ll see. I think we all can agree that he’s not a $13 mill per player right now.

    At least he isn’t WP48 fave Omer Asik, talk about horrible contracts!

    Yeah he’s not a $13m player right now, but I think it’s also fair to say the equation on many contracts changes when the cap jumps this summer and next. Even if we’re disappointed by his signing I’m confident that because he’s a good locker room guy, great teammate, has consistently had massive rebounding impact on his teams and is a solid PNR center albeit limited it wouldn’t be difficult to move him.

    Also agreed that if they knew KP was as ready as he’s been they probably would have focused more on guards and been fine with a C rotation of KP, KOQ and Seraphin for the year with Willy H in for Frenchie after the season. The way I see it RoLo is likely to be moved at some point down the line though.

    And yeah Asik is fucking awful. He doesn’t look like an NBA player right now.

    Seraphin is truly awful, though, and should be in the D-League or in Europe. I would rather have Bargnani than him, ’nuff said.

    Well, maybe not…

    Seraphin is really fucking terrible at basketball, but defensively he’s actually been pretty good. I’d prefer if he wasn’t on the team, but between him and Bargs I’ll take the Brie over Parmesan.

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