2016 Quick Recap: Knicks 84 Spurs 94

A few quick notes about tonight’s game:

* The Spurs just took the Knicks out of their comfort zone. It seemed like every other play New York was having a hard time getting the ball to an open guy or taking a contested shot. In a game like basketball, all those low percentage shots add up…

* Porzingis will be remembered for doing this (unless ‘Melo broke his neck landing on him later in the game):

But the rookie showed more than that single play. He had some great rebounds and blocked shots, and showed energy all over the court. There were lots of flashes tonight, but his first baby step will be to not foul so he can stay in the game.

* Grant and Galloway both had energetic games as well. Grant had some nice slashes to the hoop, while Langston was like glue on the Spurs guards all night. There is hope here as well.

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