Knicks Morning News (2015.09.10)

  • [New York Times] Liberty Secure Top Overall Playoff Seed for 1st Time (Thu, 10 Sep 2015 07:27:54 GMT)

    Coming into the season, so much was made of potential distractions that could derail the New York Liberty.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Basketball: Liberty Clinch Top Seed in W.N.B.A. Playoffs (Thu, 10 Sep 2015 04:22:39 GMT)

    Epiphanny Prince had 25 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, and the Liberty beat the Connecticut Sun, 74-64, at Madison Square Garden.

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    Completely random Knicks fun (for me) fact:
    This is how I know that Porzingis is gonna be a good player once he gets his feet under him and the team will have a better season than everyone expects. I have a 3 year old daughter named Makenzie. Most people call her Kenzie for short. I call her Kenzie Pooh, or KP for short. Ha! See? KP is gonna be GOOD hahaha

    @Totes: And she’s 3? HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED lol

    I know the general consensus on KB about “intangibles,” but everything I’ve read so far about KP is pretty much what I’ve hoped for out of him. He seems to have the work ethic, the self-awareness, the desire to improve himself, the humility, and the cultural adaptability. Of course, this is why they play the games, but I am chomping at the bit to see him debut.

    Ha! Now I’m not so sure. NYK’s KP has a great work ethic and a winning attitude. My KP? “Daddy pick me up…daddy take to my room..daddy can u find my tablet?” LOL. She also has her mother’s short fuse… wife’s not secretly posting here is she? If she is..see what had happened was…what I was essentially saying was u know..short fuse as in it doesn’t take her long to get hot- as in a hot hand metaphor for shooting? OMG I’m in trouble lol

    And now they have Travis Trice too!

    So theoretically, Trice, Atkins, and Saunders as part of the D-League squad. Though if one of them shines and Thanasis or Early are really terrible in pre-season…

    I’m sure that there will be some players with considerable talent who make the waiver wire so I hope that Phil is leaving room for one or two of them also.

    Weird statistical anomaly — Travis is not exactly a common name (I don’t know whether I’ve ever met anyone named Travis — although I’m a big Travis McGee fan) and yet, in the last 12 months, the Knicks have had three different guys named Travis under contract – Outlaw, Wear and the new guy.

    He’s Trice as nice from downtown!

    Patent pending, motherfuckers-don’t even try to steal that one.

    Hey, I was at Penn when our starting power forward was Shawn Trice. There were many chants like that cooked up for him, along with one about how he scored not once, not twice, but Trice.

    So my lawyers will be calling your lawyers, DRed.

    I’m not too familiar with Trice. What’s the lowdown on him? I haven’t yet looked at the link in 11. Does the team’s insistence of looking for another PG mean that Phil and Fish view Grant as a SG? Or is Calderón close to what he was last season healthy or not? Not that I think Trice will make the team, but it is interesting to see PG movement and PG talk wilh Galloway, Calderón, and Grant on the roster.

    40% 3pt shooter. Smart. Small but the heart of a lion. Plays like a Steph Curry type. Was great in the NCAA playoffs.

    Sounds interesting reub. The team could certainly use a guard who fights, has real talent and great intangibles. I’ve never seen him play, but if that scouting report is accurate this is a brilliantly shrewd move. Sounds low risk, high reward.

    I’m always up for interesting young guys. They’re likely not going past the D-League, but hell, there’s at least a chance!

    Totes, I think the team’s insistence on looking for another guard just reflects the fact that they don’t havce very many on the roster. Since you start two guards, you would expect to have six guards on a fifteen man roster. Before signing Saunders and Trice, they had Calderon, Afflalo, Grant, Galloway and Vujacic, which is only five.. Who knows if Vujacic can still contribute at an NBA level? Grant is a rookie and Galloway just made it out of D-League. Even if all five can play at some sort of usable level, they still should try to get six guards to have a balanced roster. It’s also good to have competition in training camp. Now they’ve added Saunders and Trice to the mix. I don’t think they can compete with Calderon, Afflalo or Grant, but the Vujacic and Galloway could see real competition in camp. Having seven guys competing for 5 or 6 spots isn’t too many, in my opinion.

    They didn’t give Vujacic a guaranteed contract for him to be in a competition for a roster spot in training camp, so I am pretty sure he is a lock for the roster. Now, whether they should have given Vujacic a guaranteed contract is another story…

    Yeah, and technically, Thanasis is a guard. So they have 6 on the 15-man as of now. It’s not a great or particularly deep group, though, so if the FO can once again catch lightning in a bottle via their knack for finding freely available talent on the margins, swell. And if not, get ready for lots of on-the-job training for Greek Freak-quel.

    If they have to eat Vajacic’s contract because others out play him, I will not be complaining 🙂

    I went to a big ten school (quite a few years ago) and I have seen Trice play on tv many times. Hard to say whether he can truly compete at the NBA level, and like KP he minimally needs to get a lot stronger. But boy is he mentally tough, and I’ve seen him hit a ton of big shots. He also very rarely tries to do too much. What also impressed me was the material level of improvement that he has shown over each of the past 2 years. He was an afterthought back then, but last year he clearly became MSU’s most indispensable weapon on a team that obviously made a great NCAA run. Again, not saying he has a good chance to really stick in the NBA, but he’s also not a guy I’d bet against. Glad we’re giving him a shot.

    Yeah, and technically, Thanasis is a guard.

    I’m pretty sure he’s listed as a forward everywhere. He’s 6’7″ and doesn’t have anywhere close to the ball skills (or shooting) to play guard in the NBA. I think he’s much more of a 4 long term than a 2 (if he’s anything, which I happen to think is pretty unlikely).

    Thanasis can suck at the 2, 3, or 4, but my guess is that he will primarily suck at the 3.

    He can be an asset as a defensive wing but he’s really unskilled in every aspect of offense, except open run-outs.

    I call her Kenzie Pooh, or KP for short. Ha! See? KP is gonna be GOOD hahaha

    So, we have this going for us. I’ll take it. Of course CLE has LBJ…:-)

    I like Trice for the same reason as I like Grant. I have seen him play. It seems like MSU is always on TV, especially what with their consistent tournament success. Let’s face it. NCAA division one is a pretty good proving ground. These guys play before big tough and knowledgeable crowds and for absolutely amazing coaches. Izzo is probably better than most NBA coaches and would have his choice of jobs in the NBA.

    “Forged in the crucible of history”, you know?

    So when’s the last time Knicks fans had this many intriguing young guys to dream about?

    Last year, with Cle and Thanasis? The draft where we took Frye, Nate, and David Lee? The draft where we took John Wallace, Walter McCarty, and Dontae’ Jones? The days of Charlie Ward and Monty Williams?

    Those days were marked by 2-3 players. Look at who’s coming to camp:
    Zinger 20
    Grant 22

    Trice 22
    Thanasis 23
    Saunders 22
    Atkins 23
    Galloway 23
    Cle 24
    Williams 24
    O’Quinn 25
    Seraphin 25

    The guys in bold are sure things on the roster, then maybe 2 of the remaining 4. And there’s Hernangomez waiting in the wings.

    For comparison, in 2012-13, there was one player under age 27 on the roster (Shump, 22) and there were 6 guys age 35 or older.

    In 2011-12: Shump, Lin, Jorts, TDDWTDD, Landry, Henry aka Billy, and the Jamaican Sensation

    In 2010-11 there were a bunch of promising young guys before the Melo trade; probably the most comparable team to this one.

    I’m optimistic that this team is going to be as exciting as that one. Maybe, just maybe, they surprise a lot of doubters and go .500 on the way to a playoff berth.

    Those days were marked by 2-3 players. Look at who’s coming to camp:

    No, I know. And I’m excited, too. Just trying, as always, to temper my excitement with my awareness of what franchise I stupidly root for. That there are so many young guys increases the likelihood that some will pan out, but I remember how psyched I was for the future Wallace/McCarty Knicks frontcourt.

    The guys in bold are sure things on the roster, then maybe 2 of the remaining 4.

    We’ve got 15 guaranteed contracts, including Thanasis. So unless you’re expecting someone else (Cle? Sasha?) to get cut, at most 1 of those guys will be on the roster come opening night, and odds are heavy that it’ll be Greek Freaquel. That we signed the others to partially guaranteed contracts is exploting a loophole that allows us to send them to the D-League while paying them more than a D-League salary, so all will be part of the organization, and maybe one or more of the others will get called up later in the season if there’s a trade, a season-ending injury, or a situation where someone like Cle makes it clear they’ve got nothing going on. But the 15 seem to be the 15.

    I hope that we’ll be able to add one or two additional players who might get waived in preseason. Our poor finish last year would help us there I believe. And I still hope that Crawford is a possibility.

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