Knicks Morning News (2015.08.19)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Joel Embiid Has Second Foot Operation (Wed, 19 Aug 2015 03:56:56 GMT)

    The Philadelphia 76ers center had a bone graft, and screws were replaced.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks interested in acquiring Clippers guard Jamal Crawford (Wed, 19 Aug 2015 05:49:44 GMT)

    The Knicks have expressed interest in acquiring Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, according to a source.

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    Did somebody here send any suspicious packages to CAA?


    How’s everyone? Long time since my last confession.

    Thinking about the Yankees today (who have been fuking beasting). I don’t blog about baseball though I know some of you all do.

    Relevant to NYK in this how:

    I read in ESPN today about how there’s “only one great team” in the AL, presumably KC but I didn’t read farther. Well OK according to advanced metrics and all the “people who know” it all lines up where they could give you a million compelling arguments on why it’s true, but to an outsider it sounds VERY stupid. Why? Because someone from the AL may very well beat them. Some team with a first baseman with a less impressive WAR for example (or whatever). I’m not saying it’ll be the Yanks (and I imagine Tex’s WAR is fine). I’m just saying don’t nobody get too convinced of any particular outcome. The Knicks may not surprise but some team like them will. Also, some player may average .354 on threes in the regular season and that may go down to .227 in the finals.

    Stats tell the story of what has happened and they can be predictive, but to an outsider it seems some baseball people are getting carried away with their implications.

    A particular outcome in a best of seven series between relatively evenly matched opponents is a different ball of wax from the outcome of an entire 82 game NBA season. While the Royals will certainly go into the playoffs as the presumptive AL favorites (barring injuries etc) that really isn’t worth much. Any sabermetric type would tell you that. It’s pretty much a total coin flip.

    You can feel a lot more certain about the mediocrity of the Knicks next year than of any Royals outcome….

    Baseball is such a long season that by the playoffs things can be very different. Kansas City will be great in the postseason, but for the rest of the teams in the AL if they just play the last 20 games really well they give themselves all the momentum and confidence they need to beat anyone. That’s why wild-card teams win the world series fairly often.

    I meant to bring this up the other day, but boy, it really burns me up how Isola is trying to turn this whole “Zinger might be too tall” thing into Jackson giving Zinger shit. That’s not what Jackson was doing at all. Jackson was only speaking the pretty evident truth there – the dude might never be strong enough to be a great NBA player. It is a real possibility. It certainly is not a definitive thing, but I don’t see what the big deal is with conceding that it is a risk. We all know that Zinger needs to get stronger. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who watches him play. Jackson just noted that there is a chance that it might not happen. And for that, Isola is calling Jackson a “hater”? Fuck the heck? And now he’s working the “Too Tall” bit into his tweets. It’s just so juvenile.

    I meant to bring this up the other day, but boy, it really burns me up how Isola is trying to turn this whole “Zinger might be too tall” thing into Jackson giving Zinger shit.

    It seemed perfectly like Jackson’s MO of motivating his guys by using the press.

    He basically told Zinger enjoy the positive press from the SL but be aware if you don’t continue to work hard especially on your core…. you’ll get bounced around here like a giant Preying Mantis.

    Jacksonian/Spock mind meld in action……..

    And you know, he’d probably draft a guy he doesn’t like on purpose just so he can say bad stuff about him regularly.

    Yeah, Frank Ass-hole-a and Marc Vermin are such a joy.

    Look, there is no question that Porzingis will struggle in the keeping “low center of gravity” big men from their desired position on the floor on both ends, maybe for his entire career. The question is, what advantages does he have to counter this weakness, and how well will he play to those advantages and minimize?

    He’s long, agile and smart, with a diverse skill-set on both ends. If he can build enough core strength so that guys can’t just walk through him, he should be alright.

    Look at this list of players 7’1″ or above who played 10,000 or more NBA Minutes since the game’s inception:

    There are only 9 guys 7’3″ or above, another 7 guys at 7’2″, and 11 guys at 7’1″. That’s a crazy short list!!

    Of these players, every one except Sabonis (1.3) attempted less than 0.6 3pt shot per 36.

    This fact in and of itself makes it impossible to compare Porzingis to any of those players. He is truly unique in this regard.

    Physically and agility-wise, the only guys he compares to are Sampson, Smits, Breuer, Bradley, Chandler, Kareem, and Iggy. But he’s really not like any of them.

    I’ll say this: there was a host of people who thought that a very skinny Lew Alcindor would have trouble in the NBA because he would get physically beaten up by stronger players. Now Porzingis isn’t Kareem, but he didn’t have 4 years of John Wooden coaching him in college either.

    Personally, I think Bradley is his absolute floor and a Dirk Nowitzki/Pau Gasol/Shawn Bradley hybrid is his ceiling. I have guarded optimism that he will be closer to the latter, mainly based on what’s between his ears.

    Berman and Isola are perfect examples of what reporting has become. They are parasites. I would not use that word casually but they fit the definition (from “an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.”

    So they prey on the subject of their writing with no regard to what it means to the Knicks. They are the epitome of what’s wrong with media today. They sicken me.

    @10 – watching that link makes me sick. SAS is a fool; Bayless is a liar. I’ve given Phil a C for his effort so far, but he isn’t there “to make moves to appease the fan base.” He’s there to build a good team. And while his honesty might not always be helpful, he’s just freaking being honest about the downside to the Zinger; he didn’t say he was Shawn Bradley, just that he could have the same kind of problem. I wanted WCS (though the foot problem concerned me once I learned of it), but Zinger was a good choice – high upside, high risk. If the Knicks weren’t a total freaking disaster, then they could have gone with someone more certain. But they needed to swing for the fences, and his choice was rational – albeit with risk.

    Isola, Berman, SAS, Bayless – if only people just stopped paying attention to them. Sad.

    The problem is, they are all we have to offer for Knicks coverage. All Knicks knowledge that my acquaintances offer is Isola/Berman/SAS/Bayless/Begley/etc crap. There is almost literally no one else on the Knicks beat that offers intelligent analysis.

    Isola has nearly 100K followers. SAS has 2.45 million. It’s atrocious.

    On the other hand, ESPN : good reporting :: MTV : music. SAS = Kim Kardashian. Trash, but making muney.

    There is almost literally no one else on the Knicks beat that offers intelligent analysis.

    Alan Hahn, Chris Herring, but thataboutit

    Yeah, Hahn and Herring are OK. Hahn might be too much of a homer but he’s not afraid to rip the Knicks when he should.

    I used to love Hahn, but he has become a bit of a company man (I don’t blame him, honestly – his TV gig is a really nice one). So Herring is pretty much it for me. He’s the only Knick beat writer I pay any real attention to.

    At least SAS is reasonable. Lol.

    That was brutal. I love how SAS throws out, as possible other choices instead of Zinger, Mudiay, and then says “Instead you drafted a guy none of us have seen!” You know, unlike Mudiay who everyone has se…oh, wait.

    By the way, if Jackson had taken Mudiay, I guarantee you, if asked about him, he would say, “He needs to work on his shot.” Why? Because he needs to work on his shot!! Zinger needs to work on building up core strength and Mudiay needs to work on his shot! These are obvious things that no one should ever fault a guy for pointing out.

    I had to shut off the interview with SAS at about the time he said the name Porzingis (incorrectly) the first time.

    Okay, I meant to ask, that isn’t the way it is pronounced, right? Because I’ve been calling him Por-ZING-is this whole time, not Por-ZINGE-is. So I’m right, right?

    During summer league I could have sworn Breen was saying Por-SING-gus. He was really nailing the G.

    Constructive criticism: Melo needs to improve his shot selection and try to pass a bit more

    Hateration: Melo is a trash, me first player who doesn’t care he never wins as long as he gets his

    So Herring is pretty much it for me. He’s the only Knick beat writer I pay any real attention to.

    I enjoy Herring on Twitter. Good articles in the WSJ as well. He quite happily calls out Isola and SAS and that makes me happy. Isola has trolled the Knicks harder than usual since the playoffs. Criticism as part of reasonable analysis is one thing; blatant shit canning for the sake of shit canning is another.

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