NY Daily News: Knicks interested in acquiring Clippers guard Jamal Crawford

Frank Isola of the NY Daily News reports:

The Knicks have expressed interest in acquiring Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, according to a source.

Coincidentally, the Cavs are also pursuing a deal for Crawford, the 34-year-old former Sixth Man of the Year. Miami is another team that is also interested in Crawford.

It is unclear what the Clippers are asking for in return.

Isola doesn’t get into the fact that the Knicks have nearly zero tradeable assets, so this is almost assuredly a pipe dream, but, well, I am sure someone did tell him that the Knicks are interested in Crawford, so it’s still likely worth mentioning.

EDITED TO ADD: Aha, I see the issue. As commenter thenamestsam pointed out, Isola initially suggested in the article that the Knicks could use their trade exception from the JR Smith deal. Said trade exception was renounced during free agency, so rather than come up with some other conceivable way for the Knicks to trade for Crawford, Isola just deleted that part of the article (without any notation that the article was dramatically edited) and then effectively shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I dunno.”

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