Knicks Morning News (2015.08.20)

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Tina Charles Paces Liberty (Thu, 20 Aug 2015 04:30:00 GMT)

    Charles had 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists to help the Liberty beat San Antonio, 73-45, for their first road victory over the Stars since 2011.

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    I think all this commentary from Jackson on Porzingis is being done to motivate him.
    Porzingis is a competitive guy; from what I read he has a competitive motor.
    If you’re a leader, you try to push buttons to influence your people. I think this stuff about Porzingis being too tall is just a way to get him to build strength to counter a real issue.

    But I don’t believe you take a guy 4th overall if you think he has an insurmountable shortcoming.
    I believe the Knicks think Porzingis has the potential to be a perennial all star caliber player. He is huge, athletic, and has great touch around the basket. He plays on both ends. He’s smart and well grounded in basketball skills.

    The rest of it is mental.
    I think he will show contact really well. I think this guy could take a ton of foul shots. I think he’s going to block a lot of shots, too, particularly coming from the weak side playing alongside Lopez.

    Regardless of the wins, it will be fun watching this team come together.

    I can’t imagine taking a guy 4th and then bashing him. I can definitely see Phil bashing a guy he really wants BEFORE the draft to scare others away.

    Honestly, I was worried about KP at the draft but after watching him play in Vegas, my first thought was that he was not anything like Bargnani.

    All the Knicks need to do is make standing reservations for him at Peter Lugers. Six weeks on that diet and we won’t be talking about him getting pushed around 😉

    Melo held a minicamp for the Knicks in Puerto Rico with Porzingas, Grant much of the team.

    But… but… Stephen A told me that Melo hates all his new teammates, and especially the skinny European dude!

    Like we really need this drama. Just negotiate some kind of deal so we can trade him and finally really move on.

    There’s a joke in that Melo story about Lala and volume scorers, but I haven’t quite found it.

    Like we really need this drama. Just negotiate some kind of deal so we can trade him and finally really move on.

    Is this sarcasm?

    Fans don’t need this drama, not the husband, wife(if not true), or child but the fans. LOL. smh

    So JR is re-signing with the Cavs. He’s taking a huge pay cut from the $6.4 million he opted out of (2 years/$5 million, with the second year a player option). But check out how he explained what happened. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite so full of shit as this:

    Happy to say that I am returning to the Cavs! It’s been a long ride this summer but I can say for sure, well worth the wait. When I opted out of my contract, I wanted to understand the landscape of the NBA and where I fit best. The Cavaliers had things they needed to do in order to piece together a championship caliber roster. I ended up deciding that instead of potentially securing a larger deal elsewhere, I wanted to rejoin an incredible organization in pursuit of the ultimate goal, an NBA championship. Thank you to the Cavaliers for making this happen. Can’t wait to get started! #TheLand


    Yeah I saw that too. He is kind of telling us his intention in a round about way.

    I wanted to understand the NBA landscape = I wanted to see who was going to pay me.

    I mean we can only really assume what he’s intentions were, but it’s a safe bet J.R. was after the cash. He would have taken the player option if he was serious about the Cavs.

    According to him, they needed to prove to him that they were contenders first before he would re-sign with them. I wonder if he’s convinced himself that that is the truth.

    Looks like the JR deal is for 2 years and 10 mill, and includes a player option for the 2nd year. He did OK, maybe even better than OK for himself.

    Okay, never mind, that’s a fine deal for JR. He actually played the market correctly, shockingly. I apologize for doubting you, JR!

    Is this sarcasm?

    Fans don’t need this drama, not the husband, wife(if not true), or child but the fans. LOL. smh

    No sarcasm at all. When a marriage gets in trouble, I always feel sorry for the children. I’ve been there. But I couldn’t give a rats ass about Melo and Lala. They’re the ones that have been accused of fooling around on each other (and it’s highly likely to be true given that there have been multiple reports over the years) . They’re the ones that may be destroying their marriage.

    The idea of this rebuild was to get rid of the losers. There’s one left.

    Im not sure you could field a full team if you wanted to assemble an NBA squad of men who didn’t cheat on their wives/partners

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