Knicks Morning News (2015.07.25)

  • [New York Daily News] Carmelo Anthony to attend USA minicamp in Vegas: reports (Sat, 25 Jul 2015 04:17:50 GMT)

    In a sign that Carmelo Anthony should be ready for the start of training camp, he plans to attend a USA Basketball minicamp in Las Vegas.

  • [New York Times] Elena Delle Donne Emerges as Face of the W.N.B.A. (Sat, 25 Jul 2015 02:12:32 GMT)

    With the league’s best players gathered for Saturday’s All-Star Game, Delle Donne’s colleagues, including Brittney Griner, are acknowledging that she has begun to fulfill the lofty expectations with which she entered the league.

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    Have the Knicks confirmed that they’re signing Darion Atkins? I’ve never seen him play (I watch very little college ball) but the more I read about him the more I like him.

    who the hell is Darion Atkins

    You don’t know who the 2015 Lefty Driesell award winner was???!!!!

    You don’t know who the 2015 Lefty Driesell award winner was???!!!!

    What’s the Lefty Driesell award?

    What’s the Lefty Driesell award?

    The award that Darion Atkins won in 2015

    RE Isiah Thomas…

    Isn’t that why the wealthy often settle out of court? To be able to say stuff like “I’ve never been convicted…” or not found “personally liable” for this and that?

    Maybe he’s reformed himself, etc., but I remain skeptical. I hope he’s never put in any kind of official capacity with the Knicks again.

    Interesting stuff this Darion Atkins. Anchored basically the best defense college basketball last year.

    Atkins posted modest stats during his four-year career at Virginia before exploding onto the scene at the NBA’s Portsmouth Invitational in the spring. In three games, Atkins averaged 20.0 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.7 blocks and made the All-Tournament Team.

    “He came in and just played solid,” said NBA Senior Director of Scouting Ryan Blake. “He played like a veteran. Defensively and offensively — he opened up a lot of eyes for NBA teams.
    “He showed touch, instincts, composure — everything. His field goal percentage was great. He showed a lot.”

    Added Jonathan Givony of NBA Draft Express: “He was really impressive. He was one of the best big guys there, without a doubt.”

    Looks like we’re continuing to get younger. We’ll see if this is better than signing any of the other end of the bench opportunities.

    Nobody has brought up Lance Thomas yet? I got this.

    The author in the article linked in comment 10 mentioned Atkins would be competing for a roster spot against Lance and Lou. While that isn’t true, considering the Knicks don’t even have 15 under contract yet, it did bring me back to the Battle of the Travises at last year’s camp.

    Outlaw, a vet on a guaranteed contract and not good at NBA basketball. Wear, a guy who put up mediocre summer league stats for another franchise in limited minutes. We all know Phil opted for the potential over the known crappy quantity, even if it was a minor enough decision to forget about a year later.

    It’s not identical to a Lance vs. anyone else scenario this year but it’s an indicator that Phil isn’t going to let Proven Veterans be the default makeup of the roster in the face of a rookie he’s evaluated as more capable.

    Also Atkins sounds like a more polished Thanasis, who I suspect is the early favorite for 15th man.

    The race to 15. Let’s see where we stand…

    C: Lopez/O’Quinn/Amundson (3)
    F: Anthony/Porzingis/Williams/Early/Thomas (5)
    G: Calderon/Grant/Afflalo/Galloway/Ledo (5)

    Ledo and Galloway are on partially guaranteed contracts, with Galloway having to royally screw up in training camp to not make the final roster. Not sure how much they like Ledo, or why, but the team needs some kind of fifth guard (and probably a sixth), whether that’s Ledo, Saunders or someone else. And Phil has said he’d like another center, perhaps because he views one or both of O’Quinn and Amundson more as PF types.

    So we have at least two, and perhaps as many as four open spots (if the org completely sours on Galloway). Are they looking at Thanassis as a 2 or a 3 at this point?

    Oddly, the Spurs didn’t play Atkins much in the summer league. Was he hurt? Were they trying to hide him?

    He seems more like a 3/4 fit rather than a 2/3 like Thanasis.

    If you look at their college numbers, Lin was vastly better at scoring inside the arc than Saunders. Lin is good attacking the rim in the NBA, and I imagine he physically overmatched everyone in the Ivy League. Saunders doesn’t seem to be that sort of athlete. He did shoot the 3 better than Lin though.

    Are they looking at Thanassis as a 2 or a 3 at this point?

    I thought 3 at first but now it seems like a 2 is more likely.

    I have watched a lot of Wes Saunders. I would be surprised if he is an NBA rotation player in waiting. Many good qualities for sure but never really struck me as great. I will say, he never looked overmatched against tough competition in college (with the exception of the Virginia game.) certainly. solid player and high character from what I have heard. Good defender though not remarkable. Don’t know, I definitely like the idea, very interested to see how well he and Aikins turn out. But a little skeptical…

    Are they looking at Thanassis as a 2 or a 3 at this point?

    Thanasis is 6’7″. His brother is 6’11”. I heard (I think on a post-game?) that he’s a 2 guard.

    I thought of him as a 3-4 but his only way on the team seems to be as a guard, because of his size. He has average-at-best handle and no confidence in his jumper. Very much a tweener. I like his defense but a shooting guard that can’t shoot is a problem.

    It would surprise me if he played in the US in 2015-16.

    Yeah, Thanassis is a major long shot, but his unique size for his position makes him an interesting possibility to at least give him a chance.

    Thanassis seems more like a young Gerald Wallace type 3 to me. Regardless, he probably won’t see much court time.

    Our guards still look pretty terrible to me, with Grant hopefully bucking the trend, but it would be nice if we had a guard that could shoot threes AND defend. I guess those guys are expensive these days.

    it would be nice if we had a guard that could shoot threes AND defend

    Langston Galloway?

    Defensive stats loves him and he shot .350 last season, .360 in D-League and .420 in College.

    Thanassis seems more like a young Gerald Wallace type 3 to me. Regardless, he probably won’t see much court time.

    It’s funny, old school NBA, Thanassis would totally be a three. I just think with his brother playing the two and with the Knicks’ current roster, his best chance will be as a 2.

    Doesn’t Middleton play the two and the GF plays the 3? I think that’s what made khris his money being able to use his size as a 2 instead of a 3/4.

    Teams should have asked for Middleton and Ilyasova last summer when they were available.

    I think that sort of speaks to the new “position-less” NBA, where a guy like the GF can be brought into the NBA as a point guard and end up playing 2 and 3. Last year, with Milwaukee, it was really more like they had a point, a center and then three interchangeable forwards. Like, for instance, when they would start GF, Middleton and Dudley last year, who was the power forward? Dudley, right? But on other teams, he’s a shooting guard! Even this upcoming season, Parker is the power forward, to be sure, but he’s barely bigger than the GF (he’s three inches shorter than the GF, but has about fifteen pound of muscle on him).

    So with that in mind, Thanasis might be best suited to play the three, but the Knicks look to have less of a need there, so I suspect he’ll end up at the 2. I mean, really, he’ll probably end up playing left bench, but if he’s going to have a shot at the rotation, I think it’ll be at the 2. Right now, the shooting guard rotation looks like Afflalo/Grant/Galloway, with the latter two also being rotated in at the 1. So there is definitely an opportunity in the backcourt for someone. Maybe someone new that they’ll bring into camp but also maybe Thanasis.

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