2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic – Commence Freaking Out Now

The Knicks are up 12 as we come close to halftime.

Commence freaking out now at how this team is screwing itself over.

Who here seriously doesn’t see two more wins a possibility this season? This team…this freaking team…

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Magic with one of the worst offensive quarters of all time. They’ll still win by 14. That’s how bad we are, so have faith in our utter terribleness.

That was the worst second quarter in NBA history. We are all witness

Being a part of embarrassing records is a big part of what we do here.

This is so freakin’ depressing. And seriously, Detroit? That game is so winnable, as well.

I think they have it in them. Have confidence guys. We aren’t going to kick losing to the curb that easily….

I mean, I guess splitting the top pick odds aren’t insane. They just would need luck to win the coin flip and you know this team has no luck.

But again, they could easily defeat Detroit, who is trying to lose, as well. This is terrible times.

Initially thought we should take Okafor if we get the #1 pick, but with Towns’ promising development on offense and Okafors consistently poor FT shooting and defense I would pick Towns. Interestingly no one talking much about Mudiay bc he went to China, but watching scouting tape on him he could end up as best player from this draft … In the westbrooke/drose power guard mold. Doubt any team would pick him first though

If we lose and Aldrich has a career high Dred will be popping Cristal tonight….

chances that dolan is rooting against the knicks right now: 2%
chances that dolan is rooting for the knicks right now: 2%

Thanks for the utter useless replay, MSG. What the heck? And then nothing?!? Why not just SHOW us the actual call?!!? Why are we not watching this replay right now?

An outsider visiting this site right now must think this is an Orlando Magic blog lol.

Flagrant foul on Thomas. Two shots and the ball for Orlando. Let’s go, refs. Make it happen.

“In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter much, for two teams playing out the string.” Breen can’t be that oblivious, can he?

This is called a two-for-one, Fisher. Next year, you should try some. Not this year, though. This year you’re doing it “correctly.”

Plus, what the fuck were the Magic doing there? “No one go for the ball!”

The emperor has no clothes… In my hear of hearts I was hoping we were actually tanking

Mike Breen is such a douche. “I can’t root for a loss.” No, you’re too “classy.” Douche.

“And with the fifth pick in the 2015 NBA draft. . .”

The New York Knicks select Frank Kaminsky out of the University of Wisconsin.

I read an article the other day predicting that Winslow ends up being the best player in this draft. That can happen, right?

Maybe the Basketball Gods will reward the Knicks for not tanking as obviously as the Wolves are with the #1 pick regardless of who finishes with the worst record.

I read an article the other day predicting that Winslow ends up being the best player in this draft. That can happen, right?


Maybe the Basketball Gods will reward the Knicks for not tanking as obviously as the Wolves are with the #1 pick regardless of who finishes with the worst record.

Sure, the Knicks just need some luc…oh, wait, they are cursed. So no.

Fisher tried. He really did. I gotta give it up to him. He tried to lose the game. This win is all on that jerk Hardaway.

As a die-hard Yankees and Knicks fan this has been a brutal past 20 hours.

What does he care if this fucks the Knicks over? He’s not likely to have some long career here.

But did Jason have to block that layup, Brian? You’ve got to look at that too

Thomas is a team player. He tried to foul Oladipo, the refs just didn’t call it.

Reading this game thread made me hate all of you.

You all do realize that even with the worst record the Knicks might not get the first pick right?

And you do also all realize that even with the first pick we might not get the best player right?

And that one of the top 5 picks could all change our franchise right?

And even if we get the best player in the draft that we still have a team that we have to build around that player and Melo.

Screw all of you. Getting pissed over us winning one game. SMHDH!!!!

Forgetting the ping pong balls (which are very significant in and of themselves), worst record guarantees top four pick. Second-worst record does not guarantee a top four pick. If you don’t think that’s a significant difference, then you’re mistaken.

At least we did all see this coming a long time ago. That’s just how this dumb team works. So that’s something.


I’ve got two lottery tickets. They’ll cost you the same, but one has a 25% chance of winning and the other one has a 20% chance. Which one would you like? I’m offering.

Just wondering,

This is literally the worst win in history. We win a game we don’t even want to and only do so by participating in the worst quarter in NBA history. No matter what the final score says, that is not a win.

I think any player that already has a contract for next year that was actually trying to win that game should be traded on IQ grounds alone. If you play like Hardaway, it can’t happen fast enough. The worst part about it is that he was actually celebrating like he done something good in this meaningless excrement of a game that we had to lose.

Definitely a horrible win at completely the wrong time. I think you have to put a lot of the blame on Fisher at this point. You put a guy like Cole in and you never know what he might “erupt”. Same goes for Hardaway. I am not suggesting they don’t put them out there at all, but why not run Cleanthony and Ricky Ledo for 40 minutes, under the guise of saying we need to look at the young talent. Also, how about running out Travis Wear. He was only listed as a sore lower back. I am not talking about ruining a guy’s future by having him tough it out with a sore lower back am I? Anyway, using some of your “best” talent at this point was undoubtedly going to lead to this kind of mishap. Maybe Minny will help us out, but unfortunately I think they have read their tank play book cover to cover at this point and little is going to derail them in their quest for the #1.

We all knew this was how it was going to play out. We always knew there was going to be some pointless Pyrrhic victory that was going to cost us a good position in the 2015 draft. It’s just the way things work around here. Something something bball gods hashtag.

The only question remaining at this point is this: which perennial All-Star will be selected with the #4 pick that is one slot ahead of the Knicks’ inevitable #5 selection?

I could see the handwriting on the wall a couple weeks back. It was clear the T-Wolves had the way tougher schedule and were in all out tank mode. There was almost no way they were going to win another game. On the flip side, the Knicks had several players playing for their careers, several winnable games on their schedule, and didn’t really seem to be tanking. They’ve been trying to win. A couple of accidents were bound to happen. The thing that has me pissed of is that it wasn’t one of those desperate players that won the game down the stretch. It was a guy that already has a contract with THIS team next year. How do you not understand that you are better off losing? You really have to be an idiot.

It’s absolutely awful that the Wolves end the season playing OKC and New Orleans, trying to fight to win a playoff spot. Ugh.

The Knicks, by the way, very much can still fall all the way to 3rd. If they win out and if Philly loses out (there should be no “if” there for Philly), then they’re tied for second, behind Minnesota and now flipping a coin to decide if they are second or third.

Actually, if OKC can lose their next two games and if New Orleans wins their next two games, OKC will want to lose that last game, right?

It’s even better than that. New Orleans has the tie-breaker, so OKC only needs to be a game behind New Orleans heading into its game against Minnesota for OKC to have no reason to try to win.

Why would OKC want to lose to the wolves? They’d have nothing to gain, especially if they are eliminated from the playoffs.

Draft position, no? But yes, it is really more a matter of them not actively trying to win rather than them trying to lose.

If they miss the playoffs they are all but guaranteed to have the 14th pick. (Their pick is protected 1-18). They can’t fall back from 14. Only move up to a top 3 pick, which carries only a 1.8% chance). The only way OCK would want to lose their last game is if they’ve already clinched a playoff spot and they don’t want to tie Washington in wins and risk ending up with the #19 pick. But that’s a long-shot scenario that is probably moot because even if they played blind-folded they’d be able to beat the Timberwolves.

Come on, you have to give me some hope here! 😉

But seriously, the game I’m now freaked out about is the Detroit game. These morons can easily win that game.

Look, I was one of the few who were content after some Knicks wins (say, the Spurs one). But even I can’t commend this fucking win. Also, when Timmy drained that infamous (I have the feeling that thing is going to be on Knicks’ top 5 worst moments in history come May 19th) three, and he celebrated like the stupid player he is riffing on another stupid player celebration, I thought “well at least this might pimp his trade value”. Then I went and checked the box score. He was 4-16 from the floor. Do you realize this sucker was 2-14 before hitting two crucial shots in a meaningful game… Only the game had negative meaning if we won? This is like going 13-15 in the first 46 minutes of a decisive playoff game and then botching everything shooting 5 consecutive airballs, while also missing 4 free throws. It’s Malone getting the ball stolen mixed with Nick Anderson clunking his free throws mixed with rookie Kobe against Utah with some Charles Smith sprinkled in. Ouch.

Do you realize this sucker was 2-14 before hitting two crucial shots in a meaningful game… Only the game had negative meaning if we won?

He also made two unclutch free throws. He scored the Knicks’ last seven points, and he did so in the final 90 seconds, taking the Knicks from trailing by 2 to winning by 1. Ugh.

Good call Brian, I forgot them. From this moment on, my MUP (Most Unlikable Player) vote for this Knicks team goes to THJ, surpassing Jah in the crunch time.

I understand the frustration but it’s kind if unrealistic to expect pro athletes, who are hard-wired from birth to be hyper-competitive, not to try to win. I was convinced months ago that it was going to Bargnani who prevented them from getting the #1 pick. I never thought Hardaway would be the guy.

Well, its sort of Bargnani’s fault for not playing yesterday. How can we lose without our biggest chucker?

I, for one, am glad our tank has evolved away from iso-Bargs. It’s easy to get complacent when you have a superstar like that and just rely on him to rack up the FGA and LP48, but in the long run, this team needs a balanced suck. Even Bargs was having a string of games where he started to resemble a mediocre NBA player, so I think shutting him down was the right move. And I can’t fault Timmy too much down the stretch – as Farfa pointed out, his stat line made for a pretty shitty, if not Bargsian, outing. In those last two minutes, with so much pressure, it’s not surprising that a young player will crack under the pressure. Not all of them can be expected to be superclutch like Melo and routinely brick the game-winning shot or have the basketball IQ of Bargs and shoot a 3-ball while up two with 11 seconds left.

The biggest disappointment tonight was Cole. He obviously needs to work on his strict training regimen of 6 hours a day of consuming mountain dew and lays while watching reruns of duck dynasty on the couch.

With any luck, with our number 5 pick we will draft someone that will be the next Darko or Jonny Flynn, or even a Hasheem Thabeet, to secure our position atop the pantheon of all-time worst teams for years to come.

I don’t blame Cole for playing hard. He has no idea if he’ll be back. There are no guarantees he’ll even be in the NBA next year. If I was him, I would have played hard too. Hardaway, on the other hand, will be back, almost certainly with the Knicks. So he damaged his own team’s prospects and celebrated it.

I was still holding out hope that Hardaway could develop into an efficient scoring 6th man off the bench. But I’m so furious over this (even though it may amount to nothing) I can’t see myself rooting for him anymore if this winds up hurting us in the draft. It was THAT STUPID.

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