2014-2015 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers

Things are starting to get interesting in the great tankathon of 2015.

Last night, the Knicks continued their strong recent play (the only game in the last five that they lost they played without their second-best player after Langston Galloway, Carmelo Anthony*) with a victory over the Kevin Durant-less Oklahoma City Thunder. Tonight they go to Indiana to play against a Pacers team only 6.5 games ahead of them in the standings. The other two contenders for the worst-record “crown,” Philly and Minny, also won, so the Knicks begin today a half-game behind Minny and tied with Philly. It’s going to be a tight race to the bottom!

The Knicks will be with Carmelo Anthony tonight, as the theory is, I presume, that if you’re going to have knee surgery, you might as well destroy the knee entirely before the surgery or else you’re not getting the most out of the surgery, right?

The Knicks will also be with two other players for the rest of the season, as they are inking both Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas for the rest of the season (it doesn’t appear that they gave them non-guaranteed deals for next season, though, which is odd, as that would seem to be a no-brainer. Perhaps we’ll find out that they did later on. The contract specifics are still iffy).

Boy, these 10-day contracts sure have worked out, right? It’s almost as if they should try to get rid of more useless players on their roster and try out more 10-day contract guys.

Let’s go! Knicks!

*That’s a joke, ah say, that’s a joke, son.

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Ok, time to take a break from this “winning” thing, a competitive loss tonight would be just fine, with a bonus of TH Jr. continuing his decent play and upping his trade value.

Part of me wants to see Galloway play well and the Knicks as a group to look like a “team”, but come on, we can’t even tank right!

It’s funny. Tanking right and trying to bring in new good players that play hard are generally in conflict. Tanking is actually hard.

I don’t necessarily have an opinion on who I want NY to draft, but I want to come out of this draft with a all-star caliber player (long term). We can’t win too many more games and feel good about our chances of coming up with one.

Oh I agree. But people that say that there are optics to winning related to free agents especially if the winning is being done by promising young and cheap players like Gallo, Thomas, THJ have a legit point. There is no question that there is more long term value to an all star quality draft pick than cap space and FAs from a team building perspective. But on the other hand you don’t want the young players with upside getting the stink of losing every game all over them. It’s a bit of a fine line.

We need to play GS, and soon, so as to crush whatever confidence these Knicks are developing. They forget their place.

Top 5 pick is what i want. Finish with one of the 5 worst records and that will be fine. As long as Melo eventually sits that will definitely happen so Im not too concerned right now. I mean shit I want to see them win some games too so win them now before Melo hopefully gets shut down.

Motherfucking Bargnani is killing our tank game. At this point I hate him almost as much as I hated Eddy Curry

Think we can convince Amare to take a couple year 3 mil a year deal? Since he kinda owes us 2 years of basketball anyway. Give him the old “Thought you wanted to bring Championships to New York?” speech. 15 minutes a night on the second unit with some solid players around him to help cover up the defense. He’s got great spirit.

Lose all road games, win a few home games for the loyal fans, and the tank will be fine.

Amare is like crack to NBA coaches. They see that efficient low post scoring, the dunks, the smooth finishes, and they just want more. They know they shouldn’t keep playing him, but man, that high is just so good. And then he breaks and he’s not there when you need him. Every single time.

Just say no to Amare Stoudemire, kids.

Indeed, very good preview.

I think one of the underrated consequences of this season is the amazing ads shown during MSG broadcasts. I imagine rates are down dramatically.

I know that if I have legal problems, I am very excited to put Gruenberg Kelly Della on retainer….

So, are we officially done with the Langston Galloway hype?

Is this a serious question?

Why no Cole tonight? I had the Indiana broadcast and didn’t hear them mention anything.

Z-man, why this crusade against Galloway? The consensus on this board is just that he’s NBA material. Nobody is expecting him to become a 15-7-4 type of guy. So, if the Galloway hype is seeing in him a 25mpg, 8-4-4 competent PG-SG, well that hype ain’t gonna die any time soon.

Now that Wade is injured, let’s rally a campaign for Amundson at the ASG. Silver, can you hear us? It’s your job to pick replacements now, go for it!

The last 4 games from Towns havent been very pretty. I know its tough to judge him by his per game numbers because of the system and minutes he gets at Kentucky but besides the shotblocking he has had some pretty ugly games lately.

Z-man, why this crusade against Galloway?

Z-Man doesn’t like D-League guards that outplay their caste. They make him feel Linsecure.

Jimmy too good to be running himself into the ground for the tattered shells of Derek Rose and Joakim Noah. Come to NY, Jimmy. We’ll only play you huge minutes if you have a bad knee

It really is insane that Butler scores 7 points in the last 80 seconds of the fourth and then they didn’t draw up the last play of the fourth for him or the last play of the first overtime!!

Thibs is really bizarro MDA. A one trick pony (but that trick is elite) with no adaptability whatsoever with a penchant for running his players into the ground. I prefer much the coaching acumen of Kidd.

Remember the first game of last season when the final five minutes or so was just iso-Melo vs. iso-Rose and neither of them could buy a bucket? And yet their respective coaches just went back to them over and over again until finally Melo hits a clutch shot but then Rose answers with an extremely foolish and ugly-looking game-winner.

@30 mark my words, Galloway will never put up 25mpg 8-4-4 on a playoff team.

I guess I’m sick of (and admittedly have often been guilty of) placing any hope in scrubs that post nice stats in very limited minutes or have a few nice games before the League figures them out. This team needs serious NBA players, who cares who the 10-13th guys on the bench are?

Who said playoffs about Galloway? And, anyway, it depends on the situation, as I wrote yesterday: the Triangle calls for not necessarily talented but smart and self-aware guys to play a bunch of minutes. I think Galloway fits that bill perfectly. Then it could be a 8-2-2 or 9-4-3 or 7-5-4 or who knows, but a valuable contribution nonetheless. Or am I supposed to think that Shannon Brown was a better player than Langston is?

I’m much more worried about Early. I hope that when Melo gives it up after ASG (because he will do that, right?) he’s going to see much more playing time… otherwise it is possible that he’s in Fisher’s doghouse.

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