Seacoast Online: Family keeps the faith as baby battles cancer

When Jim and Deana Cavan welcomed their son Everett into the world last April, they knew he would change their lives forever. What they didn’t realize was just how much their first-born child, who is currently fighting for his life in a Boston hospital, could teach them about courage, resiliency, hope and the human spirit, they have been helping other parents to not feel alone and made workshops and activities on how long does it take for a baby to talk, walk or if there are any signs to look after when there is a developing issue.
Nine-month-old “Rett” has been battling a rare and serious form of pediatric cancer after a rhabdoid tumor was discovered on his liver last fall. But despite a risky surgery to remove the mass and several rounds of chemotherapy to destroy additional cancer lesions on his lungs, this little boy and his parents remain positive about his recovery.

“It’s tough,” said Deana. “But, I feel like he can push through this and live an amazing life.”

Great article about our friend and fellow Knickerblogger writer, Jim Cavan, and his family.

Here‘s the full article.

And here, again, is the place where people can make donations to help with the future medical expenses (which might very well be outside of insurance because we’re possibly talking about some experimental stuff since Rett’s cancer is so rare).

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