2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bucks

Let’s hope that the bad times keep on rolling!

Tonight is a good time to possibly scout Brandon Knight, who would be an intriguing option as a restricted free agent, as he is an actual two-way point guard. The first two-way point guard the Knicks would have since…Charlie Ward? Yikes. It’d cost a lot to get him, but I think he can be had for $12 million a year, and if the Knicks have about $22 million in cap space (which seems to be their most likely scenario, unless they waive JR Smith or if they decide to keep Shump) then they can sign him and another good $10 million player, like Wes Matthews (Matthews might take more than $10 million to get, though).

Let’s go! Knicks?

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My mind cannot accept primary offensive option Cole Aldrich.

DRed, you’ve lead the Church of Cole since time began…or at least the past year. Surely you’re not getting off the Cole Train?

Why is Jason Smith playing over Cole? Phisher with some questionable decisions.

Can we make a video of Hardaway’s 1st quarter and send it to all the NBA GM’s? And tell them that’s how he’s played all season?

Why is Jason Smith playing over Cole? Phisher with some questionable decisions.

Cole gets tired pretty quickly, especially when being the focal point of the offense. Also, Bargs is out hurt so we need someone to laugh at.

Gotta give it up for the crowd. This has to be the best supported awful team in NBA history


Wow. We’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these lineups talentwise.

And Melo’s suit game is arguably worse than his hat game.

And I apologize to all y’all on the previous threads arguing about losing Tyson, but this year Cole’s D > last year Tyson’s D.

And Cole should not be a primary ball handler, passer, or shooter on an NBA team. Gross misuse of a great player.

@15 The suit is ok, but the polo shirt and Saturday Night Fever chain combo with it is, as Clyde would say, ghastly.

January 4, 2015 at 8:13 pm
Jason Smith is American for Andrea Bargnani


Was Tyson the last free agent to come to the Knicks who had been a starter and didn’t retire the following season?

Dumb question. From all future 1st round drafts, have we only dealt away 2016? I just looked it up, and I can’t seem to believe it.

I feel like I need to post _something_ here, if only to keep DRed from feeling like he’s alone here. Hey buddy!! Let’s go Knickertankers!!

I think a 47 game losing streak and a final record of 5-77 is well within this team’s capabilities.

Holy crap Melo looks like a buffoon in that getup. For a guy who is all about his “brand” he needs to start with a better stylist. Or just let Fish pick his wardrobe. That guy is money.

Clyde clowning shump. He’s been doing it the whole year.

“which shoulder did he hurt”
“the left one. The none shooting shoulder”
“maybe it should’ve been his right”

You could argue that they are doing an absolutely masterful, Pjax-zen-worthy job of tanking because it _really_ looks like they are trying. How many teams can intentionally lose while so convincingly making it look like they are trying to win?

Wow…you know it’s bad when listening to Clyde reminisce about the “St Louis Hawks” is more captivating than the game.

How could Amare possibly be surprised his knee is fucked up? Is he the only one who doesn’t know he’s going to need another surgery?

I like the way STAT fastens both suit buttons. Kinda like my 9 year old. Probably wears a belt AND suspenders too…

Just imagine, one day we’ll be able to look back on this season and it’ll make us appreciate our great, contending team all the more.

That is if we don’t all commit group ritualistic suicide at having to endure such a horrid basketball team night in and night out.

I’d like to suggest a new feature on Knicks Extra called The Worst Player of the Game.
It might be a little more interesting than the pablum that the hosts of that show usually dish out.
The problem is choosing only one. Today I vote for Jose (Don Quixote) Calderon.
His first play of the game was a turnover. It didn’t improve after that.

Close second, maybe too close to call is Jason Smith. I am sick of watching his ineptitude.

Dumb question. From all future 1st round drafts, have we only dealt away 2016? I just looked it up, and I can’t seem to believe it.

Yeah, just 2016. But they aren’t allowed to trade the 2017, which is likely the only reason they still have it.

They need a “worst dressed Knick” postgame segment too where Clyde can dish style advice to the bench crew.

Players I’m totally fine cutting:

7.”Clutch” the Bayhawks’ mascot

I don’t think you can cut either Dalembart or JR. The former should still be able to fetch you something and the latter I’d like to exhaust all possibilities of a trade before waiving him after the season ends.

And I’d keep Wear, if only because he doesn’t hurt their cap space, so might as well keep a young guy. Smith and Bargs, though, can be dumped easily.

Wear is pretty useless, and nobody is signing hi if we cut him, so we could add him to the Westchester Knicks if we wanted. That said, I’d cut Jah Smith and Bargs tomorrow if I ran the Knicks and replace them with Galloway and any big man with possible upside in the dleague we can find. Those two are the worst of the worst.

Does anyone hold Seth Curry’s rights? Apparently he has a 70%ts in the D League, I think he’s worth a shot.

Saw Seth Curry play the Westchester Knicks. He looked pretty damn good. Very much like his brother.

missed the game – what was Melo wearing?
Wear is very cap friendly 6’10” (remember that first Cavs game where he guarded Lebron??)
reckon what Knicks need too are better assistant coaches and trainers if keeping Fisher

Yo, let’s make a deal. Call up Starbury and get him to use his fluent Chinese/Vaseline to convince Yao Highness to come out of retirement – he’s only 34, his foot should have healed by now, and he can’t be any less in shape than Cole, right? If Starbury pulls it off, give him a contract too – we could use another PG, and he’s the same age as prigs.

No? Ok, back to the reefer.

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