Okay, Who Thought He Wasn’t Making It Up?

Apparently, Marbury really is hurt, and may require surgery.

That’d be a blessing in disguise for the Knicks, as presumably at least part of his salary would be paid by insurance, right?

EDITED TO ADD: Reader Brendan adds something that is certainly worth pointing out:

If this level of damage is sufficient to require surgery, how many active players would most teams have if they all made similar choices? I read Isiah’s “if he decides to play again” quote alongside Marbury’s “but there’s always next year” quote and wonder if the guy took a legit injury and ran with it, deciding to have the sort of surgery which most guys have in the summer during the season- in effect shutting it down on a team he knows is going nowhere and a coach he doesn’t respect.

That’s definitely a fair point by Brendan. My main point was simply that I (and I bet a lot of people) thought Marbury’s injury was entirely made up, so it’s worth noting that it was a legit injury. Now, if he gets SURGERY, then we get to Brendan’s point, and it is a lot trickier.

2008 Thread: Knicks at Bulls 1/8/2007

Here is a discussion thread, for those folks still willing to suffer through Knicks’ games.

Drown your sorrows here, fellas!

By the by, has anyone else noticed that the Knicks aren’t even being DISCUSSED really anymore? They’re simply used as a punchline. For other bad teams, columnists make suggestions and stuff like that – for the Knicks, it is basically, “Yeah, they’re just totally screwed.”

Marbury in ’08!

There was discussion earlier today about whether Marbury would return to the Knicks this season. Coach Isiah Thomas even remarked that he did not know if Marbury would return. According to a report, though, Marbury will return to the Knicks some time after the beginning of the new year.

Is this good news, though?

I think so, at least if he comes back in game shape. I am not a big fan of Marbury, but goodness, the Knicks options at guard are pretty flimsy at this point in time, so I think Marbury is still an upgrade.

I would especially love to see him paired with the new frontcourt of Jeffries, Lee and Randolph. See if he and Crawford can work well with two forwards (Lee and Jeffries) who do not NEED the ball.

But I can see him being just such a headcase that it might be a bigger detriment to the team than a positive.

Edited to Add: Some readers have brought up the notion of just holding on to Marbury for the rest of the year, since he will definitely be tradeable NEXT year, when his contract will have only one year left. While that is certainly true, is it not in the Knicks’ best interest, if they keep Marbury, to just keep him the WHOLE time, and just let his deal run out – and get the cap room that comes with that?

The (Fourth) Winter of Our Discontent

On December 20th, 2003, a bad New York Knicks team defeated an even worse Atlanta Hawks team, 103-92. The starters for the Knicks in that game were Allan Houston, Antonio McDyess, Keith Van Horn, Dikembe Mutombo and Howard Eisley (do note that 3/5th of the starting five are no longer in the league, and a fourth is so old that he used to babysit Julio Franco). The reserves were Kurt Thomas, Charlie Ward, Frank Williams, Shandon Anderson and Michael Doleac (3/5th of THEM are ALSO out of the league now, with Doleac hanging on by a thread).

Two days later, on December 22nd, 2003 – four years ago today, the Knicks hired Isiah Thomas as their new President and General Manager. Their next game was December 23rd, and appropriately enough, they lost. Read More