ESPN: Carmelo likely done after ASG

From Ian Begley:

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony said Thursday on ESPN Radio that it’s “very likely” he will shut it down after the All-Star Game.

Anthony maintained that he plans to play in Sunday’s game at Madison Square Garden, “even if it’s just a few minutes” — but could be done playing after that.

“It’s very likely. It’s very likely. Now I’ve got to start thinking about the future,” Anthony told Marc Stein, Marc Kestecher and P.J. Carlesimo in an interview on ESPN Radio. “This season is this season. So I really want to just sit down with my team and sit down with the proper people to just kind of plan this thing out and see exactly what I have to do to get done and just to fix it.”

While this seemed to be a near certainty, it is good to see Melo confirm it. Good, now he can hopefully be recovered to be at 100% for next season. And, of course, that should help the Knicks in their quest to finish with the worst record in the league, as Melo is their second-best player after Jason Smith.

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As much as you never want to see your star players shutdown because of injury (although I sometimes wonder on this site ha ha), it will obviously be a big plus for the campaign to get a No. 1 pick. Other obvious bonuses are more game time and looks for Early and Galloway which will be nice to see, especially for Early. Out of curiosity though, is the team able to request an injury exemption from the league if Melo is shut down on his own terms? Could be an opportunity for another D-League call up, although pending STAT and Bargs buyouts, and a potential deal moving Prigs or Calderon it may not be necessary.

Injury exceptions are only if you are missing four guys or more long term due to injuries.

I don’t think Anthony was doing much to help the Knicks win, so I doubt it will have any bearing on “tanking”.

The question is whether Anthony is really hurt or not. And I’m not sure which answer is best for the team. Neither is good news for the Knicks.

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