2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

I swear, the NBA All-Star break is waaaaaaay too long. They should fix that next season. Who needs this much time to recuperate? It was so long that I totally lost track of when the second half began, so my apologies for missing the start of this game thread.

This game tonight marks a new journey for both teams to play the rest of the season without their highest-paid player. The Knicks are going to be without Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the season and sadly, the Heat are going to be without Chris Bosh after he came down with blood clots in his lungs. That is some scary stuff. Our best wishes to Chris Bosh.

As for tonight, the Knicks miss out on new Heat point guard Goran Dragic but Dwayne Wade is back. I think the Knicks will keep this close and maybe even steal a win. Udonis Haslem will dust himself off and start at power forward. Cleanthony Early takes over Melo’s spot in the lineup.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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We’re gonna lose tonight, but it would be pretty Knicksy if we ripped off an inexplicable 5 game win streak

Fascinating sublot: when playing equal minutes, who will win the rebound battle between Bargs and J Smooth?

I’ve never seen a pro basketball game with only one good basketball player before.

Hey, get off the Langston Galloway bandwagon! There are more good players out there than just him!

I know you’re all desperate for something to root for here in the dogs of operation Accidental Tank. The search is over. The NBA record for most minutes played by a 6′ 3″ or taller player who failed to block a single shot in an entire season is 1411 by Randy Smith (82-83). Calderon passed 1200 tonight, which would be good for 3rd all time if the season ended today. We can do this.

Bargs serves zero purpose at this point. Just cut the guy already!
Not that anyone else deserves to be on the floor (except maybe Langston) but we desperately need to rid ourselves of his negative energy.
Clean slate!!!

Minnesota has been injury riddled. They are worlds better then the Knicks. Rubio, Wiggins, Pekovic, Martin, Dieng, Garnett are all serviceable or better players. No contest.

It’d be awesome if Minny started winning some more games! If I were a Minny fan, I’d be okay with them falling out of the top spots, as I think the trade-off is worth it to see their young players playing well together.

For all of the bad luck Miami got today, they did have the fortune of playing the Knicks today. That couldn’t have worked out any better for them.

Btw, if anybody wants to watch any real basketball, the Warriors are playing the Spurs right now.

I love the idea of offering Joseph 6-8 million. Sure it may seem like an overpay but we’re telling a guy to leave the best organization in the league and come to, well, y’all know the deal.

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