2014-15 Game Thread: Western Conference @ Eastern Conference

Carmelo Anthony’s last game of the 2014-15 season is almost certainly tonight, as he starts for the Eastern Conference in the All-Star Game.

I’ll be honest – it’ll be tough watching this over the SNL 40th Anniversary Special.

Let’s go East!

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Aaaand STAT’s been bought out.

We will miss you STAT. You always brought us your best. Hopefully all of us will be better off.

I’m fine with Amar’e weird rich-person habits (I will never get over a millionaire athlete bathing in red wine for a supposed medicinal purpose) but he shouldn’t have gotten paid in NY. He was a non-factor on the best Knicks team during his contract and became a bench player on a max contract by year 3.

Now that we’re at the end of the Amar’e era, it’s safe to say that it was a terrible signing, which was known at the time. I will always cherish the Youtube highlight reels from his days in Phoenix.

How does a superstar scorer score 14 points on 20 shots in a game with no defense? Way to represent MSG and the 212 melo. 4 more years of this shit.

Amare brought a lot of $$$ to Dolan and to his endorsers. So does Melo with his 124 mill. So why bash their contracts? They played their part and not winning is just an asterisk.

Now that we’re at the end of the Amar’e era, it’s safe to say that it was a terrible signing, which was known at the time. I will always cherish the Youtube highlight reels from his days in Phoenix.

No, it wasnt known. It was likely because injuries, and injuries happened. But nobody of us were Amare’s personal doctor to know with certainty that injuries would happen.

It was known. They couldn’t get insurance on his contract. Everyone understood that his knees would never be right again.

If you look back at the Knickerblogger threads analyzing the signing you will find a pretty large segment of the posters were strongly against the acquisition.

It made no sense at the time.

I second that. In fact, I remember Steve Kerr, as an announcer for TNT at the time Amare was signed, commenting on the contract. He said the salary was worth it for two or three years, but that he wouldn’t do it for five years because of Amare’s injury history and knees.

I hated the Amare signing, but by the time it was all over, despite the injuries, I grew to like his personality a lot and always rooted for him as a player.

The man has a great character and works hard at being good and he never complains. I like him too.

Heck, I like most of the Knicks of the last few years. Besides Felton and…hmmm…I guess Bargs. I even like JR Smith most of the time.

I seem to be alone in finding Amar’e very hard to root for. Of course I agree that he should not be blamed for his contract nor his injuries, and that repeatedly coming back from such difficult rehabs is an admirable thing. And Amar’e obviously isn’t any kind of a bad guy off the court; about the worst thing he did as a Knick was punch some glass and miss a playoff game, which if anything was kind of endearing.

But here’s the other side of Amar’e. He is the single worst defensive player, relative to his athleticism, I have ever seen. I hadn’t realized how bad he was before the signing, but within 10 games I knew they’d made a big mistake, even if he stayed healthy for 5 years. In his first year here when people were chanting MVP, I thought his defense was already so horrible to make him something like an average NBA player. Since then he has been truly a bad player due to so-so offensive and awful defense.

Amar’e does a lot of self-improvement and worked hard not only to rehab and learn scripture but also to improve his game. But all of his NBA work was improving his scoring/post game and jumper. And he actually did improve! But this is the absolutely last thing he needed to do to become a more productive team asset. He made zero progress and zero visible effort in becoming less of a black hole on offense or less of a liability as a help or PNR defender. He’s actually approached some NBA records for his anemic assist-to-usage stats.

In that way, he & Carmelo have a lot in common. They are not at all bad guys and they try really hard but as a fan they feel nothing like guys who are taking bullets to win games. Not in the way Oak, Starks, Ewing, Mason and Derek Harper felt. Watching these guys feels more like watching golfers or tennis players struggle against adversity. There’s not much to hate about them but can you ever even pretend they are on your team?

I loved Amar’e despite his defensive lapses, and sometimes (for the comedy) because of them.

The man overcame a horrific childhood as a giving, kind and funny man. He was not the greatest player, but he always gave his all.

The only time I was truly upset with him was when he wrecked his hand punching a fire extinguisher case during the playoffs. I suspect he was more upset with himself.

Vaya con dios, mi amigo.

Besides Felton and…hmmm…I guess Bargs.

Brian, you too hopping on the Jah bandwagon? 🙂

Brian, you too hopping on the Jah bandwagon? 🙂

Smith is terrible, but he seems like a nice guy.

I also like Amare and his first half season is the best I have felt about the Knicks in the past 15 years outside of Linsanity and our one good year with Chandler and Melo. Lee, Gallo, and Amare were fun to watch even if I never had any illusions about us contending with that core. I definitely wish him the best. He was nothing if not professional while he was here, which I always appreciated given that even that was often too high a bar for most of our signings of that era to clear.

I actually looked back at the Amare signing thread. Ted Nelson and THCJ were definitely on the case and questioned it from the start. Mike was diplomatic but dubious in the editorial section noting the injury and defensive issues. People were actually more positive about it at first than I remembered. I think the insurance issue hadn’t really penetrated until a bit later.

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