2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks @ Magic

The Knicks are going to find themselves hard-pressed to lose tonight against a reeling Orlando Magic team, even with Carmelo Anthony out (and possibly out for the season).

In much bigger news than Tankathon 2015, former Knick Sixth Man of the Year Anthony Mason suffered a massive heart attack today and after four surgeries, it does not look good. Our best hopes to the former Knick star.

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Jason Smith has gone from so horrible I couldn’t understand why Fisher ever had him the court to respectable over last the few weeks. I’d like to see his Per 36 stats and TS% for just the last 10-15 games.

The best part about when Jason Smith is no longer a Knick is I won’t have to read the worlds worst nickname. Seriously, Jah? That’s terrible.

Jason’s TS over the last 15 is 50.9%. Jason Smith sucks-dont trust your lying eyes

Last 10?

I didn’t have a specific number of games in mind. I just know he’s been playing better lately . Even his WP48 has been rising. It was in the -.06 range for a very long time and now it’s -013. Probably to 0 after tonight.

Over his last 7 its been 56, which is pretty good.

Yea, that’s kind of what I expected. Early in the season I was going crazy every time he was on the court. I was holding it against Fisher as a coach for playing him. Lately, it hasn’t seemed as bad.

His shitty rebounding is a problem,but if he’s hitting shots at a decent clip he’s mediocre, not the team killer he was earlier this year. Good thing we got Bargs back!

What’s the over under on the knick wins for the rest of the season ? It’s gotta be 3.5 right ?

First, MASE!! Rooting hard for you, big guy. Mase was one of the freakiest players ever to play in the NBA. Haven’t seen anything like him before or since. The Locksmith…one of the greatest and most apropos (k)nicknames ever.

Re: Jason Smith, he is a good near-minmum player. He works, he bangs, he hits the open shot. His curse is that he shoots too much in that no man’s land of the long 2, and it’s frustrating that he doesn’t just move it out 5 more feet. He also has the same slowreactionitis bug that Amare and Bargs suffer from on D. But for a $3 mill one-year flyer, he’s been fine.

On the other hand, glad to see that folks here are off the Galloway bandwagon, thank goodness next year is only partially guaranteed.

Smith has been a very valuable part of Tankathon 2015, so in that sense, he’s been a good signing. But in every other sense, he was insanely bad. The mini-MLE typically is used on decent-to-good players. The Knicks used it on one of the worst regulars in the league. He had a good game tonight, though!

It sounds like based on Amare’s post game comments that he’s getting bought out.

Is there any advantage at all to the Knicks by doing this, as opposed to letting his contract expire?

Buying him out opens up a roster spot we could theoretically use on a d-league guy. No need to keep him on the roster now.

Reading more about this Lebron/Love thing and it seems pretty clear that Lebron really thought that he was being super clever and did not expect to be called out on his shit and screwed up by admitting to it. It’d be like me making a veiled reference to something DRed once said, then someone saying, “Are you referring to DRed there?” and me saying, “What? No, why would you think that?” and then someone saying, “You just directly quoted something DRed said” and me going, “Oh, well, yeah, you’re right” and then the next day me saying, “How dare people try to claim that I was talking about DRed! Stop making up stories about things that I clearly did and then admitted to doing!”

On the other hand, glad to see that folks here are off the Galloway bandwagon, thank goodness next year is only partially guaranteed.

What bandwagon? I thought it was clear that the vast majority here evaluates Galloway as a competent contributor. I don’t get your eagerness to see Galloway fail.

Also: who has changed his opinion on Galloway? Raise your hand people. Yeah, I don’t see anyone who has.

Sorry Z-Man, I understand that this franchise has seen lots of next-year saviors that in a matter of month transformed themselves in steaming piles of shit, but to me it’s evident that there’s no Langsanity this time, only a mild appreciation of a player who has some basketball neurons in his head.

If you are referring to the press, though, you have a point (although I didn’t hear/read anything about “getting off the Galloway bandwagon”). But still remember, we live in a world where Isola and Berman are among the most influential Knicks journalists, so make of that what you want.

There are times when LeBron looks and sounds so much like a douche that I can’t stand to see him winning anything again (even a Player of the Week award). Then, I remember it’s only sports and try not to get bitter.

LeBron seems to be an Asshole but he plays great so he gets a pass and is precieved as a great guy even though all the torid details of his assholeyness were revealed the first time he left the land ala Pop and coaching.

On the other hand, glad to see that folks here are off the Galloway bandwagon, thank goodness next year is only partially guaranteed.

No question Galloway’s shooting has suffered. But you know what hasn’t? His defense, which after watching Felton-esque efforts from our last 10 point guards is really refreshing. Of course, it’s difficult to really measure defense, but NBA.com tries to:


Players he is guarding are shooting only 35.7% from the field overall (43.6% against everyone else).
They shoot only 28.3% from 3 point range against him (34.7% against everyone else).
They shoot only 41.7% from <6 feet from the rim against him (58.7% against everyone else).
They shoot only 40.4% from <10 feet from the rim against him (52.9% against everyone else).

Compare him to Shump, whose place he basically took in the lineup, and who has the shutdown D rep: http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/202697/tracking/defense/

He and Amundsen are the only 2 players (including Melo!) who have a positive net rating.
He has the highest overall +/- on the team (-20.1 net rating without him, +0.4 with him).
He has the 2nd highest offensive rating on the team.

This is in spite of him shooting pretty terribly from the floor, which I think is expected when a guy who should ideally be your 4th or 5th option has a usage% of 20.

Why are his “less obvious” numbers so much better than his obvious numbers (FG%, TS%, etc.?). First, his defense. Second, he never ever ever turns the ball over – Knicks TO% with him on the floor is 11.9% vs. 15.3 overall. Third, the Knicks are a far better offensive rebounding team with him on the court (ORB 26.2) than off (ORB 20.8).

Right now he is clearly taking more non-optimal shots than he should but with more offensive talent around him I think the TS will improve. A reasonable/hopeful comp for him might be George Hill?

The Knicks only went up 79% in valuation since last year. Dolan has kids to feed! They’re the kids of the musicians he pays to pretend that he is a blues singer, but still!

I doubt the buyout will save Dolan all that much. My guess is Amare will get his full salary less whatever he stands to make (the league minimum for the remainder of the season) from another team. So Dolan will save around $700,000. Not nothing- it’d certainly be a whole lot of cash to me- but in terms of the Knicks’ bottom line it’s pretty negligible.

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