2014-15 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Lakers

A while back, I would have been worried about this game, but no more, as the Lakers are foolishly trying to win (Byron Scott was running out a 9-man rotation last game!), so the Knicks should be in good shape tonight.

But if they were to win a game, this Lakers team is pretty bad, so it will be scary!

Let’s go? Knicks!

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I really think Phil’s comments before the game were so notable that I almost considered giving him his own thread. Check this out:

We know what the first-round pick is going to mean for us, but we also know we’re going to build our team with free agents. A hundred and ninety players or so are going to be free agents. Not half the league, but like a third of the league is going to be free agents. So that’s where our priority stands.”


We have one draft pick the next two years, and one semi asset. So at this point watcha gonna do?

By the way, whoever came up with the Dwight Howard idea the other day – well done, sir, well done. That would be such a Knicks-ian trade. Perhaps the most Knicks-ian trade that I can even think of.

Can anyone think of a more Knicks-ish deal than their draft pick for Dwight Howard?

Knicks trade of Okafor to Miami Shows Phil All In in 2016:

The Knicks, showing now is the time, get Carmelo Anthony the proven championship winning big man he needs to secure his legacy

That fake article title hurt my real brain.

Also, ruruland’s back! Where is your god now, ruru? Where is your god now?

Howard is hurt and declining, but it’s run of the mill stuff and he’s still kinda good when he plays. Bosh almost died, is not good anymore at all, and has a way worse contract. The money and the haunting spectre of death give it that extra knicksiness

But I don’t think they’d ever seriously deal their pick for Bosh. Howard, though, I can believe. So I mean more of a realistic deal.

Jimmy Butler on the bench at the Bulls/Sixers game, “What the fuck? They’re running a full-court press? I’ve never seen that shit in the NBA before. This is why they’re the fuckin Sixers.”

Jackson said he hopes to find a future franchise player in the draft who can help the Knicks for the next 10 years.

Anybody have a direct quote on this? Doesn’t sound like trading our pick is too likely.

Having Barkley and Webber as color commentators is the perfect storm of idiocy. They talk the entire game and ignore the action most of the time.

The Lakers are pretty bad and since they just had a terrible win for them, I guess I could see why they’d prefer to lose this one. But yeah, kind of annoying. Oh well, they were unlikely to lose every game down the stretch, so I don’t mind this too much.

Another win for the Pacers! Wow, I think Vogel deserves a lot of credit for this turnaround. He’s dealt with a bad hand and done well with it (although I still don’t like how he doesn’t play Cope enough).

Early’s best game as a Knick?? I know its not saying much but still gotta give the kid a little bit of credit lol.

Bargnani has nothing on Boozer. In the first half of the fourth quarter, he singlehandedly gave the game to the Knicks.

Look on me, tank, and despair!

I shall travel.
I shall have my shot blocked.
I shall throw it away.
I shall foul the one you call Bargs.
I shall foul, and then earn a technical.

You will never out-tank me! You are nothing!

Is that my man Schved with only 14, 11, and 6? Against 1 TO? It is.

Though for all that, he really does look terrible at times. I guess someone has to rebound when Bargs and Smith are on the floor.

Irving with the individual game of the year. I’d be surprised if anyone does better than 20-32 for 57 points and only 10 (!!!) FTA. What is that, 57 points on 37 true shooting attempts? Baller.

Great job by Leonard all game long and he will likely only remember blowing those two free throws. That’s sports for ya! But yeah, wow, what a game!

On Bargs, again: how is it even possible for a seven footer to only grab 2 boards in 33 minutes???

Maybe it’s because rebounding is the only thing I can do well on a basketball court, but how can you not be disappointed in yourself for that evident lack of effort? If I was Bargnani I’d hang my head in shame every single night I failed to grab at least a board for every 4 minutes I played.

And the fact that he plays on the perimeter can be a partial excuse for his OReb numbers, but DReb numbers are atrocious as well.

Bargs, go away from here.

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