Game Thread: Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks

Game Thread: Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks

Start Time: 10/17/2018 19:30:00

Knicks open Fizdale era at home against Hawks

NEW YORK — The David Fizdale era kicks off for the New York Knicks on Wednesday night as they open their season with a visit from the Atlanta Hawks at 7:30 p.m. at Madison Square Garden.
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    274 thoughts to “Game Thread: Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks”

    1. i got a color tv, so i can see – THE KNICKS PLAY BASKETBALL!!!

      just a note: NBA League Pass Free Preview – October 16 thru October 23
      Knick schedule:
      Wed, Oct 17 at home versus Atlanta
      Fri, Oct 19 at Brooklyn
      Sat, Oct 20 at home versus Boston
      Mon, Oct 22 at Milwaukee

      there are 12 other nationally televised games on between: espn, nbatv, and, tnt…

      normally, i believe there will be at least one or two more nba league pass free previews during the year…

    2. Porting this over from the previous thread, as something to argue about until tip-off:

      The part I don’t really understand is why we’d be anywhere near the top of his list.

      Zach Lowe and others have explained it in greater detail, but the key points:

      1)Durant is very sensitive to the perception that he’s a frontrunner. Going to a perennial joke franchise and turning them around would be the fastest way to shut that up.

      2)The one thing Durant hasn’t gotten to do on any team is to be the primary ballhandler and playmaker. With this roster, he could play point forward while Frank spots up and hounds opposing point guards on D. Assuming the rookies show some promise, we have a bunch of players who’d complement his game well.

      3)He loves Porzingis’s game (he’s the one who first called him a unicorn) and views him as someone who can help shoulder the scoring load as he ages. And KP, like Frank, would help him rest on D as needed.

      4)A key member of his management team has ties to both New York and this Knicks administration, and Durant is an East Coast kid who sees the advantages of being a star in a media capital that’s not the one LeBron is in.

      I will not believe or let myself even start to believe that he’s coming here until he’s actually said he’s doing that. It’s not healthy to root for something miraculous to happen to a team that has made decades of its own bad fortune. But there’s also a rational case to be made for him doing it.

    3. If Perry, Mills, & Fizdale can reel in Durant to sign with the Knicks next summer that would be up there with the parting of the Red Sea on the all time list of miracles IMO.

    4. If we can’t beat a hawks team without Collins at home we’re going to win like 17 games.

      i think that’s what we’re all hoping for – right?

      it’s so confusing being a knicks fan at times…to tank, or, not to tank – that seems to be the eternal question…

    5. I’m not rooting against us. I never have it in me to root for losses from day 1. My tank meter isn’t operable until around mid December. But mainly I want to see MRob’s first 3 NBA blocks including a Trae Young 3pa and Frank shoot 4 free throws.

      The fact the Lee is completely inactive for a few games actually makes me think they might believe they’ll be able to move him. There’s probably no player in NBA history who trade partners need to see play less than Courtney Lee, maybe most consistently average player to ever play the game. It wouldn’t shock me if they found a taker. Lee could help someone.

    6. I’m so excited for opening night!!! I made a nice stir fry to help me exjoy!! I’m drinking a bottle and a half of wine so I won’t remember anything!!!!! go NY, go NY go!!

    7. Frank has counter moves according to Wally. Get excited!

      Anyone at the Mountain Dew Ice House?

      I wouldn’t mind a win. I agree it’s like one game too early at least for tank mode.

    8. I agree it’s like one game too early at least for tank mode.

      okay then, let’s postpone the tank for a night…we’ll pick up the chants for a loss again on friday…

    9. One of my friends got sick of me beating his ass at classical chess, so he started challenging me to a variant called Antichess, the goal of which is to force your opponent to capture all of your pieces. I didn’t like the new rules of the game, but I pushed through my discomfort with the game’s aim for my own greater benefit. That’s what this season is, to my mind, except that the opponents are playing traditional chess and the Knicks are (hopefully) playing the other way.

    10. Thanks Geo for the hint on free NBA League Pass


      Tanking helps taking losses easily but sorry, I’ll never be able to root against us so… let’s watch this youngsters play!

      Have you seen Fiz’s pregame video? Could you imagine Hornacek do that?


    11. you know instead of wasting you life away with that oh so boring chess stuff – you could be having the time of your life engaged in the much more meaningful pursuit of fortnite excellence :0

    12. I am definitely excited to watch Frank d up.

      And I like Enes. Hard not to love that no defense playing fool.

    13. They’ll going to lose a lot,
      but they look like a bunch of genuine good guys, easy to root for…

    14. I am pretty sure Lance Thomas is who the adage “90% of success is just showing up,” as Lance certainly does show up. Got to give him that much.

    15. Wow, they couldn’t sell out Opening Night. Crazy. I might be able to see some cheap games this season!

    16. “Starting at power forward, Vince Carter! At center, Alex Len!”

      Sounds like someone pulling a prank, right?

    17. Season opens with Vince Carter attempting a 3 over Lance Thomas. This game could be played at LA Fitness.

    18. Oh Timmy, that was such a great shot attempt. Keep it up!

    19. God it will be hard to watch THJ shoot this many terrible jumpers.

      I’m all in for tanking from the first quarter of the first game onwards, so that’s fine.

      This dude that hit the half court shot should probably be starting at the 2

    20. It’s pretty depressing that I’m forced to watch the Knicks on opening night instead of getting ready to watch the Yankees in Game 4 of the ALCS :-(

    21. They said Mudiay is out with a sprained ankle. More like a sprained game amirite?

    22. Trier in the game before Lee… now that’s really starting to look a bit weird.


    23. I mean, it was entertaining at least. We suck as usual but the average age of the players on court is like 6 years younger than what we’re used to.

    24. It might be borderline cruel to give Knox rotation minutes…there really don’t seem to be any NBA skills at this point

    25. Yesterday’s Celtic-Sixers was awful but this first quarter was worse.

      Trier already in the lead for 6th Man of the year.

    26. Vonleh is actually looking like a legit NBA player out there. It would be nice if he becomes a good rotation player, he can definitely rebound.

    27. I’m not watching this game, but I just saw the box score and, my goodness, the Hawks opened the season with one of the worst starting lineups I’ve ever seen! (Luka Doncic could probably beat that squad by himself, which must make Hawks fans giddy over that trade)

    28. You know, I can see how Mario would be unfairly maligned as an NBA bust because he doesn’t seem like the type who plays well in practices or preaseason games. That pisses off coaches so much they never give guys like that the benefit of the doubt.


      (Note: I’m at work here in LA, so I’m “forced” to watch the Dodgers on our lobby screen. I don’t have it in me to be enough of a jerk to switch to the Knicks, lol).

    30. No player on the court can be fairly judged tonight. This is G-League +.

      It really is. It’s too funny.

    31. ptmilo with the line of the early season re: LA Fitness. I literally LOL’d.

      Knox with his 1st NBA points finally. How jittery does he look out there?

    32. Quick, without looking: how much does Baze make? More or less than Noah?

    33. Yeah, both these teams are bad but I am going to enjoy whatever success I can find with this team when I see it.

    34. @106

      Less isn’t it? I remember something like 16-17 a year.

      There’s been like 3 nba players in this game probably, but it’s been fun!

    35. Bazemore is around 4yr/70M or something like that right? So it must be close…

      It was a 2015 or a 2016 bad contract?

    36. Just showed Aaron Judge at the game, is he right now the best athlete in NY?? OBJ or Barkley would make the case for most talented but right now I think Judge is not only the best but probably the most popular athlete in NY too.

    37. Yeah, I’m certainly enjoying the young players doing well. Yay, young players! Yay, Fiz for playing them!

    38. My wettest dreams involve THJ averaging 26 ppg a game until Porzingis comes back and getting traded by 2 1sts at the deadline.

    39. Frank just had Vince Carter guarding him one on one and was like, “nah better pass out of this”

    40. My wettest dreams involve THJ averaging 26 ppg a game until Porzingis comes back and getting traded by 2 1sts at the deadline.

      Oooooh! You think there’s another GM as stupid as Mills to do that?

    41. There is a zero chance the Hawks win more than 20 games this year. Holy shit. They are going to be worse than I thought.

      I also forgot how much I loved watching Kanter on offense, what an enjoyable player to watch.

    42. OMG, what happened? Last time I checked the score it was a close game. Now we are up by over 20, THJ has 22 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists on 8 of 14 shooting?

    43. They deceived us with that 0-9 start, then Frank hit a 3PT and they went on to record the higher scoring second quarter in team history?

      Man, Atlanta is really bad (and without 3 of their best players)…

    44. Screw Aaron Judge and Saquon Barkley. The best athletes in New York are Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams.

    45. Are we good or the hawks just sucks? Good thing is win or lose it’s nice to watch your peeps play, it’s the same losing season for the Knicks but the diff is we are watching young players than over age vets

    46. KOQ had disastrous offseason. He didn’t get paid and he’s not even in the Pacers rotation. There are useful minutes for him in the league .

    47. @134 our time is coming soon, my friend. Saquon over Darnold will haunt the Giants for a long time.

    48. But the best will be when Davis Webb pulls a Jeff Hostetler and finishes off a Super Bowl run for an injured Darnold.

    49. @136 Giants are screwed for years to come but thankfully the future is beyond bright for my Yankees so I’m pretty sure Judge, barring injuries of course, will be the best athlete in NY for the next decade and he’ll have multiple rings to show for it.

      I have to admit though as wasted a pick as Barkley probably was for the Giants man he’s fun to watch.

    50. @136 As a Giants’ fan, I still think the team can avoid that if they find Eli’s successor in (maybe) Lauletta or in the draft (#1 overall??). They could follow the Rams’ playbook where they drafted Gurley a year before Goff.

      That said, I have real concerns on the current stewarding of Big Blue. Starting with Mara.

    51. @134 our time is coming soon, my friend. Saquon over Darnold will haunt the Giants for a long time.

      or until they draft a QB this year,(Justin Herbert) who may be better than Darnold. heh heh

      In all seriousness, Jacob DeGrom is the best athlete in New York.


    52. Atlanta may be one of the worst NBA teams we’ve seen in quite awhile. They may be 76er or Charlotte Bobcat bad.

    53. It’s difficult to gauge this half because Atlanta’s poorness skew everything,
      but I like what i saw from Trier and Vonleh.

      Meanwhile I’m watching Jimmy Butler play with KAT and Wiggins and that’s really funny

    54. Drat. Can’t get the Knicks game here. Watching Pelicans/Rockets – and Melo just caught an offensive foul pushing off for an O-reb. *Kanye shrug*

    55. deGrom is an excellent pitcher but Aaron Judge is one of the 5 best players in baseball already and is a few years younger than deGrom. All Rise!!

    56. KOQ had disastrous offseason. He didn’t get paid and he’s not even in the Pacers rotation. There are useful minutes for him in the league .

      I understand why the league values space and players that can defend in space, but once you get into the bench you don’t have the same quality floor stretcher or player. A guy like KOQ should be very productive. He worked his ass off last year and his team didn’t appreciate it and the market didn’t reward him. Maybe he’s lost his enthusiasm a bit. He’s an energy player. Without that excess energy, he’s not going make an impact.

    57. Just to continue poking a dead horse: Rockets were down 5 when Melo came in. They’re now down 14. Hmmm…

    58. Not sure it’s fair to say an NL pitcher is the best in baseball but DeGrom sure as hell looks like it.

      And I’m going to be very mad if the year we were all set to tank is the year Tim Hardaway Jr decides to ascend to borderline all-stardom.

    59. And I’m going to be very mad if the year we were all set to tank is the year Tim Hardaway Jr decides to ascend to borderline all-stardom.

      The Hawks have zero offensive rebounds

    60. Not sure it’s fair to say an NL pitcher is the best in baseball but DeGrom sure as hell looks like it.

      It is when his Fielding Independent Pitching was the best in baseball by almost half a point.

    61. lmao

      Knicks being Knicks

    62. So umm, Prince and Bazemore are like, “look, we suck, but not bad enough to lose by almost 30 to the Knicks. C’mon, son”.

    63. Jacob deGrom is the best pitcher in baseball. Judge just hits homeruns.

      Yeah the 2017 MLB WAR leader just hits home runs!

    64. Kevin Knox throws all sorts of garbage at the basket. He looks exactly like his scouting report, which… ain’t good.

    65. Nice crossover by Frank.

      I don’t have a solution to the problem, but I think Frank has more value when he has the ball more often. He CAN make plays and he looks fine from 3 so far. If they are going to play him off the ball, they should at least look for him more often. If he’s not scoring a lot and he’s not making plays because he never has the ball, he’s not contributing much on offense. He’s clearly better on offense this year than last, but he has a smaller role.

    66. Knox is the youngest player to ever play in a game for the Knicks, I’m willing to be patient with him. Key will be how good a 3pt shooter he becomes.

    67. They are obviously TELLING Knox to remain aggressive, but he does not look good. I don’t like him and Hardaway on the court together. Too many trash shots.

    68. Trier!!!!




    70. @178 agreed. At least the Knicks are giving him room to take shots and make some mistakes and learn.

      Meanwhile, it looks like the Knicks weathered that recent Hawks run.

    71. I sooooo wish we could trade Hardaway right after this game and start Trier in his place.

    72. Meanwhile Kemba scored 41 as CHA lose to MIL by one, he missed the go ahead shot.

      Miles Bridges 15 minutes, 1 point, 0-1 FG.

      It’s hard to be a rookie in the NBA… unless you’re ISO-ZO!

    73. Vonleh’s quietly playing Mitchell Robinson into the Westchester Knicks’ starting five, btw.

      And it literally makes no sense that Trier was passed on 60 times. I thought Arizona had two NBA starters on their roster last season in Ayton and Trier, and I still feel the same way. Glad as hell that guy is a Knick.

    74. You know what I appreciate about many young players? They play hard. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen this level of intensity, excluding the final 2 weeks of every losing Knicks season.

    75. Knicks record for most pts in opening game is Ewing with 38, Timmy could be making history tonight!!

    76. It’s only the first game, but Atlanta looks like a good bet to out tank us.

      I agree about Trier, I saw a lot of his games at Arizona and was pretty surprised he didn’t get drafted. Good pickup by the scouts and front office

    77. I can see Doncic being a plus NBA player right this moment, but hard to see any other rookie being a positive BPM candidate outside of a few ultra-limited role players who grab boards and only dunk on PNRs. Nothing wrong with rookies being shite at NBA ball.

    78. @201 you mean when the Knicks’ coaching staff finally plays the young guys?

      Calderon, Lopez, and Melo literally had to demand Rambo’s rest them as the season was over. Anybody remember that?

    79. Knicks are playing hard but that is really on the coaching holding these kids accountable and fueling their drive. Some of the Hawks are young too and guys like Trae Young look like they couldn’t be bothered to try on defense. Actually, Vince looks like one of the few Hawks to try here.

    80. Vonleh with the double double too.

      It’s been a very fun game to watch, all things considered. I like fun young teams.

    81. The Knicks should hope Hardaway keeps playing this well. Maybe that can move him. IMO, Trier is obviously going to be the more efficient better player. He may be better now. All he needs is experience.

    82. I’m watching the Hawks feed because of streaming issues with the MSG feed. Pretty sure they never replayed the Trier dunk. Are hometown fans so small-dicked that they can’t bear to watch a stellar play by someone in the hometown jersey?

    83. Aaron Judge just hits home runs and Stanton hitting behind him, BTW.

      DeGrom had one of the greatest seasons by a pitcher in MLB history with a horrendous team behind him.

    84. The thing you have to really like about Trier is his ability to get to the FT line. He has that great first step, and he’s looking to draw contact. He got to the line a lot in college, got to the line a lot in the preseason, and is getting to the line a lot now. His game looks totally sustainable to me.

    85. Hezonja’s rim defense is centered around fake block attempts like he’s making a faux volleyball spike and might induce the opponent to shoot at a different rim.

      Pels are beating the Rockets pretty badly

    86. Kyle O’Quinn 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 points, and 2 PFs in 3 minutes. I guess he made the most of those 3 minutes. lmao

    87. I have this weird recurring dream that the Knicks drafted Knox in the 1st round and signed Trier as a UDFA. But, tonight reminds me that really Trier was the pick and Knox the UDFA….

    88. Jesus, Frank is actually a necessary piece on a lineup with Hezonja, Trier, Burke, Knox, Timmy. A lot of bad shots will be taken and you need a guy who will try to at least pass the ball and run an offensive set.

    89. Robinson can’t be too bad. He was on the bike after he got worked on. Probably just being careful.

    90. Lots of interesting things around the league tonight,
      Melo’s -21 in 20 minutes is one :-)

      AD, Mirotic and Randle are destroying the Rockets…

    91. I’m a big believer that Mirotic has been an underachiever since he’s been in the league. It would not surprise me at all to see that guy have a breakout season.

    92. @231

      I can’t wait to hear the excuses. I read his first shot of the season was a long 2 pter. Fitting.

    93. I’m going to volunteer to do the first writeup.

      We just kicked the shit out of the Hawks.

      top that, Silverman

    94. Oh, imaginary God in the sky, please let Timmy fool some dumb GM into believing he’s a poor man’s version of James Harden. Please, oh, please.

    95. Iso-Zo is clearly a ROY candidate, Vonleh could be 6Th Man of The Year and Super-Mario Comeback Player… Chrisk0 isn’t the only drunk here…

      BTW despite the scarce boxscore I really liked Frank’s game.

    96. Malik Monk got some serious run for Charlotte and had a decent game.

      Hernangomez got 12 minutes and was productive in that time.

    97. Oh, imaginary God in the sky, please let Timmy fool some dumb GM into believing he’s a poor man’s version of James Harden.

      He already did. Problem is, that GM was Steve Mills

    98. Doncic up next in Dallas.

    99. @Delblogo
      Knox has two shots right now – erratic floater and contested threes.
      8:58 PM – 17 Oct 2018

    100. The Hawks were missing probably their two best players but we are not going to be able to out tank that squad

    101. If Tim Hardaway is a 21/4/4 guy shooting above a .515 eFG% that’s a pretty good player, and a damn good 3rd scoring option for next season. I’d just as quickly trade him to Orlando for their 1st round draft pick, but I have a feeling he’s a half priced Devin Booker.

    102. The Pelicans look terrific vs the Rockets. I’m not sure there’s a better basketball player alive than Anthony Davis

    103. The great Darryl Morey rewarded James Harden and Chris Paul’s great seasons with MCW and Melo.

      In other news, Elfrid Payton did himself a huge favor and cut his hair.

    104. The Hawks were missing probably their two best players but we are not going to be able to out tank that squad

      Thankfully we only have to be bottom 3 this season for a legitimate shot at Zion.

      If Tim Hardaway is a 21/4/4 guy shooting above a .515 eFG% that’s a pretty good player

      This is exactly what I mean by Poor Man’s Harden. I want GMs to buy, buy, buy.

    105. The great Darryl Morey rewarded James Harden and Chris Paul’s great seasons with MCW and Melo.

      In fairness, we all know it was Chris Paul (and probably Harden) who lobbied to bring him on board.

    106. AD looks ridiculous. I really hope he stays healthy. Jokic is my favorite player to watch but I’m going with Doncic vs. Ayton for as long as I can stay awake. Also wanna see if DSJr is looking like he might make a leap.

    107. I’m surprised Willy played only 12 minutes with Kaminsky and Biyombo DNPs.

      Orlando beat Miami, the Grizzlies were terrible, Joe Harris missed the tying 3PT, Leonard came back with 24 and 13, Payton cut his hair (no matter what, it’s always too late), the Pels crushed the Rockets…

      Every summer I forgot I much I love this league and then I got caught again…


    108. Looking around the NBA there just doesn’t seem to be much of a market for shooting guards. Toronto and Philly could use one, but we play them 4 times a year. Orlando could use one, too, but Fournier is on a big contract. Cleveland doesn’t have their 1st round pick or anybody I’d want. OKC could use Timmy but they have nothing of value.

      I can only see Tim Jr being used in a trade for Jimmy Butler, and the Knicks didn’t even call Minnesota. Maybe they’ll try to move him and the farm to New Orleans for Anthony Davis this off season, but again I just don’t see it happening.

    109. Man, that was fun! We even saw a fan hit a half court shot for $10k. Everybody hits!

      I’m just going to root for wins til Xmas. It’s a fun team for now.

      Knox looks like he might be the front runner to lead the league in Kobe assists, too.

    110. We didn’t have a shot at Doncic or Ayton (after we failed at tanking, that is). We could have drafted SGA, though, and that still pisses me off. Maybe Knox will put it together, but damn. What an obvious mistake.

    111. The Hawks were missing probably their two best players but we are not going to be able to out tank that squad

      Atlanta’s gonna need a lot to go right just to win 12 games with that group.

      (And either Vince Carter needs the money something awful, or he lies on his floor at night clutching a basketball moaning “why can’t I quit you??”… the dude is an x8 all star playing 24 minutes next to guys like O. Spellman, A. Poythress, D. Bembry and a bunch of other future stars of some Chinese league. Just wow.)

    112. I think Trae Young and John Collins will be a formidable P&R duo and that Atlanta is going to build around them going forward. Losing Collins is a bigger deal than people realize. Atlanta isn’t as bad as they played tonight.

    113. @262

      Its not unprecedented. I remember seeing an all time NBA great the level of Moses Malone warming a terrible Sixers team bench as a 38 year old vet playing around ten minutes a game.

    114. lol people still talking about melo here after 2 years. Is it to hide the fact that we look to have drafted 2 busts in the top 10 in consecutive years smh

    115. Calling it now: by 2024, Doncic will have made an All-NBA 1st Team.

    116. lol people still talking about melo here after 2 years.

      Funny how I thought the same about people still riding his jock after he’s been one of the league’s worst players for an entire season.

    117. Ayton really can’t go wrong if he just relies on his guards to penetrate and feed him in the restricted area. If he tries to be Joel Embiid, he might have some problems.

    118. I don’t can call Ntilikina a bust either. He’s not an all star, But most number nine picks aren’t. He’s still only twenty and is already a valued role player. Apparently, teams have called the Knicks about his availability (and been turned down). That’s a fine result so far.

    119. Hahahaha. ER returned from purgatory just long enough to defend Melo.

      It’s like a game of Blood Mary. All you have to do is say, “Melo sucks!” three times and he will show up to complain about it.

    120. Frank Ntilikina might lead the NBA in steals for the next decade. There is no way he will be a bust.

    121. It’s painful to watch Doncic and Ayton.

      Think what it must feel like for Hawk fan to watch Doncic! It must kill him/her!

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