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2023-24 Game Thread: Knicks @ Hawks (Knicks Road Return Opener, also not a thing)

The Knicks are somehow already returning to Atlanta for a second time in the first eleven games. The Knicks had a weird game in their last time in Atlanta. They handedly kicked the Hawks’ ass almost the entire game, which was the road opener of the season (the second game of the Knicks season overall), and then, in the last minute or so, the Knicks just started inexplicably turning the ball over and allowing Atlanta to make it a game, and had it not been for an epic defensive play by Mitch altering what should have been an easy Capela layup, the Knicks might have lost that game in one of the most shocking losses of the last few years.

So the Knicks should hopefully be able to avoid that bizarre late collapse and just kick the Hawks’ ass like normal. The Hawks are on the second half of a back-to-back, which is nice for the Knicks. Trae Young missed the previous game due to the birth of his kid, but he’s back tonight.

RJ might be out due to migraines, but hopefully he can play.

A winning record after 11 games would be swell, so let’s hope that they get it!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Given how the Knicks communicate about injuries I hope RJ doesn’t have a migraine in his left knee.

yeah…somebody spilled coffee on the MRI and the team doc was looking at it upside down and thought his kneecap was his brain and the coffee stain was the migraine thingys…

Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan – 2 play by play guys who get WAY too excited about mundane shit.

I don’t have a good feeling about this game. I suspect the Hawks had this game circled on their calendar and we are less than 100%.

Yeah if Knicks lose tonight not that big a deal but I’m sure there will be a few people here who would take the opportunity to make doomsday predictions for the rest of this season lol

I’m getting the Atlanta feed and heard the announcers talk about how Randle has his best scoring average against the Hawks compared to any team except the Lakers.

I was worried about Mitch during the offseason. He has really taken a step forward. He’s got to be one of the steal leaders amongst centers.

Kind of think Brunson was moving there but Okongwo also lowered his shoulder.

Brunson is bad on defense except for this one painful trick

Reports of Julius’ death have been greatly exaggerated

He’s a 2-time all-NBA player. It seems like fans should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Hawks have taken a bunch of stupid long 2s and seemingly made every single one of them.

Love that Randle play, where he almost lets a Hawk steal the ball, then intentionally bobbles the ball over and over heading toward half court, and the entire Hawks team heads that way, and then Randle picks it up and tosses it to Mitch who’s standing alone under the basket. Brilliant four-D chess.

At the rate he’s going, Johnson might finish the game with a higher 3p% than ft% on the season

I’m not used to the second unit blowing games. That may be the biggest impact of RJ out.

Though Brunson did his best to help the Hawks….

I feel really sorry for Gallinari. If I was him and had to play with Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma I’d develop a serious drug and alcohol problem. They have to trade him. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

On the road so not sure this message will get through but I just wanted to say that based only on this thread and not having seen the score at all I am predicting a 15 point loss where we never seriously challenge the Hawks in the 2nd half.

absolutely no chance we win tonight…

before the ball even tipped, we were doomed…

jesus, pags nailed it without watching a second of the game…

This is some shitty play. If we were playing a decent team we’d be down by 15 not 1 (sorry Pags).

before the ball even tipped, we were doomed…

Are you trying the Cronin reverse jinx, Geo?

Brunson still looks a bit off. Shots that were automatic last year aren’t falling.

But I’m still not worried at all and he’s hitting a lotta 3s.

Grimes making me shiver tonight … I’m kinda focusing on him so maybe unfair but he is looking extremely green tonight … defense a little overzealous too … I don’t like it

Grimes needs to model his offensive game after Bogdan. When he blows by someone he should just pull up. And he should never have swung that ball to Hart, you were open enough and a better shooter than Hart, just shoot it!

Yeah…I’m losing my Grimes good vibes…is his defensive prowess good enough to offset an offensive zero…

Yeah…he needed to shoot that…not hart

Julius dunked!!!

As for Quentin, he’s been abysmal with the turnovers, but he is 4-8 (3-6 from three), which is twice his legally allowed shots taken. Not an offensive zero.

Of course, he giveth, and then he taketh away…

If course, they can shoot from outside, so it doesn’t entirely matter if they can’t board

Randle is honestly a pleasure to watch when his head is on straight. It’s so weird that the guy who can do this is the same guy who often feels like literally the worst player in the NBA.

This is not a small team, but we make them play small

It’s fun that we just take for granted now that Mitch is going make someone like Capela his rag doll

The Trae/Capela picknroll has been a major problem tonight. Grimes switched 3 times to Capela, and 3 times it was points. IQ did a little better by sticking to Trae, but it still hurt us. Easily more than 1.4ppp on it. Thibs gotta figure something out.

I’m surprised by how meh the Hawks look tonight. Maybe they are feeling the effects of the B2B because I don’t think we are playing especially well.

Few guys that I know are objectively very good strike as little fear in my heart as Trae Young. What can I say, 2021 was a long time ago.

Well, looks like “what will the rotation look like if every single one of our players plays 82 games” is one of those questions we did not, in fact, have to worry about.

I understand we’re winning but is it just me or are we completely playing like ass … I see a lot of hustle indeed but I also see a massive lack of execution …

And Jalen Johnson’s long enough and good enough to guard really good point guards straight up on the perimeter.


We’re scoring at will when we actually get shots off. As compared to coughing up the ball.

Apparently the Hawks saved the energy I expected them to come out with for the 4th quarter.

How many different spellings are we going to have for “Bogdanovic” tonight? I’ve seen Bogdanovich, Bogdanovix, and Bogdanovixh…….each one worse than the previous.

I have a tough time watching these games when Wally is subbing.

He’s awful.

I’m just watching the nba gamecast thing and Quick seems mostly detrimental tonight. We need another Brunson icewater 3.

Letter of the law, I guess that’s a shooting foul.

But James Naismith would not recognize whatever the fuck that was.

You couldn’t have taken a worse shot than that. Hilarious. Fuck you, Atlanta!

That Bogey shot is the first of its genre that did not go in against us, in my experience anyway

Like I said before the game, Gus Johnson on the call means we’re getting a crazy game.

Yes, please go with “Bogey” or even “Bogs” if you cannot spell Bogdanovic. 🙂


How do you get your posts to show up instantaneously during a game thread?

What is it about this building that the Knicks always win, but in the chokiest way possible? But hey, a win is a win, and they’re above .500 and the Hawks are choky losers!

It was ugly at times, but this is a huge win on the road against a Hawks team that is playing well.

Randle brain was contagious this game. Still managed to pull it out.

Super lucky Bilbo Baggins missed that long 3

It aged me 20 years, but that’s an awesome win.

Not many other centers we win this game with…

The TO wasn’t DiVo’s fault. No one came to the ball. Much smarter play on the last one.

Scott Foster does his best to give the Hawks a chance (what a quick 5 secs).

Nice gutty win when it wasn’t looking good at 94-101. Always love me a Hawks loss. Go Knicks!

I don’t care how it ended, that 7-0 response to their 7 point lead in the 4th quarter was just massive. They looked like they were ready to close us out.

Tough fight but it still counts in the win column. Hope Grimes and RJ are both healthy for the next one.

Play of the game was Josh Hart’s windup booty clap after Brunson’s go ahead 3.

I still can’t get over that Bogey shot. There were eight seconds left, and he just flung up a shot like there was 0.7 seconds left! What a moron! Fuck you, Atlanta!

Julius with a monster game, som blips but we can live with this kind of game all year long!

It's amazing what getting every single offensive rebound can do for an offense.— Fred Katz (@FredKatz) November 16, 2023

We are almost dead last in eFG% and will likely have a top 10 offense after this game. The longest tenured Knick should spend another 15 years here.

Yeah, what the hell was BB thinking on that shot?

Meanwhile I had a post half-written about how bad of a game Brunson was having but thankfully got distracted!

Huge number of TOs. That’s the only reason we didn’t pull away.

But monster game from Julius. So happy he’s back.

The key play was Mitch hitting the floor to dig that ball out of the corner leading to that huge Brunson 3.

I think we can pump the brakes a bit on the Sixers. That’s a really bad loss and their 8-3 record is a mirage with the easy schedule they’ve had

Love that Julius box score — 29-10-8, 12-24 overall and 3-5 from three, and only one turnover (credited to him…). This in a game where we had 16 turnovers, with none in the first quarter.

I mean if we get good Julius, good IQ, clutch JB and usual Mitch, we should beat anyone.

The only reason this game was close was because of multiple brain fart turnovers

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