2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks at Clippers

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Randle without Brunson is no bueno.

And maybe try Fournier Thibs? No one else can make a shot

How many “why?” does Thibs scream per game? As things are going he’ll beat his record today.

I hope at least the drinks are good for BJ and Noble, because the game has been crap.

If Quickley got his talent back from the Monstars we might be just have a shot tonight

I still have PTSD from being at MSG for that stupid Batum 3 pointer at the buzzer

Grimes dominating,
we came back as soon as Barrett went out…

And is it too late to trade Randle? 😉

If anyone else is at the KFS event I’m wearing the long sleeve Mitch shirt and hanging with Jeremy

If anyone else is at the KFS event I’m wearing the long sleeve Mitch shirt and hanging with Jeremy

But you know you could have got 80% of your shirt for peanuts, right? 😀
Have fun, man! I hope you find BJ there! 🙂

Good first quarter. Grimes is excellent, but Randle forgot his dula in NY and seems lost for a second straight game. He needs to get it together. If overall defense continues to be as good as the first quarter, and IQ makes his shots, we have a good chance at this.

Paul George would be a perfect addition to the Knicks, let’s hope the Clips flame out in the playoffs

Obi with energy and creativity!

Thank God, i was starting to give up on him.

Aggressive Obi and Not-depressive RJ could elevate us to the next level

Besides Randle, the only cacophony is The Sloth. Oh Man! Sometimes I think that this year’s RJ is the worst starting wing I have ever seen.

We need to dump RJ on some poor suckers who don’t know much about him other than that he was a big deal high school player

Is Hahn calling it? Hard to hear where I am.

I don’t think Mitch has ever been 0-3 in his life.

Is Hahn calling it? Hard to hear where I am.

Yes, he is. Much better than Wally.

I don’t think Mitch has ever been 0-3 in his life.

Despite his sky high FG%, I suspect Mitch’s finishing isn’t so great unless he’s dunking it. If I’ve calculated correctly he’s only about 45% from 0-3 feet on non-dunks.

I think the color guy is Brendan Brown who works with Ed Cohen on radio calls Agree he’s wayyy better than Wally.

The Sloth played only 12 minutes in the first half. Thibs has had enough with him. Lol! If Randle gets it together a little bit, I like our chances. But the D has to continue to be good.

To lead without JB and with our “marquee” players being so bad is close to a miracle…

“ Josh Hart is a plus minus monster”

He truly is the energizer bunny off the bench, just a guy who makes things happen

“ PG & Kawhi are just too damn good”

Yeah down the stretch their 2 best players are a bit better than our 2 best players (whoever they are)

Respect for what Randle has done for the Knicks since December. But his approach and attitude the past couple of games is both inexplicable and unacceptable.

They were allowing a lot of physicality and now this is a technical? I don’t agree. But Randle has to calm down, with that i agree.

Pat Riley suspended Anthony Mason multiple times for behavior similar to this bullshit Randle is pulling today.

The elbowing was totally unnecessary, to me the technical was right…
… and can turn this game…

The elbowing was totally unnecessary, to me the technical was right…
… and can turn this game…

Looks like it has swung the game. It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me: Brunson is what has kept Bad Randle at bay. Without our little general, he’s out in full force.

Well the Kings and Clips aren’t exactly chopped liver, but the Randle regression is pretty concerning.

That dudes psyche is so fragile….it wasn’t the meditation guru keeping him in line it was baby Yoda Brunson

It’s not the refs, it’s us. It’s a physical game from both sides. While the Clippers understood that, Randle is anything but being a leader for his team. This is unacceptable!

RJ is -22 and no one else is worse than -6. He and Randle are killing the Knicks.

Pretty bad on both sides of the ball here, and this particular lineup that is on the floor doesn’t seem to be comprised of world beaters

Brunson is out, and there is nothing to be expected anymore from The Sloth. The one player that needed to step up was Randle. He has failed to do that so far. I am not talking about his absolutely horrible shooting. I am talking about his checking out and behaving like a child when his teammates are playing as hart as they can. If we lose this game, it is going to be on Randle.

These losses on the west coast wouldn’t seem like that big a deal if they wouldn’t have lost at home to fucking Charlotte.

Easy peasy looks every single time for the Clippers. Seems like we never get a stop unless they miss a wide open shot

The Knicks immediately followed their 8 game winning streak earlier in the season with a 5 game losing streak, looks like they plan on doing the same thing following their 9 game winning streak.

Yeah, time to pad the stats…

Good job Julius, thank you for losing us this game…

That was maybe the softest, most tragicomic RJ layup attempt ever and that’s saying a lot

I will say that Randle relies a lot on drawing fouls and they’re not calling anything this game

We are now behind the Brooklyn Nets in the standings. 2.5 ahead of the Heat, who are likely to win in Orlando today.

We have 2 more games against the Heat. We could land back in the play-in

Why does Thibs takes a timeout when the game is lost? Isn’t it better to let the game finish fast?

The team lost its focus in the fourth because of someone’s egoistic attitude. This loss has a name on it.

We have 2 more games against the Heat. We could land back in the play-in

We’re going to win those

The Quickley-Grimes-Hart-Obi-Hartenstein lineup that played much of the fourth quarter stunk out the joint. Couldn’t make a play on either end

I’m not concerned with the Knicks overall, we lost to 2 very good teams on the road without our best player for 1 ½ of those games

I am concerned with Randle’s mentality and of course Brunson’s health.

Didn’t watch but seems like I didn’t miss much. I’m not too worried—so long as Brunson’s injury isn’t for the rest of the regular season. This is what happens when your best player is out and you have to rely more on a #2 in Randle and *gulp* RJ Barrett on the road against other playoff teams

Whatever happens this season, it’s imperative that we move RJ while we still can. He may one day make good but we don’t have the luxury to find that out—he’s been killing us the last three seasons in a way that is almost unique. His defense in particular has regressed dramatically—he’s actually one of the worst defenders in the league this year.

Once this trip is over the Knicks will play their final 11 games over 27 days, they’ll be fine and most likely run off another great stretch to end the season so I’m not worried about dropping into the play in. They also still have a better conference record than Brooklyn which will be the tiebreaker and can’t lose the head to head tiebreaker vs Miami who surprisingltly have a pretty poor conference record.

But it won’t be as easy to finish 5th as it was looking a week ago.

Agreed about RJ. He’s looking more and more like a player with no redeeming qualities. Not sure why he gets endless burn and Reddish (who I am no fan of) got buried on the bench.

Team has a hard ceiling as long as RJ is a mainstay of the rotation.

The Knicks were in it until the last second of the third despite their atrocious shooting. One would expect your leader to finally step up. Alas, he imploded! From the start of the fourth quarter it became clear we are not winning this game.

19 points on 28 possessions. Feels like 2003.

According to Bomdy Randle was yelling at a security guard

I am glad Kawhi is healthyish. Always liked him. Made a nice evolution from a defense first wing to all rounder.

The combination of no Brunson, a dead tired team, and terrible matchups on the wings was too much. They aren’t going to be any less tired tomorrow.

I suspect The Sloth still gets minutes for a couple of reasons. First, is the wishful thinking that he is worth something because they spent a first round 3rd pick on him. Second, is the pragmatic calculation that he could increase his value before they put him on the trading block this summer.

On the bright side, RJ didn’t get blocked 3 times tonight and I mean that literally. He was blocked 3 times in *each* of the last 3 games before today’s contest.

So EB, I missed the game, how many times did he get blocked? Two?

It’s becoming clear that Brunson is the majik that keeps Bad Julius from visiting.

Amazingly, none! Of course he got to the rim less than Grimes, so that might be part of it.

The combination of no Brunson, a dead tired team, and terrible matchups on the wings was too much. They aren’t going to be any less tired tomorrow.

What is this dead tired stuff? We played 10 extra minutes in one game like a week ago. The NBA used to schedule stretches of 4 games in 5 nights, this is nothing.

I missed a hell of a game according to this CBS Sports headline, “Leonard scores 38, leads Clippers to 106-195 win over Knicks”

I’m actually in San Diego for a visit, but I still thought I had the right time for the game. Boo me! I blame myself for the loss.

I was going to say, in regards to my 49 win prediction, that it was a matter of “10-4, good buddy,” because the Knicks have to go 10-4 to win 49 games. I thought that that was a lot more likely before this loss.

the knicks are mentally fatigued at the moment…

thibs didn’t sense it, kept the peddle to the metal on julius – and now he’s broken for a bit…

talk about eye test; yet, there must be other data the medical, front office, coaching staff can see that could help avoid these very very predictable and amazingly obvious situations…

I’m not sure how “proactive” the team’s medical folks are – thibs is a fiend – definitely can’t trust him…

julius ain’t asking for help, except in other kind of ways…

and there they are now…should have rested him against charlotte…

I loved the team effort and think we should have won this game. Defense was good for most of the game. We got a ton of offensive rebounds. We made our free throws. We out hassled the Clippers throughout the game. Only bad spots were first half RJ, because a sloth is a sloth, and especially Randle. Randle was at best inconsistent defensively, shot an atrocious 5-24 on offense, and eventually imploded at the end of the third quarter affecting the focus of the team. They lost faith after that fragrant foul. He lost us the game with his attitude. It was not fatigue; it was all mental. Clippers coach admitted they were intentionally physical with him in order to keep him off balance. It worked!

Looked like Miami was gonna lose to Orlando but Jimmy Butler with the 3 to force OT!

Gonna be a sweat for that 6th seed…

Butler just hit an absolutely ridiculous 3pter to send the Heat Magic game to OT. Brooklyn won a bullshit game in OT last night and if the Heat pull out this game the Knicks luck has officially hit rock bottom.

It’s a much better strategy to figure out what you can do right, than to look at what others can do wrong. That having been said, it would be lovely to get a gift from the Magic tonight. And it looks like we will!

As much as this week has sucked the Knicks are clearly better than the Heat and Nets. I mentioned earlier the schedule once this road trip ends is pretty favorable to the Knicks, I will be shocked if they fall to 7th.

I missed the second half after listening to the first half on radio. (PS John Wallace is not very good as a commentator.) Sounds like a good game to have missed.

OTOH, Miami just got beat by Orlando. Is that worse than us losing to Charlotte? And if BOS holds on vs. ATL it looks like a no harm, no foul night, unless you think the new BKN is for real.

On another note, ROAD TRIP! Driving down to Delray Beach FL with my boy tomorrow for spring break. Look for me in the next Geezers Gone Wild video….

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