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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers

The Knicks host the Clippers tonight, and luckily, the Clippers don’t really have a low post game at all, so the Knicks should be able to hang with them defensively fine. The Clippers have been a major disappointment this season, as even when Paul George and Kawhi Leonard play together the rest of the squad is so uninspiring that the end result is just…fine. Not awful, but not interesting at all. Basically, the Clippers had a whole bunch of guys who were hopefully going to make a leap and…none of them took that leap. It’s just this weird hodge podge of players, and they’re all making a lot of money! It’s such a weird team. Everyone’s old and not that good, while making a ton of money.

And yet, I guess if Kawhi goes nuts, they could make some noise in the playoffs. In any event, I think the Knicks beat then.

The Knicks, by the way, are possibly trading Obi, Fournier and a pick for Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt. Like so many Rose moves, it’s…okay. It doesn’t move the needle much, but it’s not a bad move, either. So sure, whatever, I’m fine with it.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Let’s Go Knicks!

I’m not thrilled at all with these rumors but I’m in a wait & see mode…

Well now we know that it’s been Clyde stealing all those animals from the Houston Zoo… and knitting them into that suit…

RJ recognizing there might be someone open on the perimeter while he’s driving needs to happen more often. Nice simple play.

Very uninspiring start, but only down two. So there’s hope.

Must say, Grimes being 6’4″(+) is problematic against a very good jump shooter like George who is 6’8″. He’s doing his best, but George is just ignoring him.

I really want to like Barrett…

The day he realizes what he can do and what he can’t, he’ll be a much better player.

I read that Sims has one assist and I can’t explain how,
considering that he did never touch the ball…

Third time in a row we get mauled on drives (IQ, I-Hart, RJ) with no call,
I’m getting angry…

Let’s focus on this game first, but Philly tomorrow without Mitch is going to be Embiid’s party.

RJ Barrett is so so bad. Put a replacement level starter at the 3 and we are winning the game. Taken 4 more shots than anyone else on the team.

IQ really comes up with some great boards.

Surprised they called a foul on the Brunson drive. I heard someone yell ball don’t lie in the crowd. Have to agree

Barrett did play the first 18 minutes of the game (h/t to Fred Katz),
I can’t remember such a thing in… forever 🙂

Trey Murphy just did some fun stuff against the Fakers

Herro might be the best matchup RJ has in the NBA. George and Leonard has to be pretty far on the other end of the spectrum.

The highlight from the 1st half was Clyde saying “Brunson exceeded my expectations”. I don’t know how we survived playing Elfrid, Mudiay, DSJ, Frank, Jarrett Jack, Trey Burke, José Calderón and many more, but i’m super grateful we have Brunson now.

I would not want to play with that guy…playing with a ball hog sucks…but one that can’t shoot is demoralizing

Sigh, I really want him to do well but he’s bricking us out of the game…

JB on the other hand is doing miracles to keep us close…

Thought RJ would sink that. Just that kind of night.

Don’t know who these jokers are but give me Clyde back. Ahh, put it on Betcast by accident. Did not enjoy.

RJ looks he is in hell right right now

Randle still very spry

Long rebounds are killing us

We ain’t coming back in this one…no juice out there…and Randle is going hero ball…

You can feel the tech coming for Randle

Randle hit a bunch of tough jumpers early and I think that has committed him to hero ball for the night

The Heat should be embarrassed by their offensive performance on Thursday cause every other team in the NBA can score at will against this horrendous Knicks defense.

“I hope he rides this unit til the end…..maybe not”

i’d rather see our scrubs lose than the starters coming back in…except for Brunson and Grimes.

Ahahahahah (laughing hysterically)…
This team is fucking crazy… and can’t get a fucking rebound!

That was literally over the back on Leonard but good for us.

The problem with how well we are contesting on the three point line is we can’t get a board

I’m 5’11, 190 lbs and can’t jump a lick but I’d probably be able to grab an offensive reb against the Knicks.

I think I say it every time I watch Batum but he can still ball. Just a prototypical three and d low usage wing

Our inability to get the defensive rebounds when it matters is maddening (remember the game in Dallas)…

Anyway no big deal after a grueling, disheartening loss the Knicks turn right back around and play tomorrow night vs Philly.

RJ Barrett -21 trade him to the New Zealand breakers jfc

He really can’t be allowed to keep shooting us out of games when we’re competing for the playoffs

R was so bad this game. You usually can’t point to one player losing you the game. But you can here.

Rj Barrett for Lord Sumner. Who says no?

His lordship had 29 on 24 true shots in a big win.

Meanwhile, Brunson scoring that much with one turnover is unbelievable

Just rewatched the end of regulation two times.
Guess who was too slow, too short, too lazy and was burned by Leonard on the rebound?
Hint: he shot 6-21.

I really want the kid to do well but on games like this he’s so depressing…

We seriously need Mitch back.

I feel like Thibs has neutered Sims… he does close to nothing now.

I was at the game, MSG was as loud as I’ve aver heard it after the Grimes and Brunson buckets.

They really do know how to torture the home fans….

With another close loss the pressure to do SOMETHING on Rose has to be growing. I’ll be stunned if they don’t make a deal.

I would trade RJ for a vile of Covid.

There’s good news in the way RJ is playing. It’s so obvious at this point that RJ is a huge problem on both sides of the ball, that if we could replace him with a player like OGA there would be similar upside to going from no PG to Brunson.

The only problem is the politics of putting his ass on the bench where it belongs and trying to trade him.

We have to replace him for next year.

game was blacked out in my area…guess I’ll skip the replay…

always admired Fedor…such a weird fighter…like a pyscho monk going out and kicking ass with that wild Sambo stuff…

reminds me of that rock climber from the movie Free Solo…difficult for them to register normally anxious moments…

Jeez Cam Thomas drained 44 points in 29 minutes. I guess the Nets don’t need Kyrie.

I seriously don’t know what to think about this team. I seriously can see them winning every game, and I can see them losing every game. There’s no rhyme or reason to them outside of Jalen Brunson being amazing on offense.

As for Deuce, I’m loving this little offense explosion of the last two games, but if you’re a defense-first guy and the other team literally targets you on the other side of the court because they can simply shoot over you, that’s not good.

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