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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

The Knicks host the Miami Heat with a week to go before the Trade Deadline.

They really need to pull this one out, and honestly, I think they’ll come out fighting a lot more than their awful start in Los Angeles. The Heat are a tough team, but I think that the Knicks lately, and Thibs in particular, always seem to pull out games when they really need to win them (in the regular season, that is). So just when things are looking bad, that’s when they’ll go on a winning streak, and tonight is the perfect time for that, so I’m figuring that the Knicks get over the top tonight.

EDITED TO ADD: Whoops, missed Brunson being a late scratch. Well, that’s not good. But the Knicks tend to surprise you when you think they’re definitely going to lose, so maybe Quickley will have a monster game!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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Congrats to Randle, but wow, the Eastern Conference reserves are pretty much ass this year. That is an ugly bench past Embiid and Brown. Hali has been out for weeks and still made it?!

Jaren Jackson Jr. making the Western bench, though, is high-larious.

No Brunson means i’m not as confident as i was before, but maybe RJ has been reading KB and is going to have a monster game! Gooooo Knicks!

Heat broadcast just showed Allan Houston and Spree in the stands, the Knicks could sure use both of them right now.

E, how’s the crowd? Being from the 90s, i can’t stand the Heat. I hope there’s people like me there. 😉

The lights have come back on to Fournier Island…

If he wants to be back in the rotation, he has to make it count. Or else it’ll be only a one-day voucher.

Deuce and Obi should have a 3 point shooting contest, first one to 21 points wins.

Might go into the wee hours….

Probably need to play the starters 40+ mpg until Mitch is back or a trade is made

I have a feeling Jimmy Butler is going to be a little more aggressive in the second half.

I’m SO going to regret saying this, but after enjoying the shitting on RJ for the last few days/weeks, and admitting I’ve missed part of this game, the parts I’ve seen RJ has been playing decently.

Hmm… I still have time to edit or delete this…

RJ is so inconsistent, not just game to game but play to play. Has an amazing stretch, then just totally dies on an easy screen, boom, Herro 3.

The Knicks don’t just give up big leads, they do it in a ridiculously short amount of time

After that fast start, Randle has made last-year-Randle after last-year-Randle plays. Throwing it away, dribbling into the triple team, just bone-headed.

Almost, almost, almost a great run to end the quarter so naturally we had to go all Knicks in the last 30 seconds

Haslem?….he’s still in the league?

Yeah, 3 have that exact reaction everytime I see his name on the depth chart.

One more three from Deuce and d-mar has to send a pig into orbit…

Fournier’s passing making up for the weak sauce in the first half. That dump into Toppin in the paint was nice, and that bomb to Obi was even better.

RJ must read this blog for motivation haha, 10-14 inside the arc is borderline dominant, especially against a stout defense like Miami’s.

Genuinely nice to see some signs of life on offense from Deuce, it’d be really cool if he could grow into a bigger role on offense

Get Houston and Spree out of the stands and put them in the game to close this out.

RJ’s dominance in the paint has been a complete game changer in the second half. Having said that I dunno about this goal tend.

Goal tend made sense to me as Breen explained it, Vincent didn’t really touch it after it left his hand

Also, RJ should never bring the ball up in crunch time, he just can’t pass well out of the double team

I love that Barrett did everything possible to lose the game over that last minute…

we did have two beautiful plays down the stretch. rj to randle to grimes for 3 and rj to grimes to hart at the rim.

Lmao what a clown show, but unlike most clown shows we won this clown show.

Pass by Grimes was killer.

I’ve only been able to watch a few minutes, but hearing Clyde say “yabba Dabba Doo” is a highlight

Is a 5 point lead with 5 seconds left not even safe? Do we now need to be up more points than there are seconds remaining in the game?

Couldn’t Randle have dribbled the ball away from the basket and we’d win the game right there?

Bam didn’t had the ball when the ref blowed the whistle. It should have been a jump ball.

Not sure whether I prefer a game-winning Heat 3 here or another OT where we fold like a cheap suit.

But really, like I said in the opening, they always just somehow win the games to keep them from freefalling, even if they win them ugly. And this was about as ugly of a win as you’re ever going to see. The Heat should be ashamed of themselves, really.

For all the chicanery at the end, a few of those down the stretch plays with multiple passes were very sweet

And Grimes was in the middle of them

Brian, you have some sort of time travel thing going on?

I was that confident. 😉

I’ll just say this to top off the win — Randle and Barrett, TWELVE turnovers…

(Two more than the entire Heat team…)

The defensive difference without Brunson was, unfortunately, quite apparent.

– I thought it was weird how few shots IQ took

– RJ just destroying the Heat through the first 22min of the 2nd half, and then the Knicks the final 2min

– Nice to see Deuce scoring and Grimes find his shot again.

– We didn’t give up 170 points for once

– Someone absolutely showed they belong in the all-star game tonight (Bam)

I mean, it’s hard not to think we’re significantly better at full strength. Mitch and Brunson would have made a huge difference.

Ugly win, but a huge one, we’re going to be scrapping with Miami for the #6 seed for remainder of the regular season. Makes the BK and LA losses much more palatable.

What happened?

Did we win?

I was binge watching Narcos Mexico. Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo was one hell of a defender. Much better than RJ.

I know everyone loves to take their shots at RJ whenever possible but tonight isn’t the night for that, the Knicks don’t come close to winning this game without RJ.

Missed it. Sounds quite Knicksy. Even Kellyanne Szcerbiak couldn’t find a way to defend the ending. But really excited about a W.

Also, fuck the Heat.

So against the Cave, Celts, Nets, Lakers and Heat we went 3-2.

I would have guessed most of us Knicks fans would have signed up for that in a heartbeat…

“Dillon Brooks did some bullshit tonight”

He’s pushing Grayson Allen for most unpleasant person in the NBA. That was a double dirty play.

We were actually very solid on defense tonight, really not a lot of open 3’s, just catch and shoots over screens which you really can’t do much about.

And no one in the league could have guarded Bam tonight

It seemed quasi-intentional…I dunno…

It was fascinating. I think it was basically intentional, so it was terrible, but it really didn’t seem to be, like, completely intentional.

Really good shifts by Deuce and Obi…and Forunier did some good things too.

Yeah, best game by Deuce…all season?

“The defensive difference without Brunson was, unfortunately, quite apparent.”

We can live with one negative defender on the court. At least Brunson tries hard and is willing to give up his body. We need everyone else to either a plus or at least hold their own, preferably 3 pluses. OGA would be so perfect. He addresses a very specific need and is still young and improving.

“Yeah, best game by Deuce…all season?”

For sure, offensively. It was his normal decent-to-good defensive game, he’s actually had better lock-down stretches, and a few games where he orchestrated the offense really well, but actually making three baskets (two of them threes) was pretty huge.

“You know, there’s no place in the game and you’ve gotta protect yourself at the end of the day, but this has been brewing for years, with me, with other guys in the league…this isn’t new,” Mitchell said.

I watched our last inbounds attempt 5 times on replay. One of the most infuriating ATO plays I’ve ever seen. Not one damn screen. Not one attempt to get a player moving toward the ball in space. The plan was “Everybody scatter.” Grimes would have had to throw a perfect lob to get the ball in to any of the 4 guys on the court.

This isn’t a last-second shot they’re drawing up. It’s a damn inbounds.

“I watched our last inbounds attempt 5 times on replay. ”

i posted it above and i wasn’t joking…we ran that play on my freshman team in nineteen seventy fucking eight..

Fwiw, Grimes did make a perfect lob. Randle just ate it. But yeah, our inbounding plays are garbage.

OGA is a KB thing, right? On google news the first two entries are from here! 😀

So against the Cavs, Celts, Nets, Lakers and Heat we went 3-2.
I would have guessed most of us Knicks fans would have signed up for that in a heartbeat…

And if you had told me that included 2 wins against Celts and Heat, i couldn’t sign it fast enough. 😉

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