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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Spurs

I find it very hard to believe that the Knicks can lose back-to-back games against the Spurs, especially with Brunson back.

Lets go, Knicks!

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Teams have governors now? I learn something new here every day. 🙂

“Weaving and achieving”….

So nice to not have to listen to that blowhard scerbiak…

“So nice to not have to listen to that blowhard scerbiak…”

Oh Doogie…

Here i am, it’s a guaranteed win, i’m like 9-1 in the last 10 or something, because i didn’t watch almost all of the losing streak.

Don’t start writing Jakob Bottle just to tease Downtown Doogie. 😛 Although maybe the autocorrect will think about it. 😀

Every time Grimes hits a three an extinct species is rediscovered teeming in a remote cloud forest

Hartenstein doesn’t have butter stumps like his predecessor, but man do balls slide off his flappy hands a lot. Plus he taps back rebounds to the other team way too much, instead of just grabbing them.

Whinge over.

I gotta say, I’m not happy with the way Hartenstein is playing today. Needs to tighten up the defense and hit the boards harder.

EDIT: @Raven is a Big Black Bird – Yup!

Every time Deuce hits a three an extinct language is rediscovered being spoken in Queens

I even looked over my shoulder to see if Thibs was here in my living room… WHY? WHY? WHY?

At some point we all have to acknowledge that Randle is having a spectacular season

Maybe they should test Randle for PEDs. Dude is jumping out of the gym these days!

It feels like this bench unit could play one million minutes and not score a basket

Don’t worry guys … our quickest defender and best sharpshooter is in there… E4 will never let us down …

That was a rough shift for our bench. Of course when Stanley Johnson starts shooting like Steph Curry that doesn’t help…

Fournier needs to be benched again if he doesn’t start hitting shots soon. He had one game hitting his shots and is now on game 3 of missing way too much.

Evian with offensive and defensive lapses like we all remember…

Not at all worried about this game despite the comeback but we need something from Obi or trade for someone else in order to shore up the bench. Our bench is anemic

Anemic? I thought it was chock full of all these great draft picks and free agent signings?

Every once in a while Bad Julius tries to make an appearance and Good Julius shooes him away.

Sims already has more moves than Mitch. Of course he doesn’t make them, but he has them…

This is one of the ugliest quarters of basketball from both teams that I’ve seen this season

Hubert puts zero research or effort into his posts. Otherwise, he might notice that Agbaji is shooting 38.6% from the field

Bruh, he’s taken 40 shots in the NBA.

Sorry. Carry on.

Love those multiple pass sequences. And somehow Grimes is always in the middle of it.

Was just thinking that, Z–Man.

Why is Grimes the only Knick who realizes you can move without the ball?

I have a bad feeling about this game. I don’t like the missed FTs, occasional defensive breakdowns, and suspect shot selection. It feels like they are trying to find a way to lose again. I might need a vacation if they lose to this team again.

Hart has been atrocious on D tonight, he can only play drop coverage competently. I’d trade him

“As Teddy KGB would say: “Hanging around, hanging around””


This game has torture written all over it. They are home and the much better team. Just put these slugs away!

If IQ develops a midrange game he’s gonna be a really good player

Mitch can’t stay out of foul trouble against Zach Collin’s … come on my dude …

Thank god we got Julius back in there! Never thought I’d say that …

The Spurs’ bench is elite (not really but if you only saw them play the Knicks you would think so…)

It’s actually impressive that we’re still winning…

Brunson seems off

Grimes got pretty high on that contest. He’s actually pretty athletic.

I can’t believe we are going to lose this game and I blame Cronin for all of it

IQ totally looked off an open Grimes on the possession right after he made the 3

Any close game at MSG nowadays I fully expect the Knicks to lose so don’t even bother anymore with worst loss of the season posts lol

It’s usually some guy on the other team doing what Brunson is doing.

Nice to have that on our side

This is probably a game where Randle at the 5 and RJ at the 4 to close would be ideal.

Sochan is a really impressive defender.

Brunson might be the best mid-range shooter I’ve ever seen.

That was not the platonic ideal of an offensive possession with a two point lead in the final minute of an nba game

The Knicks have the worst inbounds plays I’ve ever seen. My JV team ran better. It’s unreal

I’m sure it’s frustrating and cam wants to play but it must be not the worst to just sit back, giggle and get paid … guy has enough talent that he’s not gonna be outta the league …

Cronin’s Curse, Dolan’s Razor, and the Unbearable Knicksiness of Being

I feel like that contest from Grimes at the end was worthy of at least a tier 9h player

The mind boggling thing about Brunson is that he’s 6’1”, spends all his time in the paint and never gets his shot blocked

If they wanted us to give more value to a win against the Spurs, on my part they succeeded. 😀

The mind boggling thing about Brunson is that he’s 6’1”, spends all his time in the paint and never gets his shot blocked

Maybe he can teach RJ how to do that.

Doogie, Whinge means whine (as in complain). I think of it as the British version of whine. I’ve only read it and never heard it spoken, so I have no idea how to pronounce it.

“ The mind boggling thing about Brunson is that he’s 6’1”, spends all his time in the paint and never gets his shot blocked

Maybe he can teach RJ how to do that.”

Haha good point!

I knew they’d pull it out. I just didn’t want to freak you all out by saying that. 😉

Holy crap the Bucks blew an 11 point lead to the Raptors with 36 seconds left!

(They ended up winning in OT but what a crazy freaking season this has been )

Correct, Knicks Fan, it is a mis-spelling of whine, because the Brits can’t spell anything.

It is pronounced ‘win-j’

“The Spurs practiced at Baruch College while in the city and coach Gregg Popovich joked he looked for a picture of U.S. Rep.-elect George Santos in the gym. Santos has admitted to lying about having earned a degree in finance and economics at the school. “I thought maybe he had played sports or something while he was there,” Popovich said, “Because that’s where he went to school, right?”

I love Pops.

“It is pronounced ‘win-j’”

Is it a short or long “i” sound?

Win like “The Knicks played so badly the last few minutes of that game, including Julius suddenly and mysteriously and repeatedly driving into double-teams like it was a year ago, that they did not deserve to ‘win’.”

Although it might be a bit more breathy, like ‘whin-j.’

Btw in that Bucks Raptors game, the Bucks were up 16 with 1:15 left in regulation and it went to OT

That has to be the biggest comeback with that amount of time left in NBA history, right?

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