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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. The Second City…Oh, Wait, Some OTHER Jokes from Chicago

The Knicks host the Chicago Bulls at the Garden as the warm-up to the highly anticipated Christmas match-up between the Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The last time the Knicks faced the Bulls, it was on the second game of a back-to-back in Chicago where the Knicks beat the Bulls so badly that I thought that Billy Donovan was going to commit seppuku in the middle of the third quarter, that’s how badly his Bulls disgraced both him and themselves as a professional basketball team. Just an absolute total bunch of losers. They then followed up that embarrassing loss to the Knicks by giving up 150 in a loss in the first game of their current road trip.

So the Bulls presumably want to redeem themselves after almost driving their coach to ritual suicide, and they recently beat the Heat, so they’re not on some insane losing streak or anything like that, but boy, the Knicks really ought to give these losers another beatdown.

The quest for 49 still remains apace!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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We’re doing our best to lose this game, turnovers, missing FTs, bad vibes including Lavine’s last-second shot… I’m worried

The Bulls are playing better defense than they did in Chicago, but NY is playing like crap.

Probably the worst quarter I’ve seen the Knicks play since before the winning streak…

No other sight I dread more than Julius Randle bringing the ball upcourt…in what reality does our coaching staff think that is a good thing?

The Bulls are super hot from three and the Knicks are right there, this is not a big deal. But yes, it would be nicer if they cut the shit out and put these losers away.

During a break in the action I was checking in on Kevin Durant’s season so far.

In the Nets 32 games so far, he’s shot under 50% in only 3 of them. His TS% is an ungodly 67%.

I mean, we talk a lot about Jokic winning another MVP, and rightly so. But Durant is playing at a ridiculous level right now.

RJ’s playing like a tentpole franchise player right now.

Everything about this team changes if he gets there consistently.

“Fun half but it terrifies me when Levine plays well in front of Dolan”

The good news is that he supposedly wants to go to LA.

Loving RJ’s performance tonight, but we really can’t fuck around with this team.

Need to put the hammer down in the 3rd quarter.

I wasn’t worried about the Knicks taking control of the game, but RJ just outright dominating at the end of the second quarter was a nice surprise. He looked like a superstar in that last nine minutes or so.

Mitch May not have his usual bounciness given that he just had some sort of groin issue

They can’t guard you, RJ! This is the period where these losers fall apart! Take it to them!

No way they win this challenge…vuyahchich was so emasculated…he did that review motion…

Love watching what RJ is doing tonight but I still can’t deal with these games when the Knicks D is so awful.

“I still can’t deal with these games when the Knicks D is so awful.”

+1 and we’re playing too fast.

I mean … ok, yeah seems like it makes sense to take out RJ there. Whatever. He’s old.

He came out so he can go back in with the second unit that has Sims and Hart

There’s zero chance both Evan Fournier and Cam Reddish wouldn’t improve this unit.

“Brunson having a rough game…”

The game plan by Toronto and now Chicago seems to be make things really difficult on Brunson and force RJ and Randle to beat them.

I don’t really think it counts as “figuring someone out” when they post near 1 PPS, 8+ assists, and one turnover after facing consistent doubles. It sounds like instead he’s picking them apart with his passing on a bad shooting night

Good opportunity to show maturity and close this out. With Brunson, let’s hope so.

Horrible call. That could be the game.

If you are successful on a challenge you should get another.

This is the kind of hero ball RJ has to avoid. He’s not at that level yet. He just thinks he is. We don’t want RJ isolating even when he’s going well. His shots and opportunities have to come in the flow of the game.

The execution has been terrible down the stretch. This is where we really need Brunson. He’s the only one that won’t melt down mentally.

We best get comfortable with RJ iso, b/c they’re going to it by design. Brunson not even pretending to initiate down the stretch.

Grimes man, gotta hit those!

But wow RJ.

This team has beaten the cold-hearted realist out of me. I love them.

We can’t stop their guards from getting a good shout or drawing a foul. We need to get very lucky here.

That game winner was about as certain as you can get. What a terrible terrible loss. Terrible call by the refs on Mitch, missed FTs etc…

“Good opportunity to show maturity and close this out. With Brunson, let’s hope so.”

— or not.

Big picture we easily win this game if people who can make FTs make their FTs but man this is frustrating, and now we have 2 days of E being a hater until Christmas

Yeah the good vibes are over, this season is headed back to maybe being lucky to get into the play in.

Worst loss of the season… and there really can’t be a worse one the rest of the season

Relapse on D, plus bricked FTs late that should have put this one away. We deserved the L. Period.

I’m not shocked Grimes was feeling the heat, but Brunson missing 2 was terrible and shocking. Anyone can miss 1, but when you miss 2, it was most likely the pressure.

***This team has beaten the cold-hearted realist out of me. I love them.***

And then reality beats the shit out of you all over again.

A couple tough losses but they’re still doing good things out there. Just need to hit foul shots. Not worried.

Barrett was great, but I mean, he still had 6 turnovers… and Brunson, Jeez… I hope he’s not turning back into a pumpkin. He’s been shooting like shit.

There’s just something specially annoying to lose on a DeRozan jumper at the end that I can’t quite explain, it just brings the worst out of me.

At least RJ played a great game, but the 4th quarter was so annoying to watch with the bad foul calls on our end and the turnovers and missed free throws. What a waste of a great performance.

What to say. So much good and then a complete and utter mental collapse — BUT —

Glad they had this “rep” of trying/failing to close one out. The experience is better than a blowout win in many ways. Learn from it.

RJ, Randle, and IQ had very good games. IQ’s third in a row. Build on it.

E, please take it easy tomorrow. Optimist Island is building affordable housing 😉

Was the final shot the only Bulls lead in the second half?

If Grimes or Brunson make 1 FT we’re probably worst case in OT

If this game was in Chicago like last week Knicks win but at this point any close game at MSG the road team is gonna win every time.

“Was the final shot the only Bulls lead in the second half?”

Yes. It was tied at 98 and at 112.

I’m still beating on the drum they need to trade Cam and Fournier yesterday and not just for draft picks, an actual player that could help the bench would be pretty useful right about now.

They could help the bench. They’re better than Sims and McBride.

Is what it is.

The Bulls are such a weird team. They have some of the best shot creators (defined as a guy who can get you a reasonably efficient look without being assisted) in the game, but that is literally all they have. They’re basically designed to not be very good, but be able to pull out close games if you let them stay in it.

The fucking free throws, man. We let them stay in it.

Good thing is the Knicks are on the road next week so this losing streak shouldn’t last more than 3 or 4 games.

That was a real “holy shit” game from RJ, though. It wasn’t just a hot night (although he was hot). His strength around the rim was the opposite of what we’re used to seeing. A game like that earns patience because he could be something if he gets stronger. And oh look, what’s that, RJ? Is that a 6 month supply of anabolic steroids in your stocking with a note that says “From Hubie, with love”? I think it might be.

If you want to feel less depressed, do not, I repeat, do not look at Halliburton’s box score tonight.

Oh and he just beat Miami with a 3

Go Obi?

I think that’s two fluky losses in a row tbh. We’re fine. If we drop both of Philly and Dallas then I’ll be worried again.

Honestly, though, I chalk this up to the same as the overtime defeat of the Bulls, in that I don’t think we learned anything really one way or the other. It was just a weird game, and that was that. They won one weird game, and now they lost one.

File this under not being able to enjoy nice things: the Knicks, despite their 7 game winning streak, aren’t the hottest team in the east over the past two weeks. It’s the other NY team. And they aren’t the second hottest team either. The lol Orlando Magic are.

missed the end to this game but RJ performance’s was really encouraging…

and reason #1000 why TS and TS+ is not a good fwd looking indicator.. is that after these last two games RJ is at a .541 TS% which is a career high thanks to a 3pt% that is now sitting at 33% after sitting in westbrook territory for most of the year… things that rely on 3pt% can change very drastically this early in the season…

Spoiler: Haliburton is really good and we could have had him but million-dollar executives are total fucking morons and I’m sitting here better than them at their jobs pecking away at my IBM personal computer in my mother’s basement

Hield and Halliburton 17-27 from three.

I want to kill the Kings but Sabonis is having a great year

I want to kill the Kings but Sabonis is having a great year

Still kill them. It was an absurd trade.

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