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2022-23 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Some of the Warriors – Eighth Wonder of the World?

The Knicks host some of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, with a nice test, as even with the Warriors missing a number of notable players, they still have a decent enough team, so it’ll be nice to get some home-cooking going tonight.

49 wins or bust!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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“That post article was dumb. The books have moved our win total up 4 games so far, which is maybe a bit conservative but seems reasonable. I’m probably higher on this team than a bunch of this board but I wouldn’t bet on them winning more than like 46 games.”

It was dumb, but it was just “Find a way to make this betting ad look like a real article” article, so it’s understandable.

If the Suns are worth 4 billion why don’t the steinbrenners sell the Yankees already instead of trying to make money off the team

I don’t know how it works exactly but owning a sports team allows you to create ridiculously high tax write offs through depreciation and amortization.

Judge got $360mm, for example, and he’s eventually going to be worthless, so Steinbrenner gets to claim $360mm in losses to offset income and gains.

They can do the same thing with their TV deal, i.e. they can act as if they’re never going to get a new one, and all the money they earn is going to be lost when it’s over.

(These were all gifts from George W Bush to his fellow owners, btw.)

Mark me down as up for a meetup tomorrow or any other time during the holidays, my family is here so I don’t travel for them.

New Brian is fantastic. I bet he got a tattoo.


Feel like his wife has stepped in to start posting for him in exasperation

I’m nervous about this game. We are playing well, home, the Warriors have been bad on the road, and they are missing a couple of starters and rotation players. We should win. But they are are a well coached team and will probably be firing a lot of 3s. If those 3s just happen to be dropping or we are a little slow to cover, variance could get the best of us. We better come out hard on defense.

Man if we lose this game the optimists gonna lose it while the pessimists chill out and tell jokes.

Whatever sort of tax goodies you get with a team you can just get with having like 8 billion dollars in cash and a bunch of lawyers & accountants

No, they can’t. That’s exactly why they buy the team.

Dude just spent $4BN on a team Forbes valued at $1.8BN because the more he pays, the more he can pretend he lost every year.

The team was worth 1.8; the tax benefit was worth 2.2.

I’ll shut up about this after this, but really rich people who do not own sports teams have a well documented history of using other methods to avoid paying taxes.

I don’t buy it about player costs giving tax write offs. They are salaries and a running expense of the business. But you do probably get a bunch of what is called “good will” when you buy a sports team. “Good will” is a technical term for the difference between what you paid and the book value of the assets you acquired. Since sports team don’t have large tangible assets like factories, I suspect “good will” can be large. And I think you can amortize ”good will”, and if so, that could make the business generate paper losses.

Man, I never watch TNT. Is it always non-stop hilarious hijinx and mellow grooves?

I love that national TV forced them to start on time…

Sloppy start, both teams look like they don’t wanna play…

P.S. Let’s Go Knicks!

“ Which opponent will have a career high tonight? My money is on Moody!”

I’m betting on Anthony Lamb

Got the local broadcast here…the dubs announcers are saying it’s a given that we’ll cool off from 3 later and warriors can make their move….

What did Randle do?

He accidentally hit Poole in the face and was whistled for an offensive foul…

Grimes is a hustle player in the sense that he’s taking the lunch money of everyone who thinks he’s only a hustle player.

Knicks have run that play a number of time where Deuce or a guard fakes struggling to get free off a screen while really helping to set a double screen to free Sims for the oop.

Nice to see some trickery

Maybe I overestimated the Warriors without Steph and Wiggins. They seem kind of shitty.

Yeah, but that seems fluky, and even with that, they’re down seven! There’s no way Ty freakin’ Jerome is going to hang in there.

IQ, man. The shot is there tonight, but so are the … fouls.

Robinson *and* Sims. Yes, please.

As an aside, though, I’m pleased for Jerome for him to get this opportunity. He’s the first guy from my high school to ever make the NBA (oddly enough, since then, another dude has made it, which seems very strange. Maybe it’s become good at basketball now?).

On the other hand I’m stuck with TNT and it’s unwatchable, they just did a 5 minutes interview with Steph with the game on split screen…
And I can’t stand Reggie… 🙁

Mitch/Sims is like old school Drummond/Monroe. I like seeing it. It’s so weird.

Really starting to come around to some sort of Anunoby for RJ package.

Maybe not fair to RJ because the rest if our perimeter D players look elite, but I’d love to see OG replace RJs mediocre-at-best defense.

On the other hand I’ve liked some of RJs offensive development this year more than other years.

Good job spending a billion dollars keeping these dudes together, Lacob!!

I mock him, but in all seriousness, it IS kind of cool that Lacob is willing to blow the league up to keep his stars together. I actually do admire the loyalty. It’s just funny that he’s doing it all for them to be under .500.

Warriors announcers saying ISM is in da house …given all the open 3’s we’re giving up…

Crowd seems unusually quiet. I think there’s a lot of corporate types in the building.

And I’m not enjoying the TNT Warriors home broadcast

The Warrors spending all that money to be under .500 is very 2003-esque Knicks. “Sure, let’s add Clarence Weatherspoon to the mix for the mid-level! Sure, we’ll add Jerome Williams for more than the mid-level, too! Shandon Anderson making $8 million a year which would be, like, $19 million in 2023? Let’s add him on, too!” “If every player makes the mid-level, that’s a good thing, right?”

He’s fine…

Yeah, looked worse than it is.

The funny thing to me is that in the NBA, it almost feels like unless it is a blatantly bad injury (like the dude’s leg is hanging awkwardly to the side or some shit), the bad injuries are often the ones that aren’t violent looking, like the slight tap that AD got that put him out indefinitely.

He’ll have a sore ankle for a few days but will probably play through it. Correct call by the refs, Reggie is a fucking dick.

Really hope Grimes is alright.

Nice to be able to have Deuce step in and keep the defensive pressure on.

Love how Brunson rushed the inbound to get to that easy layup for RJ. Guy is just so smart out there. And he’s a Knick. I’m so confused.

Love how we’re closing out on shooters, that’s the biggest difference during this streak

IQ tonight: Finally!

And this is my All Pass lineup: IQ, Deuce, Grimes, Sims, Hart.

This is the first Knicks game I’m watching since the World Cup and… they are good?!?

Would be totally down to meet up, even if it’s just EB/Noble. Does anyone have any recs for a good place to meet up? I’m on the UWS (76th and Broadway) at my brother’s

“flash to kerr after that kuminga pass he looks like sylvia plath contemplating mollusks”

should have shut down the comments after this one

It really is funny how the Warriors had two high draft picks and basically blew them both. Imagine if Wiseman and Kuminga were good!

I noticed evian and cam gave up their hoods of shame last game in indy…

also, been big in to musical rearrangement stuff lately, been digging that Adidas commercial with the Blood Sweat and Tears – you make me so very happy…

Just looked at the box score. Saw IQ’s line. And Grimes.

Might be the happiest I have ever been as a Knicks fan.

Hart is contractually prohibited from playing this way unless it’s a TNT broadcast.

PS — RJ, Randle, Brunson all topped at only 30 minutes. Good.

The Streak goes on!
Nice and easy wire-to-wire win ,
crushing an undermanned team without breaking a sweat.
Very. Well. Done.

P.S. the turmoiling Bulls won in Miami

Maybe this garbage time can convince Thibs to work in some I Hart post passing into the offense.

Also, I’ll follow up with people on tomorrow’s thread and establish something for the Raptors game!

I think we saw, at least partially, why Hartenstein doesn’t get featured more. Deuce got caught under the basket and couldn’t get the shot off because he’s too short.

Clippers have a bunch of tall wings who can convert those shots in the post.

94 points by the Warriors. This holding teams under 100 is really kind of amazing.

Can’t believe last time Knicks beat the Warriors at home was the Steph Curry 54 pt game.

The saddest thing about that game is that it finally hit me re: what we missed out on…

But fatass Raymond Felton blocking Steph’s last shot was pretty cool….

The cool thing about tonight is that when we fucked up, we would still be up 10+…like the game was never really in doubt.

I am psyched for tomorrow vs. TOR, that should be a bloodbath.

I’m on a plane right now landing at LGA and flying over the city. Believe the ESB is lit up orange white and blue for our boys tonight:)

“I’m on a plane right now landing at LGA and flying over the city. Believe the ESB is lit up orange white and blue for our boys tonight:)”

I’m getting aroused at that visual…

Just the other day I said to watch out for when Quick breaks out because like Charles always says “I guaaaranteee it”.

I need a meme here

Knicks winning

Knicks winning in a way that backs up all your takes this week

I think it’s that Drake meme.

I’m thinking of joining “team tank” and “team fire Thibs”.

It’s not fair to the rest of the league to have this many young players working together on offense, defending well, and playing hard for their coach and have all those excess 1st rounders to get even better.

Seriously, this is too much fun for any Knicks fan.

How do you not love this team?


PS – I changed my ex girlfriend’s dog’s name to Amar’e on thanksgiving 2009. She didn’t approve, but the dog responded.

There are a lot of super Knicksy things that could happen but not going to contemplate any of them….

I can meet at Tessa on Amsterdam near 77th at 3:30

Damn, man. If you start drinking at 3:30 for a 7:30 tip-off that does explain a lot. 8 wins in a row, though, I’m ready to stop fighting and love the Z.

Alas, I’m still in DeSantisville. Y’all have fun tomorrow.

“It’s nice to root for a team that’s way better than the sum of its parts….”

I’m having flashbacks to the late 60s and early 70s. It’s only 8 games, but it’s a glimpse of the way basketball should be played and was played in NY all those years ago.

Just keep building and moving forward. We have a nice core of players to work with to get to eventually contend for the promised land.

I was tentative on all the Grimes praise because it’s a small sample size but I’m definitely starting to believe in his impact. He still probably lacks size to defend some of the bigger ball handlers in the league like Doncic or Butler, but he’s definitely a very good defender who fits the starting lineup perfectly by bringing exactly what it needs, competent shooting and perimeter defense. Nice to see IQ and Hart show up too.

wow, this is pretty much far exceeding any expectations I had for the season…

I thought maybe a 5 game win streak or a .500ish team like ours…

jalen brunson seems to be having an effect on the team, a big one…

he does have a winning pedigree to him…just a question of if he could do it at the NBA level…

for the record – I haven’t been sober for more than a few days here or there for about 27 years…

truth be told, I didn’t spend much time sober before that…

first time I passed out was like 14 or so…woke up in some woods behind this church…lost my glasses and had to walk home without them for a couple miles…

went back the next day though and got my glasses back…and so it goes…

Subbing at my old school tomorrow, which is why I can hang for a bit…likely can’t stay for the game but can do happy hour until 5;30 or so…Tessa has a classy one. Could also do Jake’s Dilemma or Gin Mill if that suits anyone better.

But almost immediately after Brunson agreed to join the Knicks, his new coach had a good idea of why Brunson was going to be so valuable as his new point guard.

“I’ll be honest with you, when we first signed him he started coming in immediately in the summer and I knew right then, just by what he was doing,” Thibodeau said. “Not by what he was saying. Not by anything other than the way he came in and the way he worked each and every day. I knew that was exactly what we needed.”

everything I’ve heard to date says jalen’s been focused like this since at least high school…

good for him, now he finds himself under the bright lights leading a young team with an old coach…

I can’t believe how much I am enjoying watching this team right now. They are playing their asses off. Four blowouts, two convincing wins, and two nailbiters where we bent but didn’t break.

Never mind all-star consideration, how about Brunson for MVP? Or at least All-NBA?

IQ, Deuce and Grimes all producing on both ends. Sims too!

RJ not efficient but made some big baskets that stemmed the one run GSW made.

Randle was off from 3 but 4-6 inside the arc. His pull-up game is much more refined than last year. His defensive rebounding in traffic is a huge plus. Only 13 shot attempts and 5 assists, this was more like how he played early on.

Biggest thing for me was that they didn’t have to tax themselves too much, because tonight is going to be a much more demanding game against a good, healthy, desperate team. If we get this one, I’ll be even more impressed with this team’s current resolve.

It’s nice to see that we’re getting some national attention. Even though clowns like Charles and Shaq are nonbelievers, the league is taking notice.

These are not your uncle’s Knicks…

Did I mention Jalen Brunson?

My mind is blown by that correa turn of events

Uncle Steve has spent so much money

Where will he play? Third base?

The memes are amazing

What’s $100MM in baseball taxes when you’re worth $10B and IRL your earnings are taxed as carried interest.

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