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Knicks Preseason Game Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers – The Cam Reddish Game

The Knicks host the Pacers, and Cam Reddish starts! Should be fun!

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The unhealthy fantasy is that given the chance to start, the light turns on for Cam, he impresses Thibs, blah blah.

The probable reality is that Cam continues to be his usual tantalizing but frustrating self, and that this speaks more to Thibs not wanting to start Quickley unless he has no other choice whatsoever.

The unstoppable preseason juggernaut against a team that hope to ultra-tank but maybe has too much talent to do it.

Cam’s better start doing something good, his chances will not be infinite…

Let’s Go Knicks!

I think Cam has until the trade deadline to prove he belongs, if he can’t he’ll be used in a trade to a team that still believes in him. But he’ll have very few chances, so he better start taking advantage of said chances.

The general opinion here and elsewhere seems to be that Thibideau didn’t want Reddish in the first place and there is no place for Reddish in the Knicks’ rotation. I just don’t see it. Allowing for the fact that Thibs wants players to learn his system in practice before putting them in a game and that Reddish arrived in the middle of the season when there were very few practice opportunities, Thibs seems to be giving Reddish a fair shake. Last season when CM was ready, he got regular minutes until he was injured. Now he’s getting a chance to start.

Teams don’t tank all year anymore, so i wouldn’t be surprised if until the all star break the Pacers are one of the teams “fighting” for the play-in. But after that, i think they’ll start tanking for Wembanyama.

“The game just started. Move the ball before you start chuckin’ up threes …”

I think they’ll try to trade Hield and the expiring contract of Turner.
They sooner they do it the sooner they’ll tank.

I’m watching for the very first time on league pass. They have the MSG feed but they also have the MSG feed from inside the garden what they show while they go to commercial break instead of the commercials. I’m watching the T-shirt toss. Kind of cool. Maybe I’ll get to see the next city dancers on TV!

I wish Thibs was a defensive-minded coach. Then we wouldn’t have to watch this crap.

I’m at 4-5 Reddish mistakes. Maybe unfair because I rarely focus this much on one guy but that seems bad.

It’s possibly more though depending on how ticky tacky you want to get

Not hugely impressed by Cam so far. As in not even a little bit.

Brunson’s going to average 25 ppg. Ball hog.

With this starting five, that’s a compliment.

Brunson with a floater against the best shot blocker in the league, and not a lot of separation. I like it.

Reddish certainly looks out-of-whack. No chemistry with this unit.
Boy, the team seems to have offensive continuity with m running the point.

Hart doesn’t rebound like Mitch, he didn’t catch 2 ORB that Mitch would’ve.

I am liking how Randle is working hard but taking a back seat on the offense, with all positive body language. Keep it up, Julius!

tiny silver lining on RJ’s missed dunk: his previous 3balls got him an easier move to the hoop. keep that up.

@Cybersoze – I prefer Sims for the defense, but Hart offers a stretch-5 look which the Knicks didn’t have with Noel.

I don’t think we need to discuss Hart taking the starting job from Mitchell anytime soon.

Deuce needs to make those layups. Hartenstein needs to work harder and smarter under the boards at both ends of the floor.

Deuce, Obi, IQ, even Hart need to … re-calibrate. That unit looked like the pain we felt last year.

Deuce is reaching Cam’s level, defense is great but he can’t be a black hole on offense.

Depending on how you count RJ, Knicks guards are 10-19 with 26pts.

Others are 0-12 with 0

It’s got to be weird for Cam to start at guard. I think of him as a forward, and sometimes a four. That said, he certainly didn’t do much good so far

Deuce and Obi hitting back to back 3s is one of the 7 signs of the Apocalypse. Uh oh

Hart is supposed to be good at ORebs. He’s not great at DRebs, which is a bad combo with Obi

Sounds like Cam is blowing his showcase?

Scherzer again with lousy command. His pitches are mostly up.

I don’t just count makes or misses on three pointers, I pay attention to how close the misses are. For RJ his misses have been close and that’s giving me hope he’s better at threes this year. For Toppin it’s the opposite.

2nd unit: Rose, IQ, Grimes, Obi & Sims.
Deuce takes some time from Rose & IQ.

yeah, I’m gonna need to see Hart’s shot fall some before I forget the good news of Jericho Sims

EDIT: Credit to Thibs thus far for getting everyone out there a bit. Nice to see.

Is there a stronger phrase than “breath of fresh air”?

Cause that’s what Brunson is

Anyone saw Reddish in the paint not defending anybody and not knowing if he had to go left or right? Hilarious!


He isn’t fast, he doesn’t jump, he isn’t tall… he’s just a great baller.

I loved this kid since his college days, I’m so happy he’s a Knick.

@cyber, yeah… he looked unsure if he should stick with his man or help across the lane. He did neither. Lucky they didn’t find his guy with a pass

Mitch stealing Turner was sweet. I’m starting to believe this’ll be Mitch’s breakout season.

I’m hoping for a huge leap by Mitch. I think with the right point guard he can join the ranks of elite centers in the league.

Geo, if a shot hits the rim and bounces out you can tell from how it bounces whether is was close to a trajectory that would go in or not. For example, if it hits the front of the rim and bounces forward it was closer to going in than if it bounces backwards because it must have bounced off the inside of the rim instead of the outside of the rim. I figure if a players shots are generally close to going in but some don’t he’s still shooting accurately. RJ is doing well in this regard, while Obi and, unfortunately, Randle are not.

hmmmm, i don’t know what it means when someone shoots and the ball isn’t close, then hits a couple of three pointers in a row…

i get what you’re saying…i would think though the key would be more their release and shooting motion rather than their missed shot proximity to the rim…

i don’t know Go NY…some of us have had to do multiple accounts, after the initial new site registration…

for some reason it locked some folks out…

we think it may have been connected to request post deletions…thought it might be site name change profile edits too – but, Knew Your Nicks has been changing their handle a bunch and i don’t think that’s given them any issues…

That was both a fun and painful half.

I don’t think Mitch is going to have a breakout season, but I think he’s finally going to be the defensive anchor that we’ve been looking for, at least in terms of consistency.

Suffering some PTSD from watching Randle bring the ball up court those last few times. Let’s not.

Yeah that whole “Taijuan Walker not on the roster” thing doesn’t look great right now

Fun with stats: Cam Reddish who looks to be playing himself right off of the team tonight is +18 in the box score 😉

I think Brunson may be looking for his own shot a little too much. I prefer when he penetrates and if the double comes dish it out . If not, hold the dribble and bring it back out. Sometimes you find an open man on the way out. Nash had that mastered.

The release and shooting motion clearly matter too.

When players miss with a far off airball and then make a couple in a row it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Maybe they didn’t get set on one but were in rhythm on the others. And of course the sample sizes in one game are very small to draw any definite conclusion.

I double-posted again. Not used to posting from my iPhone. Thanks for the tip Geo.

The team is down two rotational players tonight: Fournier and Grimes. They dominated the 2nd qtr. the team looks (mostly) cohesive.

I love Sims and hope he gets playing time.

it’s an interesting thought though in regards to what different folks may be queuing in on during a game…

my eyes stay stuck on brunson and mitch a lot during the game…

haven’t really looked at anyone’s shooting too deeply…

Thibs was not happy with that possession. Cam didn’t know what to do with the ball in his hands with the clock ticking down so he passes to Julius who has to chuck it up.

Cam really is useless, I wish I could find something positive to say about him but I got nothing.

If Brunson is going to be getting to the line 9 times a game, he can ball hog all he wants. Nice to finally see a Knicks PG who can be aggressive when necessary.

Five pitch inning for Darvish to get the 1-2-3 hitters out. This is going really well.

I too don’t like Brunson taking too much zero-pass shots… if the shots come in the flow I’m okay with him taking them.

Reddish has the tools and the skills but probably will never put it all together, he always has that “I’m too cool for this playground” vibe…

RJ is one of the few players that can make you think he’s going to be an all star or an overpaid low efficiency scorer on the same night almost every night. smh

I like that there’s been no four guys standing around while the fifth guy decides what to do with the ball.

Man, I hate to blow my own horn, but last year I recall posting here that I had some reservations about the Mets signing a 38 year old pitcher to a 3 year/$43 million per year deal, no matter how good he’d been in the past.

Two IL stays (he missed about 10 starts this year) and these last 2 games are very ominous for the next two years. I hope he bounces back from this.

Alan sorry to read about your family’s loss. I hope some preseason hooping and scooping can give you a small measure of solace.

With Mitch and Sims we have two centers who make everyone else just look really small. Then we have Hart, who has an extremely cute girlfriend.

“Can we say Hart has had a terrible game, yet?”

Very disappointing. I’m having a hard time thinking of anything he did well.

I’m gonna give Hartenstein time. He’s with a new team, one which didn’t have a player like him last year. Since he plays off the ball, he may need more time to gel.

We may have the best 3rd string unit in the NBA 😉

EDIT: Re Hart, totally agree to give him time. not burying the guy, but he was a mess tonight in every area. surprising.

True, Alan, Fiancée.

And just giving Hart shit. It was a bad game, but I expect to appreciate his game before the season is over.

In the hopes of being invited to the ceremony…

IHart looks like he’s trying too hard to prove himself to his new team…

mitch looks like he’s only just starting to warm up…

him and julius around the defensive rim are a great duo…

defense, rebounds and low turnovers…

that should be a good team…

Forget Obi’s dunks- the real highlight was Mitch stroking those two free throws. Nothing but net!!

Maybe Obi might turn out to be Young Amar’e, except like 80% as good? That would be a pretty good outcome

2 pre-season games in Julius Randle was 3rd in FGA amongst the starters both games. I really really like that for us.

And Julius was fifth in FGA this game. I really really like that for us as well.

I’m glad I listed him as my #1 draft pick.

Also, I thought Paolo Banchero would suck and he’s had 2 bad games.

So 2 preseason games and I’m 100% undeniably right

I’m glad I listed him as my #1 draft pick.

Also, I thought Paolo Banchero would suck and he’s had 2 bad games.

So 2 preseason games and I’m 100% undeniably right

Well, Cam so far seems to be who we thought he was. But the Obi show was delightful and other guys looked good against a team that has talent but is trying to be bad.

I disagree about Cam. He was playing a new position and guarding guards instead of forwards. That has got to be hard. He still made the right play on offense a number of times and ended up with an excellent plus minus. I’m not sure how well he will guard guards, but if Thibideau thinks it’s worth checking out, I’m willing to suspend judgement for a few games.

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