2021-22 Game Thread: Knicks @ Nuggets

Whoops, thought this was a 9:30 start.

Let’s go, directionless Knicks! I bet these weirdos win this one!

Which Classic Member of the NBA’s Top 75 Players Would Adjust the Best to the Modern NBA?

The Knicks are brutal to talk about, so let’s talk about something more fun.

Here is a list of the NBA’s pick for their Top 75 players of all-time (they actually picked 76 because of a tie. Sure there was a tie. Suuuue there was).

We all know George Mikan is the answer to the classic player who would adjust the worst to the modern NBA, but which of the classic players (classic, for the sake of this question, will be anyone who retired before Lebron James entered the league) do you think would adjust the best to the modern NBA?

I vote Wilt. Size plays in any era and certain aspects of Wilt’s game, like his assists and his outside shooting, would be even more important today (especially the outside shooting, as he’d obviously be shooting threes today). His free throw shooting was poor, but overall, I think he would be just as dominant today as he was back in the old days. Just look at a Joel Embiid for the basic idea.

That’s my pick – but what’s yours?