2021-22 Game Thread: Knicks vs. The Vestiges of the Nets

The Knicks host their crosstown rival Brooklyn Nets tonight. Due to Kevin Durant’s injury, Kyrie Irving’s stupidity and Ben Simmons’…whatever, the Nets will be without their three star players as well as their pretty good #4 option, Joe Harris (who has an annoyingly lingering injury following ankle surgery where he is not officially out for the season but it feels like is essentially out for the season).

The Knicks, meanwhile, will be without Nerlens Noel (out with the same knee issue, I guess?) and RJ Barrett (out with Thibs’ stupidity – by the way, the Knicks totally know RJ is hurt more than they initially said, right?).

The Nets will be starting:

PG: Patty Mills
SG: Seth Curry
SF: Bruce Brown Jr.
PF: Kessler Edwards
C: Andre Drummond

That is not a good team at all, but hey, neither are the Knicks. Still, that Nets lineup is so bad that I think the odds are that the Knicks pull this off, much to my annoyance.

Let’s have ourselves a ball!