Do You Think That the Knicks Will Trade For Russell Westbrook This Offseason?

Well, we know that they officially cannot trade for Chris Paul, so let’s look at what people think about the new worst case scenario. By the way, the Rockets just dumped Robert Covington (after trading two first rounders for him), so they’re definitely blowing that team up, so Westbrook almost certainly will be getting traded. […]

Do You Think That the Knicks Will Trade For Chris Paul This Offseason?

Our all-poll content continues with a question about where you think that the Knicks stand with their odds of acquiring star point guard, Chris Paul, who is both amazing, 83 years old and making $630 million a year. But will that stop the Knicks from trading for him?

Which Of These Lucky 13 Players Would You Be Fine With the Knicks Drafting At #8?

Alan wanted more of that precious “All poll Knickberblogger content” that we are known so well for here (for the last week, at least) and so here ya go. Assuming Edwards, Wiseman, Ball, Toppin and Avdija are all off of the board, which of these following thirteen prospects would you be fine with the Knicks […]