2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Suns

The Knicks continue their playoff push with a game against the Phoenix Suns.

I’m attending this one, and I think I have a good chance to see a win tonight.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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No oubre for the suns but Rubio is back. Not sure who we have available there are a bunch of knicks with minor injuries.

DRed, I’m making that Korean fire chicken you recommended awhile back, marinating overnight for tomorrow. What do you suggest eating it with? Is it a dip for tortilla chips or could I serve it over white rice?

Wow, that photo’s vibe hits really close to home

Lol, I hope that really happened. Just imagining the Jowles family sitting peacefully in the den, post X-mas dinner, and young Cock struts in, turns off the Dean Martin and just starts blasting ‘Guillotine’.

oh, that family pic is some funny shit jowles…

i can’t stop laughing about the dad thing…

My family’s cool (but not Death Grips cool), lots of artistic liberty here

Jowles idk what’s traditional to serve it with but rice would be fine. Next time I make it I think I’m going to eat it with some corn tortillas.

May the force of Zeus be with us tonight!
I want to taste Victory via young guns

The difference with Randle is that he isn’t initiating from outside the three point line.

I do kind of respect how remorseless Booker is about shooting the ball.

Nice strip by Frank

Kevin Knox hitting that three kept me from throwing a bottle at my tv.

Robinson great play too, block and then bucket

Frank had sex recently.
It’s obvious.

I thought we all came to the consensus that Frank is constantly jack hammering away at the women of New York. It’s why he keeps injuring his groin.

we’re back…ugh, can’t sleep…it’ll be work soon…I never have trouble sleeping…I hate getting old…it just sucks…

pretty ugly game tonight…one thing I did like though was the pride night theme…really appreciated reggie’s story about his sis, that was nice of him to share such a tough personal experience with others…try to let folks know they ain’t alone…

the whole night kinda helped restore my faith in humanity a bit…

it was all good, except for the whole playing basketball part…that was much less wonderful…

I root for losses. #tankforpillsfire. Literally the most important thing to look forward to would be a competent front office overhaul – it governs all else. #thefiretorulethemall

Sigh. This team is making me crazy.

I’m attending this one, and I think I have a good chance to see a win tonight. Let’s go! Knicks?


I watched part of the game. I kept thinking about how we could have traded Rubio for Rose if the front office had just made the deal in time to file the paperwork. Other observations are that, the bloom is off for Miller’s Knick’s and the long unproductive iso for Randle seems to have returned (I hope only for this game)

I kind of like where the Suns are now. They are about 100 years into their draft rebuild (lol), but a lot of their key young players are reaching that 23-24 year old age where they are starting to come into their own. They are improving their skills, learning how to play, and since they wisely added some “productive” veterans like Rubio and Baynes to make them more competitive, they”ll probably battle for a playoff spot next year to accelerate that development. They could be very good in 2-3 years.

We are probably about 2-3 years behind them. That’s partly because the KP trade turned into a debacle with worthless cap space (because we suck), DSjr (because he sucks), and picks that won’t be worth much unless we package them to move up or land a better player. Unfortunately, management seems to have learned the wrong lesson about trading picks. It’s not you shouldn’t trade them. It’s that’s you shouldn’t trade good picks for old bad overpaid payers.

I’m not even that down on what we have. It’s that the journey to being good is still a million miles away unless someone really good is crazy enough to come here and play with a bunch of kids that are many years away from reaching their best. If we can get the first one, maybe a second will come, and we can accelerate this debacle a few years. That’s the hope. Otherwise it’s years more of 19 year old lottery picks (some of which will bust or be mediocre and take many years of development anyway).

My butt still hurts from taking Knox over Mikal. Maybe 5 years from now Knox will be the better player, but the gap right now is monstrous. Mikal is massively better.

Can’t say I was blown away by Bridges. He has a defensive rep but it’s hard to judge when he is matching up against the Knicks. Ayton looked fantastic and it was definitely very noticeable how dominant he was when Mitch was not out there. Rubio was awesome at both ends and good for him for rocking the man bun.

i can understand why the site cancelled the Knicks last night. It was a pretty dismal showing. The first nine minutes of the second quarter were absolutely horrific.

if mike is interested in hiring someone to fix the code i presume is causing the site crashes, i am happy to contribute

I do agree with Strat there is hope but that we are probably two or three years behind the Suns in timeline. Lately we’ve been seeing signs that Barrett will be good, Ntilikina is getting better, Mitch is great in a limited way and our management, even with lousy taste in players and an odd rebuilding strategy, doesn’t seem to get ripped off in deals and contract negotiations. That means whatever value we get out of the draft and player development won’t get blown away by foolish deals. If we keep drafting and accumulating young players eventually some will get better and stick with us. But it will take another two or three years and it’s hell getting there.

As someone who rarely watches full games (not giving Dolan my hard-earned money), it’s hard to tell what the issues are with our young players. That’s because, in highlights, they all have moments of greatness and generally all seem like excellent athletes.

Knox, particularly, in spurts, looks like he should be a leading NBA player, as he runs the floor like a gazelle, has a pretty stroke, and is nearing 7-feet tall. Same with Mitch, Frank, and RJ. But when you look at the box score, it’s like tumbleweeds in a desert.

They all have flashes of brilliance, but what I’m getting at is can they eventually turn a corner where they can consistently play at a high level for the whole game, every game? Do they take plays off or just have a lot of brain farts because they’re young? And how likely is it for players like that to make that change?

We’re behind the Suns in the timeline because while we were chasing marginal wins with the likes of MegaMaxMelo and Captain PinchPost, the Suns were properly tanking and got a couple of useful young players as a result. The year they drafted Deandre Ayton we drafted the immortal Kevin Knox and his vaunted three-on-three game.

The 2017-2018 Knicks won a completely pointless 29 games and were an unwatchable pile of mediocrity. Shoulda tanked harder.

Knox’s issues are being too slow, having a bad handle, being lost on offense and defense, being the most passive player ever, not being strong enough, being a mediocre passer, and being terrible at everything else.

He’s a mediocre shooter though, so that’s kinda cool

i wouldn’t get so gaga over what the suns have…. they have ok players but they’re not gonna be doing anything substantial….

ayton and booker are ok building blocks but they are like wall and beal… there’s a definite ceiling on their play and that ceiling isn’t very high….

and picks that won’t be worth much unless we package them to move up or land a better player

True. Right now the Mavs’ pick is either 20th or 21st depending on a tiebreaker, and it’ll likely be similar next season when we have it. The players picked with those picks last year were the completely worthless scrubs *checks notes* Matisse Thybulle and Brandon Clarke.

Ayton is such a throwback player. Dude would have been at home in the NBA from 1990 to about 2008. I don’t see him as ever being a superstar in the pace and space era, though, and when you bookend that pick with “upside” guys like Culver and Josh Jackson, you really need to hit a home run with your #1 overall.

He did have a great year at Arizona (until he met the mighty SUNY Buffalo in March) but he’s looking a lot like Sam Bowie right now.

Matisse Thybulle and Brandon Clarke

You mean the guy about to turn 23 and the other guy who’s already 23 who are locked up for pocket change through age 26? Yawn. Wake me up when you find a 19-year-old who I can throw max money at, on a hunch about his upside.

Seriously though, the only thing that concerns me about Clarke is his total inability to set a good pick. He needs to spend the summer with Draymond or Steven Adams. He screens like a Knick.

He did have a great year at Arizona (until he met the mighty SUNY Buffalo in March) but he’s looking a lot like Sam Bowie right now.

Actually reminds me a little of the Admiral in terms of his build. Not sure Robinson would fit in too well in today’s NBA either, although his defense was superb. Would have to develop a passable 3 point shot.

ayton’s more like brad daugherty…. who was pretty good… but definitely a peg or two below the great centers… and that’s because he was weak defensively….

ayton’s kind of like that.. in this day and age without the defensive chops he’ll perpetually be somewhere in the top 10 of centers but distantly away from the top 5…. and for whatever reason he never gets to the line…

you can do ok with him as your center… and u could do well with booker also.. it’s just u need a lot more around them also…. those old cavs teams were pretty good with daugherty and price along with nance and ehlo…. but it’s so tough getting that kind of rotation AND keeping it together…. in the modern age only the pistons managed to do that….

The Suns aren’t even that well run, but they managed to pick up Ayton and Booker, and flipped a declining veteran in Ariza for a young player in Oubre who panned out. They whiffed on some lottery picks but they’re still in better shape than us because we chased marginal wins and weren’t able to flip irrelevant veterans for kids with upside.

The way we do it is literally the worst possible way.

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