2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

Coming off of a win, the Knicks are really on a huge playoff push now, with the Knicks now 7-11 under new coach Mike Miller.

They head to Milwaukee to take on the best regular season team in the NBA.

Should be interesting.

Let’s go! Knicks?

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I doubt it will happen, but if Wooten dresses I want to see Miller throw him in the deep end and run with Giannis. I think the end of bench 2-way player gets destroyed by the reigning MVP, but fuck it, lets see if he sinks or swims.

Enter The Woo-ten.

Trailing by 16 in the fourth quarter against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, Detroit Pistons coach Dwane Casey benched center Andre Drummond.

And Detroit responded, rallying to force overtime.

“It wasn’t a message for Andre as much as a message for everyone who wasn’t on the floor,” Casey said. “The young guys were playing hard and earned the right to be out there.”

From ESPN. Sounds like another reason not to want Drummond.

KnickFanInNJ and I are sitting at the bar bonding over not wanting to trade for Andre Drummond

Giannis really makes a defense look porous. I mean, it is porous but, you know, porouser.

Giannis is a beast.
But the Bucks surround him with a deep, deep team. Kyle Korver is the 11th man in and Robin Lopez didn’t dress.

Bucks seem like they changed strategies attacking Mitch on Giannis, threes and picks freeing other players. Also wow did Mitch get shook on that crossover.


Knox came to ball again tonight.

Randle showing up.

Can’t say the same for the rest

Bucks are an interesting team. It’s a lot of guys who were the second or third best player on a bad team. And then Giannis. None of them really jump off the page. But it’s a great team.

i’m sensing this may be a straight dvr delete type game…i’m guessing i can figure out something more entertaining to do with my evening…i haven’t brought out the vice and ball peen hammer for a while…

Julius Randle stop travelling challenge

I ref high school basketball and I call that shuffling the feet travel at least once a game.

But I’ve never called it twice on the same kid. Cmon Julius!

Who is Donte Divincenzo???

Did you watch the 2018 NCAA championship game? He was ridiculous in that game for Nova

I’m not a huge NCAA guy, I’ll watch the tournament sporadically. I’m becoming more of a fan, because thinking about Knicks picks are more exciting than the Knicks

Donte is a pretty amazing story. He had a nice season for Nova but nothing earth shattering, had a crazy good final college game and mostly based on that game got picked 17th by the Bucks.

And now he’s a very productive NBA player.

KnickFanInNJ and I are sitting at the bar bonding over not wanting to trade for Andre Drummond

still at work – let me live vicariously through you TNFH…whatcha all drinking man…what did you end up eating, how was it…does hubert really look like a sexy underwear model type dude…details, details, details…

Did Barrett have an exorcism or something…. 5-6 from deep and 4-4 from the line.

Maybe just having that succubus Keith Smart removed…..

Really nice to see RJ busting his ass out there and seeing his 3’s and FTs fall. Maybe there is hope.

I turned to the Democratic debate on CNN. It went to break. I switched back to the Knicks and saw the score and turned back to CNN to watch the commercials.

It really bothers me that Damyean Dotson and Bobby Portis will run a two-man game when RJ Barrett is on court. I find this team goes too many possessions in a row without directly involving RJ.

I’m also worried that Mitchell Robinson may never be a starter in this league. I’m growing tired of his inconsistency when it comes to personal fouls.

just looking at the box score…it looks like mister mitch is having some kind of recent regression…

Sometimes, while watching these things play out*, I find myself thinking “Bobby Portis is a decent backup 4.”

*Difficult to qualify this sort of thing as a ‘game.’. “Do you even watch the games?” “I watch the Knicks?”

“I watch the Knicks”

bingo…don’t think i’ve watched any other teams for a full game yet this whole season…that houston and memphis game looked like it was fun though…

bingo…don’t think i’ve watched any other teams for a full game yet this whole season…that houston and memphis game looked like it was fun though…

Houston is unwatchable when Harden bounces the ball for 20 seconds and then hoists up an off balance 28 footer to go 13-39 from the floor. He played like vintage Jamal Crawford the last 8 minutes

Great meetup tonight. Nothing encapsulates the knickerblogger experience more than 6 strangers heartily enjoying a great conversation while the team is down 30 and no one is paying attention.

The highlight of the conversation might have been when “Nah Nah” posed the following question:

“What circumstances would need to occur to get JK47 to play guitar for JD & the straight shot.”

“What circumstances would need to occur to get JK47 to play guitar for JD & the straight shot.”

The conclusion we came to is there would have to be a threat to one of his loved ones (wife, child, etc.) because JK47 himself would easily choose death

I was just thinking…If B Street could talk…

“What circumstances would need to occur to get JK47 to play guitar for JD & the straight shot.”

-Diplomatic immunity from murder
-A massive stroke
-A majority ownership stake in the Knicks
-Hiring dibs on the next GM

Well JK could “accidentally “ swing his guitar wildly during a guitar ride and clock JD in his dumb head. That I’d pay to see.

I actually came up with the answer while I was walking home.

It would have to be a Back to the Future kind of thing where JK47 accidentally interruped his father’s courtship of his mother and needed to get them to kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, where JD is scheduled to play but is about to cancel the show bc his guitarist cut his hand.

We also had the obligatory Frank argument so it really felt like home. One question “what would it take to consider Frank a success (besides great stats). One answer was starting point guard on a winning team (i.e. 42 wins or more)

I learned that defending Frank is so much harder when you have to look another person in the face and do it.

I’ll do a quick recap in case Farfa can’t get to it –

– Giannis scored 37 points in 21 minutes and barely broke a sweat
– We can’t defend the 3 point line (news flash)
– RJ had a very nice game, if he could maintain some semblance of decent 3 point shooting he could be a really productive player
– RDWRD – Randle did what Randle does
– Our shooters can’t shoot

Pretty much on point d-mar.

Right now I’m far from home and nursing the Ragnarok of food intoxications, so hard pass on this recap. The good news is that if you’ve already barfed the universe before watching the Knicks you’re at least safe from their vomit inducing play.

“The Ragnarok of food intoxications?”

That’s the recap we need 😉

Hope you are having an awesome time in Sicily…

It’s Sardinia (the homeland of Lady Farfa) but yes, apart from this terrible dizziness and the Fizdale magic that got a hold of my stomach thanks to a spoiled olive, everything is amazing.

Especially the seafood, as always; oysters, sea urchins, mussels, clams, shrimps. Top three in the world.

I’m thinking about coming back to NY in the spring to visit family. Might have to plan my trip around a KB viewing party of a meaningless late-season, lottery-odds-crushing Knicks win against a playoff team resting their starters.

If only I were within 2,000 miles of NY would have been nice to join you all, sounds like a fun time. Definitely more fun than watching Dotson and Bullock laying enough bricks to rebuild Milwaukee several times over

Feel better Farfa and enjoy Sardinia!!

I assume Wooten didn’t make it to Milwaukee in time? Otherwise a perfect game for him

@d-mar, you forgot Payton’s ejection!!

My day rate for playing guitar for The Straight Shot is $1 million per gig, $500K per rehearsal.

Call me, Jimmy.

last night in the bucks broadcast steve novak said that in 2012 he was invited to the dunk contest. apparently the nba really wanted someone to dunk over jeremy lin on a couch bc he was sleeping on landry fields’ couch. landry was the original invite but had to beg out because of injury. then they asked jr smith who demurred for reasons not recalled. then they asked novak (!), who declined.

presumably (but not mentioned) it was only then that they asked shump, who accepted, but eventually bailed due to injury, relegated the jeremy lin couch dunk to the dustbin.