2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Raptors

After two tough losses, you could expect that the David Fizdale Death Watch might return, but I don’t think they expect anything from the Knicks tonight.

RJ Barrett is back tonight, hopefully he brings the Maple Mojo!

Maybe they’ll surprise us and somehow pull this one out!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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I think with the revolving door of injured guards, we need to pick up another PG from someone’s G-league squad or call up Kadeem. Then when December 15th comes, look to balance the roster by offloading one or two of their PF’s (which is what everyone here is basically hoping for).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hoping we can just put in a respectable performance and at least look like an NBA team.

I’m not sure I can listen to this moronic broadcast…the Raptors guys sound like pubescent boys, down to the changing voices…

What are these alternate Raptor unis, by chance?

They look new years eve-inspired.

Frank looks slow and lethargic on defense. He should probably have skipped the game.

Nice to see Frank and DSJr together a little.

I’m not sure if it’s me, randomness, or Frank not making passes right in the shooter’s pocket, but he hits wide open guys a lot and they can’t hit the shot.

The ball movement tonight is the best it has been all season. That’s why they getting some good looks. so far….

The key is that when there are no expectations of a win at all, then they come out sharp.

Frank reminded me of Magic on his bouncing pass that hit the foot of a raptor. I expect him to do fancy stuff tonight

Knicks with a 2019 NBA looking shot profile. More 3’s and attempts at the rim please.

That drive by Mitch from the foul line is exactly what I want to see from him. He didn’t finish, but he drew the foul. Now if can add a solid 10 foot shot, they can’t give him any space and he can make that move around the player and finish more often. That opens up more possibilities for him as a scorer and even a passer if they double him -,instead of being so one dimensional.

I’m on the train, so can’t watch the game. All I can tell is that both teams have more TOs than assists. Must be beautiful to watch.

I’m having a tough time finding a role for Knox. If he can hit 3s at a 40% clip there might be some role for him on the bench, but he does so many things poorly it’s hard to make a case.

Can someone teach Mitch how to set picks for fucks sake? He sets the worst moving picks ever.

The Raptors might actually be Spurs East. If Dolan can land Ujiri, I truly believe that would be like landing LeBron James back in 2010.

Adam Silver should commission Roc Nation and Jay Z to get involved with recruiting Ujiri to New York. You know what would be better than signing the big ticket free agent? Drafting our own Fred Van Vleet, OG Anunoby, and Pascal Siakim.

I would have signed Van Vleet if I’d been Knicks GM. I can’t pretend I knew who pascal siakim was.

Who was it that was asking if Siakim was worth a max contract?

Ummm. My answer is still easily yes.

The first half has really been an apt comparison for what being a fan of this franchise is like. Moments of odd brilliance sandwiched between terrible, terrible basketball.

The Knicks young guys (Mitch, RJB, Frank, DSJ, and Knox) are 5/20 in the first half. Depressing.

Van Vleet would have withered on the vine if we had signed him. Pretty good player now though

The best thing about this roster is that virtually everyone, other than players on rookie contracts, can be dumped after this year.

The second best thing about this roaster is RJ Barrett may be become a very good wing.

The third best thing about this roster is Mitchell Robinson is on a ridiculous contract for three more years.

There is no fourth best thing.

The team is a series of one on one plays.
No ball movement, just a lot of trying to do it alone

Toronto announcers talked about the Knicks FO being in town with the team, etc. You don’t suppose they could fire Fiz over Thanksgiving, could they?

I am confused as to why everyone looks exhausted. Overexposure to Canadian niceness? Too much poutine?

Could you be dumber than Smith Jr.?

Were you not here for the thread a couple days ago?

That was a frustration drive by DSJ… no chance to convert that against the challenging big.

Take Dennis out he’s in Sulk and Malinger mode

I’m looking forward to the day Fizdale, Perry, and Mills get fired and Adam Silver gets involved with the hiring.

Darryl Morey/JVG 2020, y’all.


Same way Kawhi did. His improvement is very similar to Kawhis when you look at the numbers

I guess Kemba Walker’s neck is OK. Lol. That was so scary the other night.

We’re not losing due to a lack of ball movement. We’re getting badly out-rebounded and out-shot.

I get why Mitch sets soft screens–so he can slip easily and dunk it, but sometimes he really just needs to set a real screen, Jesus Christ

More like an upper-middle class man’s Kawhi…

Oh there you go bringing class into it again

This is the least watchable Knicks team I’ve ever seen, and it features 4 lottery picks from the past 3 drafts and Mitchell Robinson.

Mills, Perry, and Fizdale need to go.

Might as well sub out Portis for Knox. Let the younger guys run these last 6 minutes.

the only positive I can take from this shitshow is Mitch has played 28 minute without fouling out

I’m trying to think of things to be thankful for as a Knicks fan since it’s Thanksgiving eve and all, and all I can come up with is..


Happy Thanksgiving fellas!

Turning point of game was when Ellington hit all three FTs to put the Knicks up 32-21.

Since then, the Raptors have outscored the Knicks 105-66.

Really have no excuse not giving Trier more time

Honestly, I can’t imagine that we’d be worse if we gave all of DSjr’s minutes to Trier.

This is the least watchable Knicks team I’ve ever seen

This is interesting. 2014-15, that was a real hell to go through. 16-17 was also pretty fucking bleak. And 15-16, the Kurt Rambis season, boy that really sucked. Yep, I have to disagree. This year’s Knicks will win no glories* but it’s better than Mudiay and better than the bullshit that preceded that shining joy.

*We did sweep the Mavs, so maybe a little meaningless glory has been acquired.

One bright side as a Syracuse alum living in the NYC metro area is that I found out what became of Oshae Brissette and Shamorie Ponds.

Welp… that sucked.

Still a bit too early to call it, but if the team is going to be this bad even with the better players we acquired, we might as well sell high on all of em come 12/15. Not realistic, I know. But if this team is going to be 17-win bad, then there’s no use for Randle, Morris, Portis, Taj and Ellison here. Admit the strategy was a mistake, and start Mitch/Knox/RJ/Frank/DSJ (or Trier or Payton) the rest of the season.

And yes, although Payton was also acquired, we need some semblance of point guard play.

I think Mitch, Frank and RJ are at least interesting to watch, if not always enjoyable. There were seasons where Cole Aldrich and Langston Galloway were the only interesting Knicks.

@92 just go back and watch the 1st quarter. Only the 1st quarter. Then go about enjoying the rest of your night 🙂

We really need Payton back. DSJr is too terrible to play a major role and I’m pretty sure Frank is hurting. He wasn’t moving right on defense all night. You could almost see him favoring one side as he moved on defense and shot those 2 missed 3s. He was in pain. If he’s got a groin issue again like last year, just sit him. I see no point in playing a guy whose value is almost entirely on the defensive end if he can’t stop players and disrupt/end opponent possessions. That’s how we screwed him up last year. Bring up Kadeem Allen, give Frank a week or more off and get him right. Then start the development over.

yeah, no secrets with this knick team cdiggy…

we all know what we’re signing up for…I can’t believe I wasted a couple hundred bucks on league pass just to troll myself…need to see when we have the bulls or cavs on the schedule again…need something to look forward to, it might be awhile before we win again…

in for a penny, in for the pound…17 wins last year, maybe 20 this year…there should be some kind of badge given out to knick fans…

the chances of us covering the 10 points or so the raptors were favored by before the game were was pretty hopeless…

at least the disillusionment of having a decent season has been washed away before we even hit december this year…

This is the perfect year for the Knicks to clean house. If you fire the POBO and Head Coach together, assuming Mook gets traded for another draft asset, you’re offering the biggest market in basketball, a nucleus of RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, no big contracts except for Randle (and he’s done after 2021), and at least 3 1RPs in the next two drafts.

We need to be petitioning almost everybody smart and not loyal to Boston to get involved in the hunt. I don’t want Chauncey Billups and Kenny Smith to get the jobs because of their success in broadcasting. Go coax RC Buford into running his own program without Poppovich and let him rebuild the team as he sees fit. Go steal Darryl Morey from Fertita and let him actually attain stars for us like he did in Houston. Masai Ujiri won’t take your money? Offer his GM a job to be a POBO. Do the same with the guys in Denver because Toronto and Denver are leading the industry in player development. Interview Sam Cassell, Will Weaver, our very own Mike Miller, Terry Stotts if he’s fired, and whoever is the top assistant du jour is because those are the guys next in line to be good NBA head coaches.

Adam Silver, please help. This shit isn’t hard but our owner is the type of guy who has trusted Steve Mills since 2003.

You know what? F it! Hire me as HC. I have no strategy, no offensive system, no defensive system- but I will convince Perrybto move Portis and Mook and trot out these 5 man units:
C- Mitch
PF- Knox
SF- Barrett
SG- Trier
PG- Ntilikina

2nd team
C- Taj
PF- Randle
SF- Dot
PG- Payton

I will go 10 deep each game, have Hinton and Wooten called up and use those 2 and Iggy as end of bench players for the last 5 or 10 minutes of games that aren’t close. That’s gotta look better than what we’ve been seeing. Granted, the Raptors are a much better team. But if we’re gonna lose, lose with the kids

And for the love of God please don’t give Allan Houston any job of importance.


Need to add Jerry Stackhouse to the coaching list. He was the HC for Toronto’s GLeague affiliate which graduated a ton of NBA caliber players.

He’s currently coaching Vanderbilt which and has them with a 5-1 record a year after going 9-23.

Jerry Stackhouse signed a 6 year deal to coach at Vanderbilt. That man is off the table for at least another 4 years.

@ 98

Does Payton have a hamstring strain or did he have a hamstring replaced?

From my days doing a lot of sports medicine, hamstring injuries often become chronic when the medical staff myopically focuses on the hamstrings. Hamstrings are not primary movers for any action of the human body. They assist other muscles that are now not able to do their job. Since I have no clinical data on Elfrid, I will use statistics. The most common cause of chronic hammies statically is a tight/weak iliopsoas. So once you rehab the iliopsoas, the hamstrings “magically” heal.

good to read your words doc…hope all is well for you – other than being stuck rooting for a perennial loser…ugh, painful words to write…

we’ll get it figured out, sometime this century…

Apparently the Knickerblogger servers were so distraught with how bad we lost last night that they just said “fuck it” and took today off along with most of the country.

good to read your words doc…hope all is well for you – other than being stuck rooting for a perennial loser…ugh, painful words to write…

we’ll get it figured out, sometime this century…

Thanks, Geo. I didn’t think anyone would remember me after my long hiatus here. I am no longer a national class age group distance runner after my major open heart surgery to correct a genetic defect. I am a middle of the pack jogger. My consolation prize is that I am back to work full time and that my story will be a chapter in a book on returning from open heart surgery. I suppose another consolation is that middle of the pack is better than what our beloved Knicks have been for a long time.

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