2019-20 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics

Kemba Walker killed the Knicks the last time that they played the Celtics, and David Fizdale effectively benched Frank Ntilikina for the game, despite Ntilikina having success guarding Walker during the FIBA World Cup (where Team USA was basically the current Celtics, and had about as much success in the World Cup as this current Celtics team will have in the NBA Playoffs, only Team USA will be able to retool for the Olympics while the Celtics are stuck with their current team for the foreseaable future).

Fizdale is now starting Frank against the Celtics because of his defense against Walker.

Granted, two other players had to be hurt/away from the team for Frank to get a chance, but Fizdale didn’t start Frank last game, so it just amused me that he wouldn’t play Frank at all in the first Celtics matchup and now he’s specifically starting him for the same reason you would have given for playing Frank the last time.

Winning against the Celtics is always fun, so let’s hope that they can pull it off. I’d like to see RJ Barrett have a nice bounceback game, as well, whether the Knicks win or lose. I want to see what he’s like after having an off game.

Let’s go, Knicks!